Affordable housing close to Auckland

A reader emails:

Only 40 odd kms from downtown Auckland or 25 kms from South Auckland. First home owners could afford this and the travel.



This is where the idiot council in Auckland is so myopic…Fringe areas like Meremere, Pokeno, Maramarua etc will now de developed as being close to Auckland, and the motorway…they will be much cheaper than inside the forced boundary of develop that will choke Auckland and people will live there and commute.

It is going to happen, there is not much that Len Brown or his council can do except insult those people and who gains? Well the Waikato District Council gains more ratepayers for a start…and contributions, and much needed town development. The retailers of those small towns…developers of course.


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  • peterwn

    There used to be a commuter train from Mercer in the morning and back in the evening, so this sort of commuting is nothing new! Had a few old 1st class carriages you could ride with 2nd class tickets giving a comfortable journey. Perhaps following electrification some of the diesel services to Pukekohe could go to Mercer (probably over Len’s dead body).

  • Patrick

    Exactly why cram more into Auckland, develop these satellite towns with decent tnsport links. Mind you you need to be up on a hill in Meremere, those winter fogs can sit low & last for days. Very damp & uncomfortable.

  • Grizz30

    Recently in the Waikato Times. Introducing the future flagship city of the Waikato District Council:

  • James Gray

    Cheaper than I’d expect to pay for a house in new plymouth

    • kehua

      Ex NZED houses , not sure what the neihbours would be like, I thought these houses were part of the Tainui settlement?

  • hamsap

    Not sure where you get your 40kms to ‘downtown’ from… google map tells me that the first two houses you quoted is about 60-65 kms from Queen Street…

  • kehua

    Arseholes will will let them come over the Bombays for nothing , then toll them on the Motorway off-ramps.

  • JeffDaRef

    Houses in Huntly West on huge sections for less than $100k.
    Admiitedly a fairly rough area but 45mins from Manukau City and 30mins from Hamilton.
    A quick influx of people would lift the demographic almost overnight.
    Remind me again why we spend a fortune on state houses and accommodation supplements in East/South Auckland and North/West Hamilton???
    For a one-off grant of $10k per family to fund a deposit plenty of families could become homeowners and pay less than their current rents – and yes giving away money goes against my beliefs but a fraction of the cost of housing families long term!

  • Leonardo

    And then you have Pokeno – 20 mins to Manukau for $450k, or the gem of Te Kauwhata …in a country village for $350k for a decent house and good neighbours, complete with all infrastructure like schools, college, ambulance. Auckland – get over your sense of self-importance.

  • philbest

    And the containment of growth in and close to Auckland was meant to be to “reduce trip distances”……??

  • Clive

    All this hoopla about housing in Auckland and unaffordability of the place, unless one was on huge money and could afford a house, why would you live there?? its ridiculous.. folk should look at areas like New Plymouth, Gisborne, Napier, Hastings, Wanganui and Palmerston North you can buy substantial houses in these areas have a wonderful quality of life and yes there is work in them, you just have to look for it..