Auckland Council – What a bunch of muppets

The Auckland Council has decided to vote against a free convention centre, one pushed by Len Brown and one that won’t cost the city anything.

Auckland Councillors have expressed their lack of support for the Sky City pokies for convention centre deal.

Councillor Cathy Casey put forward a notice of motion at the Governing Body today that the council doesn’t support a convention centre in return for changes in legislation to increase gambling at SkyCity casino.

Councillors supported it 10 to 7.

Councillor Casey says it’s a very strong message for the Government.

“They’re coming into our patch with a dodgy deal, they’re increasing gambling without any heed of Auckland Council’s Auckland plan in which we seek to minimise the harm from gambling.”

Cathy Casey I suppose won’t propose an alternative, or perhaps she thinks rates should increase to fund some other sort of convention centre rather than taking a free convention from SkyCity.

What a bunch of muppets.

Who are those 10 councillors who voted against something that won’t cost ratepayers a cent.

She bags out SkyCity and yet they are the city’s largest ratepayers, one of the largest employers and contribute in many, many other ways to the city.



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  • Michael

    We (Hamilton) will take it! fuck Auckland council if they are to pretentious about it.

  • johnbronkhorst

    How about….just a suggestion you understand……No Convention centre…………………. ……………..NO RAIL LOOP!!!!!
    Behave like children…get treated like children!!!!

  • Kapow

    Cathy Casey is a pathetic waste of space who should bugger off back to Scotland.

  • maninblack

    Those fucking cocks.. a giant convention centre for 200 pokies.
    FFS no wonder this country is going backwards.

    • Mr_Blobby

      It wasn’t just extra pokie machines, the deal came with a whole bunch of unattractive strings.

      The one I did not like the most,was an extension of there gambling monopoly. I will say that again MONOPOLY.

      I can see no case where, a business monopoly, is to the advantage of anybody else, other than the business benefiting from it.

      All the figures for the business case are made up bullshit, from the number of construction jobs to the number of full time real jobs when completed, to the number and economic usefulness of the so called conventions, most of the income would stay at sky city. Win Win Win Win for them.

      Sky city have been busy buttering up Labor not to oppose the deal to much, ( that is they will appose it and blame National but wont reverse it ) if they get into power. As Auckland city will have little say in the final outcome and they already have a sinking lid policy on the competition to sky city. They probably don’t need to spend to much time and money on Councillors probably the just the Mayoral candidates.Len will find some way,reason or excuse to support it.

  • JeffDaRef

    who cares what council voted for – polls are giving JK a mandate to keep on keeping on.

  • Travis Poulson

    Their argument is still the same as the anti brigade have been pushing all along: they actually think that extra machines will create more people who gamble, and more problem gambling.

    Personally I’ve never been able to figure out how putting in some more machines creates more problem gamblers. Maybe someone can clear this up for me:

    Does someone consciously make the decision and say to themselves “oh great, the casino has more machines! I might take up gambling now, even though they still had them before, but now they have more!”.

    • Gambling is a tax on stupidity…a tax I don’t pay

      • Travis Poulson

        And who are we to step in the way of people wanting to pay that tax…

        • Mr_Blobby

          You are right travis people will always find a way to gamble if they want. There are limits on Lotto and TAB’s.

          The Council has no say in the expansion but is actively removing sky citys competition.

          See my comment above.

          This whole situation is rotten and smells.MONOPOLIES of any kind are never good.

      • Greg Davis

        If you study the equine pedigrees you’d have more chance..

  • Travis Poulson

    I feel it my duty to point out the Casey is an anti progress nutcase who would rather whine and act like a child than send this city into the future all guns blazing.Time to dig up this again:

    Watch it all the way to the end.

    • mike

      Wow she is a crap chairperson…

      • Spiker

        We need to remind ourselves that councilors are just ordinary people except they have more time on their hands than hard working people. They are not gods, but many think they are. Personally, I have a lot of regard for the principle of local government but it’s fact that many councilors have no experience of management or chairmanship. That’s the price we pay for democracy.

    • cows4me

      Shit I would come to one of your council meetings, looks like fun. Ours , road verges, barking dogs and straying stock. life must be exciting in the big smoke.

      • Travis Poulson

        Heh, would have thought the straying stock issues disappeared when I left Taranaki. Apparently I’m not the only one that left the gate open once or twice….

        • cows4me

          Apparently some cows got lose in Mania? and chewed up some shrubs, yes it’s all go in the country.

          • Travis Poulson

            Yarrows still going?

    • Hazards001

      Right..I’m never going to complain about the mind numbing meetings I have to sit through ever…..ummm..wait..almost without exception those meetings also involve a CCO of Auckland Council. Now I see where they get it from.

      As to the Scottish po faced pig and her “I’ve been a councillor for 13 years and never….” well….’nough said TROUGHER!

