Bullrush making a comeback, wait for the howls of anguish against it


The wowsers will be out in force against a Christchurch school that has re-introduced bullrush.

No doubt they will claim that some drop kick kids will get hurt. The sooky kids can all sit in the library if they don;t want to play….it’s not like it is compulsory.

A Christchurch principal’s move to bring back bullrush is being hailed as “brave”.

Cobham Intermediate Principal Scott Thelning told the New Zealand Herald the game will be able to be played from Friday next week.

Bullrush was banned from most schools in the 1990s after concerns about safety, as the game involved high levels of physical contact, with players charging at one another. 

However, Canterbury Primary Principals Association president Rob Callaghan said Thelning’s decision to reintroduce bullrush to his school was “very brave”.

“I think what he’s doing makes very good sense. According to research, children are overprotected,” he said.

“There’s the sense we have to have 100 per cent safety all the time. When it comes to some things, we expect children to take risks, but when when it comes to physical harm, we expect them to take no risk at all.”

He believed as long as the culture and environment of the school was right, nothing untoward would happen.

“As long as they have a good sense of what the rules are and that they are expected to be followed, it should be fine.


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  • Mr_V4

    ACC will be interested no doubt.

  • LesleyNZ

    My nearly 10 month old grandson plays Baby Bullrush now – he is quick! He is going to be so good when he gets to school!

    • GregM

      Yep, I know what you mean Lesley. Don’t worry. you will soon start to grow eyes in the back of your head. :-)

  • Andy111A

    I played this as a kid and broke my leg.
    Doctors said it was the best thing that could happen as I had a cyst in my bone that was slowly growing bigger and needed to be broken so they could sort it out.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    About bloody time. Kids need a few bumps and bruises as they grow up otherwise they become wimpy sooks who want their mummy.
    It’s a part of the learning curve of life

  • thor42

    I remember playing a few times (a loooong time ago…).

    I can’t remember ever having been tackled. I was pretty quick and had a really good swerve and sidestep – that helped.

  • GregM

    The fat kid in my class used to always call my name. I popped a few ribs on the odd occasion, but it was fucking good fun.

  • Dumrse

    Cows R Us was a fan of bull rush if I remember. Is he still drinking cocktails?

  • Orange

    Looks like the kid has already lost a leg