Anyone know what this is about?

via the tipline

Does anyone know who Robert Bruce Walker is, and why someone is putting ads in the NBR?



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  • Michael

    “Be Very Afraid” was the name of Rodney Hide’s book about the IRD , and Rodney and Dave Henderson were very tight.

    I mention this, because Robert Bruce Walker is liquidator for a number of Henderson companies.

    Just speculating – I could very well be taking 2 and 2 and getting 47.

    • Dave

      Must be some substance behind it, the NBR is not likely to publish an advert if it is highly defamatory.

      After a bit or research on Google, I couldn’t find the owner of the domain name, but the same research shows the very same advert appeared in the Horrid on Wednesday May 22nd, obviously with their poor readership, especially poor in business circles, and reputation as a “fish and chip” wrapper, the advert in the Horrid failed.

      Perhaps someone has it in for Robert Bruce Walker, but who the hell is it?

      • Michael

        I’m more certain that this is David “Hendo” Henderson – the domain is owned by Ian Hyndman, director of a company called “Park Ventures Limited”, and that company is 100% owned by “Property Ventures Limited” – and one director of that company is David Ian Henderson of Christchurch. Property Ventures is in Liquidation, and guess who is doing that piece of work?

        • Anonymouse Coward

          Mr Hyndman has a reputation for giving receivers bloody noses.

          Receivers taking on Mr Henderson and his acolytes need to lift their game. The usual practise of waving your arms about, shouting loudly, and using junior staff to carry out the donkey work at senior partner rates wont work here.

          I feel a Tui billboard coming on;

          “When Heineken of Aoteroa tips out a publican for not paying his bills they only appoint receivers who know what they are doing,……..Ja recht.”

    • Bunswalla

      Maybe that’s what the accountant was doing too…

    • Dave

      From his own website, he also appears to have pissed a lot of people off. Check out this link in relation to the winding up of WGL retail holdings, Ferrier Hodgson and the accountants named in this missive must be a little pissed off.

      • Sponge

        He does come across as a sanctimonious prick in the report linked by Michael above and also in the one you link to. I have dealt with assholes like this bloke in the past and they can really drive you round the bend.

  • Anonymouse Coward

    Dave “Hendo” Henderson must be a straight up and down bloke because Christchurch Mayor Flowershow Bob brought a lot of property off him with ratepayers money.

  • Never in the dark…..

    Whois: Shows the domain is owned by Ian Hyndman.

    A search on the NBR site for “Robert Walker” ( says a lot. Among which linking Henderson and Hyndman.

    Companies Office:, shows that Hyndman has fingers in many a pot, classic coupes and collctibles seems to be a hobby..