Climate Change caused Tauranga flooding?

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Looks like climate change is taking the blame for flooding in Tauranga, not poor town planning. Obviously the council isn’t aware that there has been no discernible warming for more than 17 years.

The attached is opening two pages of the Tauranga City Council staff report given to a full council meeting today.

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It was well attended by a number of people who were affected – again in many cases! – by the April 20/21 storm event, that caused serious flooding in many parts of the city.

They even had graphs and data showing the “1 in 3/5/10/20/50/100 year” events happening seemingly more!

Seems the city has been allowed to have too many houses crammed together in places for the old infrastructure to cope with.

Makes one wonder if they are set on doing similar in Auckland, how much will be spent on digging in new/replacing/re-doing storm-water.

The bill for just one area here, for what appeared to be a bit of a sticking plaster, was $6.2 million.

Will it get signed off to be spent months out from an election??

Thought not!

(Disclaimer: Myself and no-one I know was affected at all by the flooding)


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