Andrew Bonnallack’s daily masterpiece

An editor, trained and skilled, says bloggers are unable to do a decent job of bringing you real news, incisive views and great entertainment.  So I’ve decided to highlight some of Andrew’s masterpieces.  That way, we can all be in awe of what journalists, trained and skilled, can accomplish with a comfortable salary, large staff and a huge infrastructure, instead of the disaster that passes for this blog cobbled together by 1.5 people in their spare time.

Today’s masterpiece:




Parents at Opaki School have been busy making preparations for this year’s garden party plant sale – one of the school’s major fundraisers.

So far parents have potted up 3000 plants from cuttings and seeds, however they aim to have more than 4000 plants available for sale at the garden gala being held at the school on Sunday, November 3.

Event organisers Erica Kinder and Pam Blackburn say the planting team has been working hard to have a wide range of stock.

“We will be selling some of the firm favourites from last year’s successful event such as roses, clivias, peonies and irises, as well as a terrific range of herbs and vegetables,” says Erica.

“We will also have a much wider range of flowering plants for garden lovers.”

The Garden Party will see school pupils run a cafe stocked with tasty waffles, brunch-style breakfasts, hot food and home baking. There will also be pickles, jams and marmalades made by parents at the school as well as a coffee cart.

I must hang my head in shame.  That’s some top notch work there by Andrew Bonnallack and his team of trained and skilled journalists.  There is no way bloggers can aspire to that standard of work without some professional training.  And skills.


Source:  Wairarapa Times-Age

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Failed stats due to being non professionals - how can we improve and be more like them?

Failed stats due to being non professionals – how can we improve and be more like real journalists, trained and skilled?


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  • Red

    How many of those 6500 audited copies do you think wassiname buys himself? … or better yet – how many are freebie promo copies…. that count as audited “sales” when it goes in front of the Ad agencies.
    FYI I believe the (very quiet) practice of counting each sold copy TWICE is still pretty common. The agencies are too stupid to notice – and the publishers will tell you that every copy of their very fine paper is so good …. you guessed it…. it’s handed on to someone else to read…. No shit.

    • GazzW

      Plus the copies in dentists and doctor’s waiting rooms etc that are read at least ten times. I bet Andrew is never short of firelighters.

      • johnbronkhorst

        At the door of every motel room.

  • Lion_ess

    I’m speechless. Is this a clipping from the 1962 edition?

  • Andy C

    You comment that the Opaki School story was boring, and then drone on and on AGAIN about how totz amazeballs you are compared to the MSM.
    The irony.

    • Where does it say that masterpiece of trained and skilled journalism is boring?

      • Andy C

        Oh no, you got me.

        Nice try Petal, unless you are saying that what Cam really meant was that this was great journalism. Is that what you are saying?

        If so, I have 3 magic beans you might want to buy…

        • It is great journalism. What it isn’t, is something that requires an unusual amount of training and skill.

    • Travis Poulson

      “totz amazeballs”

      Good grief, give yourself an uppercut then step out in front of a bus. 1 less oxygen thief using retard language.

      • Lion_ess

        On fire there Travis . . .

      • Andy C

        So sorry shakespeare.

  • Whafe

    Hysterical to me that this so called editor of the Masterton paper should speak up about Cam Slater, and lets remember he is irrelevant is Cam. This clown pants will come to regret the day he thought he was a tough nut, a smart arse etc etc

  • boristhefrog

    Nothing wrong with priming the parish pump, but realistically this could be in the church news bulletin for all the ‘journalism’ it contains…

  • PlanetOrphan

    Good shot M8!

  • Dave Broad

    Least the budgie will have some reading material while he takes a crap.