Andrew Bonnallack’s daily masterpiece

An editor, trained and skilled, says bloggers are unable to do a decent job of bringing you real news, incisive views and great entertainment.  So I’ve decided to highlight some of Andrew’s masterpieces.  That way, we can all be in awe of what journalists, trained and skilled, can accomplish with a comfortable salary, large staff and a huge infrastructure, instead of the disaster that passes for this blog cobbled together by 1.5 people in their spare time.

Today’s masterpiece:



An “almighty boom” shook the Atkinson St home of Gary and Carolyn Sigvertsen this week.

The noise was caused by an Earthcare recycling truck smashing into the side of the home on Tuesday as the driver backed into their driveway to turn.

The driver and a workmate were trying to exit the dead-end street.

Mr Sigvertsen was walking down the hallway house when he heard the noise of the roof being smashed.

“There was a boom and the house just shook.”

He went outside to find two “embarrassed” young men, part of the guttering hanging down and the roof timbers exposed.

The damage to the home could cost more than $1000 to repair.

Mr and Mrs Sigvertsen have been renting the house for only three weeks but said they were not surprised by the accident.

Being at the end of the street means many vehicles use their driveway to turn around in.

“I’ve been waiting for it to happen,” said Mrs Sigvertsen.

“All the trucks that come down here turn in our driveway.”

“Something should be done, it’s not fair.”

(read the rest of this masterpiece here)

You can just see all that training paying off in oodles of skill there.  Professional?  You bet!  Andrew spent some time at the Herald on Sunday on work experience you see.  Hasn’t that just paid off?  No matter that he had to be shown which end was the writey bit on his pencil back then, he’s clearly able to find it by himself now.  Well done.

Once more, I must hang my head in shame.  That’s some top notch work there by Andrew Bonnallack and his team of trained and skilled journalists.  There is no way bloggers can aspire to that standard of work without some professional training.  And skills.  It is clear to me now how wrong I was.  How investigative skills really gets to the heart of the matter.  How else would be possibly have known about the “almighty boom“?


Source:  Wairarapa Times-Age

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Failed stats due to being non professionals – how can we improve and be more like real journalists, trained and skilled?


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  • spollyike

    Two cry baby’s. The stupid editor and the crybaby minga.

  • Lion_ess

    “Hold the presses – big story comin’ – “Earthcare recycling truck smashing into the side of the home on Tuesday as the driver backed into their driveway to turn”.
    By the way, I see the lead story has now been replaced with another headline grabber – “Tips for Buying Firewood”.

  • Col

    And they all lived happy ever after, good children.

  • Red

    He’s blown his quota of describing words and action words using “smash”, that’s for real.

  • MrAuz1989

    Not exactly “send your tux to the dry cleaners” stuff, is it?

  • Bob Murphy

    Are you sure that the letters “nna” are part of his name?

    • Dave

      What an appropriate Nicknmae for a repeater Bob, bloody well said.

  • GazzW

    Memo to the APN Board:

    Fear not for your future – another newspaper legend has been born. Move over London Times, Le Figaro and the Washington Post. The Wairarapa Times has arrived!

  • Sym Gardiner

    That will cost more than $1k to fix!

    • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

      Haha, ballpark figure is an understatement. Shame he never folded a flashing

  • Jester

    I bloody well hope that David Shearer’s painter wasn’t up there at the time!

  • Get a Grip

    I would bite interested to see how much advertising income the Why ra wrapper times makes from filling its non advertising page space with this sort of drivel.
    Having said that tho, these sort of things are big news in teh Why ra wrapper.

  • Dave

    I suppose this is news in Wairarapa, more so than the normal drunk drivers (friday.saturday.sundays news), the court reporter (tuesday to friday) the stock sales news (periodical) the racing section (whenever) and the classifieds featuring a slightly used fridge freezer, some used curtains from aunt molly, and of course the personals.

    Its a small irrelevant regional rag, better to scrap it and send them the Dom Post every day.

  • yossarian1971

    what a fucken great bounce rate! Nice work

  • Kopua Cowboy

    Bro that’d be guttering as!

  • Rat