BSC and CTU now as Thick as Thieves

El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo must have had a tickle up from his union mates at the CTU.

See Paddy fired off a press release this morning boasting about paying cleaning workers $14.10 per hour (a whopping 35c more per hour or $2.80 more for an 8 hour day) but then hit out at the Government urging them to “reconsider proposed amendments to Part 6A of the Employment Relations Act”.

Low and behold a couple of hours later the CTU pumped out a media release saying they’re “welcoming the statement from the BSC, urging the Government to reconsider the proposed amendments to Part 6A of the employment”. Some sucky sucky going on there. 

Sounds like the CTU has had a quite chat with their communist mates at the SFWU and see Paddy’s BSC as a potential gold mine of funds for a campaign against Simon Bridges and the Government as it pushes through much needed changes to the Employment Relations Act.

But one thing is for sure all Part 6A and Section 97 do is allow scumbag unions to tuck their members for hundreds of thousands of dollars to launch campaigns against National.

Simon, it’s time to HTFU.



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  • johnbronkhorst

    Simon Bridges……understudy/body double for Arnie in the movie Commando ….yeah right!!!
    He doesn’t need a rocket launcher, to beat them, just the truth and their own stupidity.

  • Dave

    YOur headline is 100% correct. CTU, BSC, both Thick and Thieves. Nuff said.

  • LionKing

    You’re spot on. Bridges needs to bang off a few rounds into the unions which hopefully inspires employees to realise you don’t need to keep handing over your hard-earned money to some pommy import union rep that lives off the backs of the workers.

    Damn right Simon needs to HTFU.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Isn’t it funny how at present NZ business owners have to endure unions and their legalised form of extortion done in good faith – yet remove the unions – and the unions shrill “worker’s rights” are being removed / trampled.
    … go figure!

  • Fred

    Amazing, these two organisations make a lovely pair! Its funny how other companies have been lobbying for minimum standards in the cleaning industry when all along the BSC & CTU are the minimum possible industry standard. Minimum wages, high staff turnover and piss poor customer service guaranteed.Put it another way you cant get any worse!!!