ALP is stuffed, even in Victoria, Gillard is only just holding on

The ALP is going down hard, NSW is lost, the rolling maul of corruption scandals has killed them off, now Victoria is lost to them.

Leadership challenges are still brewing and not just from Kevin Rudd.

It is a measure of the Labor Party’s current desperation that a single minister, Bill Shorten, has emerged as an emblematic figure supposedly invested with almost super powers.

If Shorten shifts his support from Julia Gillard, as the headlines and the barely muted whispers go, then her grasp on the prime ministerial chair will be gone.

It is as if he is being considered a latter-day Senator Graham Richardson, the old powerbroker from the Hawke era who is credited with orchestrating much of the unpleasantness that ended in Paul Keating wresting power from Hawke in 1991.

The differences between Richardson and Shorten, in fact – like those between Hawke and Gillard; Keating and Rudd – could hardly be starker.

Shorten may have been the most high-profile of the so-called “faceless men” who engineered the end of Kevin Rudd’s prime ministership in 2010, but unlike Richardson, he is burdened with his own ambitions for becoming a future Labor leader.

…┬áHe has spent the past three years pledging his support for Ms Gillard, the prime minister he helped make, and he is still publicly pledging it.

To now reverse his position in aid of a Rudd return might stamp him indelibly as a ruthless turncoat – hardly handy on the CV of a man with a view to leadership himself.

Labor is looking for a lifeboat, they are all casting around for anything and anyone to cling to. The polling is dire, they know they are rooted.

An almost bearable resignation had settled across the party for many months about its loss of support in NSW – a basket case for numerous reasons, not least the rottenness within its state machine – and Queensland, where Labor voters had never forgiven the party for tossing aside one of their own, Kevin Rudd, for a southerner, Julia Gillard.

Labor MPs and the union movement knew it was serious – and in Western Australia, too – but they had little idea of the scale of the catastrophe down south until internal polling and research undertaken by the ACTU in Victoria began returning figures in the past couple of weeks that flabbergasted the most hardened.

The definition of a marginal seat had to be re-written. Electorates on what might normally be considered comfortable margins of 8-10 per cent were suddenly facing wipe-outs, according to those professing to be in the know. There was barely a Labor seat in outer-metropolitan Melbourne or an industrial or migrant-dominated area that the ALP could be sure of holding.

More polling showed South Australia had joined the rush, with the likelihood of the ALP losing almost two thirds of its 11 seats.

Victoria and South Australia were supposed to be relatively reliable Labor strongholds.

Further south, all Tasmania’s five seats were considered in great jeopardy.


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  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    While the Labour party in Australia is going down, the Labour here is flourishing under the dynamic leadership of Sheep the messiah Shearer. Aren’t we lucky?

    • Dave

      SCS, Dynamic is a fertiliser, full of shit,

      Dynamic Sheep shit indeed

  • XM16E1

    “” don’t know how lucky we are mate” – F Dagg.

  • motorizer

    how about what dennis shannahan said on larry last night… labour want to gillard to quit so that Krudd can step in so that they wont get annihilated QUITE as much.

    • motorizer

      yes yes whaleoil bloged about this earlier.

    • Patrick

      Rudd doesn’t want the position because he knows Labor are a train wreck looking for a crash site. However Rudd does want revenge, he wants to see Gillard resign before the election so she can never claim she went full term. He wants to humiliate her & if he can get a bit of momentum now there is a fair possibility he will succeed. Pity he has no union backing & she has plenty as that may save her.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Reap… sow… Chickens – coming home to roost…
    Karma, like rust – it never sleeps!
    ALP deserve to be completely humiliated and totally decimated so they get the opportunity to revisit their outright blatant corruption and sheltering of corrupt MP’s – like Thomson, Obeid’s etc They have no shame though – as already demonstrated by belonging to the ALP – but you’d think outright thieving and corruption would be where they’d draw the line… but then again, just look at our Labour Party too…
    Birds of a feather…
    The only surprise is that the ALP managed to hold on so long! Makes you wonder why their GG didn’t dissolve the corrupt Gillard government years ago!

    • LesterPK

      Probably because Bill Shorten is her son in law.

      • blokeintakapuna

        You mean Cronism? By a Labour Party? Surely not…

  • Macca

    It never ceases to amaze me that there are still people here in New Zealand stupid enough to think that things would be any different if Labour were in power here – and the really frightening thing is just how many of those people are in the MSM!

    • Pita

      I would assume the MSM believe that Labour should have spent more time listening to them.

  • Whafe

    I mean seriously, the Pinko melt down in Australia is pretty much what is happening here with the Pinkos… Smaller population, but the same is happening…..
    The type of genetic make up of a Pinko (Joe normal, politician, MSM churnalist) has a pre disposition to act and behave like we are seeing here in NZ, have seen at the extreme end in Australia….
    The core ideology of the Pinko, cannot work in the modern day world….

  • Dave Broad

    A marriage of the “gweens & the yoonions”, led by a woman cravenly playing the gender card, (ironic from someone who holds the top job) was always going to isolate itself from mainstream society.

    • blokeintakapuna

      desperate times calls for desperate measures…

  • Dave

    ITs a well known fact here, LAbour are well and truely fucked, the stench of death. Even ex union man Greg Combet is resisting tapping Julia on the shoulder to get her to step down. The media, Tony Abbot and the ALP have gone soft on labour, knowing they are doing a fine job of self destructing.

    As I have said before, does anyone remember Anna Bligh, and the QLD state election…. SCS, from memory the ALP have 78 seats compared to labours 7 seats…… A 44% swing against Labour, a 44% gain by the ALP – who are QLD labour again???

    History also tells us, the NZ labour party are heading the same way, look at how National are letting them self destruct, the same limp leadership, foolish media statements, lack of fiscal management and policies, yes roll on 2014 please, the Nats should be able to govern completely alone.

  • Rodger T