ALP caught pants down in sanctimony and hypocrisy

In the last week there has been a massive fuss about a menu for a fundraiser dinner. Julia Gillard was hot on attack over it, labelling the Liberal party and Tony Abbot as misogynists.

Well their sanctimony has backfired in a cloud of hypocrisy.

As beleaguered ALP Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s torrid, raving attack on Opposition Leader Tony Abbott for a mocking menu at a Liberal Party fundraiser from several months ago reached an appalling crescendo of vitriol and claims of misogyny, was given exclusive access to an ALP menu demeaning Abbott from an ALP Cabinet Minister’s own fundraising effort. 

At a dinner on May 6 at the Le Sands Restaurant in Sydney’s middle-class enclave of Brighton-le-Sands, on Botany Bay, the Minister and government Chief Whip had a phallic menu proudly on display. “Coq au Tony,” one reads, referring to Opposition Leader Tony Abbott. Another, “Joe’s Meatballs” deriding Joe Hockey, Shadow Treasurer, and his ethnic heritage, while a third claimed to be “Turnbull’s Cigar”.

Malcolm’s dish was described as “roasted in 2007″, an obvious reference to Liberal Party political misfortunes of 2007.



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  • GazzW

    ‘Toasted Gillard’ is a far simpler dish to prepare.

    • Patrick

      smothered in butter to make it go down easier apparently

      • johnbronkhorst

        Poisonous after taste.

  • Dr Wang

    Let’s see the Lizard Queen try to slither her way out of this one!

    • Patrick

      Like NZ the MSM will not follow through on this, after all it is only Abbott that can be a misogynist, only right wingers that can be evil. The Left are purer than the driven snow. As long as you overlook the corruption, the lying & the shady union thugs.

  • cows4me

    The big red box is history. 80% of the passengers on the cruise ship were Aussies, in the two weeks we were on the ship I heard not one word of support for the cow. In fact the love felt for dear Julia would have to be on par as the dying day’s of she beasts reign of terror.

    • Patrick

      She is definitely on the way out, watch her lining up her next gig ala Helen Clarke. The topping on the pudding would be for Rudd to roll her before she gets to the election. He is hell bent on doing it even if it means he doesn’t come back in as PM – he will be a happy man as long as Julia doesn’t go full term.

  • Whafe

    Who taught who? was it the ALP teaching NZ Liabour about hypocrisy or was it Liabour teaching ALP?