Caption contest

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  • Col

    Not sure if I will pass it?

  • Travis Poulson

    Hansen making sure he picked the right winner during last nights test.

    • Mediaan

      Oh, you mean that’s Steve Hansen? I thought it was some poor politician stuck in a debating chamber somewhere.

      • Travis Poulson

        Yes it’s the coach of the All Blacks.

  • Mediaan

    Caption? None, just sympathy.

    Hard not to sympathise, he’s probably listening to EU cod fishing statistics served up by a Ukrainian translator.

    • Travis Poulson

      Say what?

    • johnbronkhorst

      Are you suggesting that, rugby is boring?

  • WayneO

    Hansen picks Green candidates for next election.

    • Time For Accountability

      I am going to have to borrow that if I may.

    • Travis Poulson

      Winning comment, but only by a nose!

    • Phil

      Snot funny.

  • Time For Accountability

    Moirai rounds up party faithful before she fleeces them.

  • pdm

    Hey tiddily pinky pom – pick your nose and walk along.

  • williamabong

    Think I will stick around, nobody minds if I unpack my trunk.

  • It’s just snot good enough…

  • kehua

    HA! just caught the tail of that worm behind my ear.

  • Patrick

    Ian Foster is useless – this booga would do a better job of coaching the backs

  • grumpy

    Can’t pick a team, let’s try this……

  • Bad__Cat

    “That French halfback’s getting right up my nose”