BSC’s empire crumbling around El Presidente


El presidente Patrick Lee-Lo

Spouting his union-friendly lines following a group hug with his mates at the SFWU, Paddy’s describing the enormous increase in pay of 35c an hour for his BSC members’ workers as a “sensible and workable” resolution. Sounds like a win.

Paddy’s union mates are chuffed that they’ve tucked more dosh out of BSC member companies as they are nothing but capitalist pigs out to oppress the working class.

But here’s the rub for El Presidente. The BSC is controlled by large foreign cleaning companies who dislike disturbances to the apple cart – and that’s exactly what’s coming down the line in the form of Simon Bridges changes to Part 6A of the Employment Relations Act.

No wonder he’s hitting out at the Government as the BSC tries to protect these overseas companies from Government moves to introduce a fairer and more even playing field – a notion scum bag unions shudder with fear at the very thought of. 

Then there’s the wee issue for Paddy as he sees the BSC’s stranglehold over government contracts eroded by better managed and higher performing franchise cleaning companies. Paddy copped one in the chook for abusing them earlier this year.

So while Paddy tries to spin a 35c increase as a win, the BSC Empire (and junkets) is starting to crumble all around him.

The question is who will be first to get their mitts on the $1.8M nest egg hidden among the ruins?


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  • Ronnie Chow

    He’s decided not to shave . Time to bleach the Mexican mustache .

    • Sponge

      The dirty sanchez….

  • Barney

    Word on the street is Spotless are pulling the plug on the BSC, see no value now that MOBIE have canned the government directive to use BSC members. Time to wind up Paddy so he can go back to the SFWU

    • The Dog Thinks

      Spotless pulling the plug – could well be correct and OCS are going down the franchise route (remember how El Presidente just loves franchise co’s!). Think about it franchising means lots of small companies that do not support or have union members, One in the face for his SFWU mates.

  • bobby

    Lee-Lo is opposed to the exemption for small employers in 6A because it would directly disadvantage his mates at the large companies in situations where a new company had won the business.

    The risk of being forces to take on existing staff it too much for most small companies so it’s a no-brainer they should be exempt – especially considering the sneaky ways outgoing contractors meddle with staff (the numbers or quality of) just before handover to make the new business un-viable.

  • LionKing

    What’s the bet Patrick Lee-Lo is “furiously” lobbying National Ministers over changes to Part 6A….cough cough Yeah right. Those Australian directors of Spotless will be pissed at these latest developments.