    • sheppy

      Looks like she’s got too much of a personal agenda to be on a council supposedly serving ALL Aucklanders – how can we get rid of these time wasters?

  • Rangi

    Very funny…just when JK thought he was onto a winner, he must be getting sick of politics now & thinking about enjoying his money rather than putting up with this shit.

  • Tiberius

    The Auckland Council belongs to the Flat Earth Society – morons.

  • cows4me

    Don’t support the convention centre then and the rest of the country won’t support your poxy rail line. If you idiots can’t make an effort to boost Auckland’s economy why the fuck should the rest of the country support you.

    • Travis Poulson

      Who’s “you”? we’re not all City Councillors you know.

      • cows4me

        Sorry Travis of course you are right but how do you think this looks to the rest of the country when we are being asked to give extra so this rail line can increase productivity.

        • Travis Poulson

          I’m in 2 minds about this, one part of me doesn’t want the rail loop, the other part of me doesn’t care because I expect to be out of this clusterfuck of a hell hole and back into the rural life by then anyway.

          Having said that, I don’t want to paying for the rail loop whether I’m still in Auckland or somewhere else. Len can stick it up his arse. It will run at a loss subsidised by you and me, and congestion will be just the same if not worse by then due to the population rise. People like driving their cars, even if they’re sitting in traffic. It will not make 2 fucks of difference to congestion. The population will have risen by thousands by the time the rail is up and running, so the congestion in 2020/2025 or whenever it is will be either cut back to what it is now or even more.

          The sad part? even when I leave Auckland, I’ll still be paying for it.

          We are all being forced to pay for a lemon.

          Never a truer statement was said than LBIAFC.

          • Hazards001

            “The sad part? even when I leave Auckland, I’ll still be paying for it.”

            Exactly. Thanks a lot Rodney Hide for creating this cluster fuck and ta Banksie and Key for your ongoing support. I’m fucking spitting about this bullshit.

            The only fucking people that will benefit from this multi billion dollar piece of usury are the well heeled in Remuera, Epson and Mt Eden that work in the CBD, Fucking disgraceful.

          • Travis Poulson

            I’m not native to these parts, but at least I used to be able to say “no, I’m not living in Auckland, I’m in Waitakere City. Can’t even say that now. Jaffa label forced upon me. Oh well, I’ll leave one day….

          • Whanga_Cynic

            That’s what I hate about the “Super City”. Even as far north as I am (Whangaparaoa), apparently I’m now a Jaffa.

  • Daniel Church

    Councillor Casey is an embarassment (well, she is a friend of Matt McCarten isn’t she?)

  • niggly

    The big problem with this (Cr Cathy Casey’s in putting forward a notice of motion) is that it demonstrates some Councillors would rather waste valuable time and resources on political symbolism rather than actually getting on and working to advance the City and its people. And worst of all, at the rate-payers expense (which will never ever be recovered).

    The Council (and its Councillors) are there for a purpose, to govern, lead and direct its efforts at maintaining services, infrastructure, arts and community activities, parks and reserves etc etc.

    NOT playing pretend politicians (and thus ‘my side/ethics/morality is better than theirs” etc).

    Fuck off and join the Green Party Cathy Casey & Co, if you want to play politics.

    • Travis Poulson

      “Fuck off and join the Green Party Cathy Casey & Co, if you want to play politics.”

      That’s exactly the impression I get re: Casey and her tactics.

    • Greg Davis

      Councils shouldn’t be involved in any economic activities. They are capital-C cunts

  • WayneO

    Name and shame. It’s election year.

  • Hate Coucil

    The stupid twats don’t realise that their vote is meaningless. That Casino convention centre is most likely to comply with the District Plan and like the super brothel over the road will be consented.
    There is no such thing as planing by votes.
    Dicks. Stupid and useless.

  • Milk from the tit

    Who the hell gives a shit what Cathy and her work mates think?
    She has no power to stop it.
    Council has not one smidgen of power and say on this matter.
    And we the public give a shit about what Cathy and her chums think as much as we give a toss about what Hubbard has to say from the cereal packet letters.
    All these people are bark raving mad bat crazy lunatics.
    Sky City should really up the anti by making the centre like like a Soviet stadium just to remind them who is the boss.
    On a more interesting note – Briscoes has yet another fucking sale. 25% of linen and habidashery kit bags.

  • Changeiscoming

    The left hate when they can’t spend other peoples money.

  • unitedtribes

    Cathy Casey Is just another fucken Cunt

  • opusx

    I know this has been asked a thousand times before, but why don’t decent hardworking local business leaders with a degree of common sense ever run for council?

    • sheppy

      Because they are too busy running successful businesses to waste their time battling a bunch of idiots who wouldn’t survive in the real world?

  • kehua

    She told me once that she votes with her heart and not her head, that would be right, dumb broad.