Baling straw. German style


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  • cows4me

    Oh for fuck sake, lazy bastards. I must show this to some of my mates, contractors, they would have tick tock attacks. I still have an old square bailer in the shed and the kids get it out and fire it up every year, not for me. I’ve picked up hundreds of thousands of square bails over my life time and now quite happily sit in the tractor and put the big rounds in the shed.

  • Phil

    Seems inefficient for Germans when it comes to stacking. Sure it’s not just lazy French?

  • Col

    The old trick from WW2, the V2 bomber. Called a HAY ATTACK.

  • Michael

    This is also a good way to burst bales – notice that one broke.

  • DavidW

    How very unagricultural. They are called “bales” and the term is “baling” unless of course you are wanting to get out of the pokey on a recognizance or your boat is sinking.