An indicator for life after Shearer?

Labour’s caucus should look to Australia as the first polls show a bit of a lift for Labor after Rudd rolled Gillard.

Labor will get some heart from this poll, although it’s still behind and the sample is very small (1000):

According to the Galaxy poll, taken exclusively for News Limited papers, Mr Rudd is considered the better choice for prime minister by 51 per cent of voters compared with Tony Abbott’s 34 per cent.

The Labor Party is also back in the electoral fight with a two-party preferred result of 49 per cent to the Coalition’s 51 per cent.  

The other post-Rudd-rise polls:

Reachtel: Labor 48, Coalition 52.

Morgan: Labor 49.5, Coalition 50.5.

The ALP decided they’d like a chance at continuing in government as opposed to being bundled out for a very long time. Labour here needs to think about whether or not they want another 3 years in opposition….or do they change their leader come spring time?


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  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    Australians really are slow on the uptake. Oh well, you get the government you deserve… Kevin Rudd is a piece of shit. Who’d think to themselves “Of all the people in Australia, some of whom are intelligent and personable, I want him to lead my government.”?

  • AngryTory

    You don’t get it. Abbott is a right winger. His polices involve ending unions, closing down the ABC (TVNZ, RadioNZ), converting most government schools to charters, getting people off public healthcare, drastically curtailing some benefits and ending most others.

    In other worse: Abbott is precisely not a “John Key”, not a “man for all seasons”

  • JC

    Wow.. Rudd and his supporters look like a dead ringer for Hone..


  • sheppy

    You have to wonder about the general intelligence across the ditch if they think that it was JG alone that stuffed up their economy and wasted the income from the mining boom, particularly as Rudd was PM for part of the time.