Coming soon to New Zealand?

This is one of the perils of widespread immigration where those coming here bring their old country’s attitudes and prejudices with them.

It was not so much a death threat as a declaration of war.

”You wanna go to war, you f—in’ Shia dogs?” the phone message says. ”We’re taking all of you to war, in Sydney and overseas!”

It was 8pm and Jamal Daoud, an aspiring politician from Auburn was having dinner with his wife and children. An outspoken critic of the Free Syrian Army, Daoud is accustomed to abuse but this call was more frightening than most.

‘You wanna kill our brothers and sisters overseas, we’re gonna kill you motherf—ers here,” the caller says.

”We know where [you] live. We’re coming past [your] house and shoot at [it], if there are people inside we don’t give a f—. You wanna spill blood, we’re gonna spill blood, you f—in’ dogs!”

After two years and an estimated 100,000 deaths, the civil war in Syria has spilled on to the streets of Sydney. Auburn, Lakemba and Bankstown are the new battle lines.

The Syrian conflict, which pits the Sunni-dominated rebellion against the Alawite regime of President Bashar al-Assad, has split the Middle East in two; the Sunni regimes of Saudi Arabia and Qatar and large Sunni population in Lebanon on one side, Iran, the Lebanese militia Hezbollah and the broader Shiite Muslim population, of which the Alawites are an offshoot, on the other.

In Sydney, it is splitting suburbs along the same sectarian lines.

”It’s very frightening, what is happening,” says Daoud, who was targeted after posting a disparaging message about the death of Mustapha al-Majzoub, a Sydney sheikh killed in Syria last year, while conducting humanitarian work his supporters say.

Daoud and others described him as a ”terrorist” fighting on the frontline but local Sunnis insist he was a ”shaheed”, or martyr.

Majzoub was one of about 200 Australians to travel to the war zone in the past two years. The Australian Federal Police believe a significant proportion of these mostly Lebanese dual citizens are fighting with the Syrian resistance, about half of whom are in al-Qaeda aligned Al-Nusra Front, which was put on a Federal Police terrorist blacklist in March and censured again yesterday by Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus.


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  • Greg

    I would say its already here, one thing that these guys have got is patients.

  • GazzW

    And there are dickheads in green and labour who not only query the need for the GCSB they also query the need for NZ citizens to be under surveillance.

    • Dave

      GazzW they can check me, my family, my workplace out as much as they want to. I encourage them to keep looking at everyone, and find the real crims and sleeper cells.

      • Mr_V4

        Why so eager for a govt. reaming Dave?

        • Dave

          MrV4 Come live in Bankstown, Lakemba, or worse still, Auburn and see how some of the more extreme Muslim and others live, their stance against Europeans, and you will soon realize why the government surveillance is warranted. I’m not suggesting it is one ethnic community, or one single group they should be watching, just using one as an example.

          Again, they can look as much as they want, they will move along pretty quickly, my life is a bit boring for them!!

          • Mr_V4

            Why can police not target people based on whether they are breaking laws or not?
            Rather than begging for mass surveillance?

            And it is true that the political classes have alot to answer for in terms of immigration policy, and pandering that can’t be questioned.
            (See rise of UKIP)
            Australia infrastructure buildout has not kept pace with the influx.

          • Dave

            Mr V4 the aussies have many many things going for them, their systems etc, but a few shortcomings. For instance, an assylum seeker from almost any country, can get in to aussie, apply ofr residency, and then citzenship. They may be of dubious background, but as long as its not obvious, they stand a good chance. However, a kiwi arriving in Aussie after 2001, has almost no chance of getting PR, or becoming a citizen, a special class of visa saw to that.

            The Pandering will continue, and the idiotic policies to allow boat people to arrive without any identity, but thankfully, decent surveillance will continue here in aussie.

          • Mr_V4

            Well their immigration database had to be overhauled several years ago after they deported a (disabled) citizen, so lets say you have more faith in their systems than I.

            The Labor govt is to thank for asylmn seeker policy, which had largely been controlled by Howard, so yes there are certainly issues.

            See my solution in comments below which I think would solve the issue.

            When immigrants move to Australia the majority do so for a better life, escape troubles at home etc etc, so if those people are then found to be engaging in activites (such as religious wars) they declared on legal documents to have been ‘escaping’, I don’t see why there can’t be legal grounds for deportation.

            In effect their declaration was fraudulent?
            Maybe have a two/three strikes policy so they have a clear legal warning that they are on notice before a bus ride to the airport.

    • Mr_V4

      Another big government statist outed on Whaleoil.

  • Mr_V4

    Problem is we have become too soft. The obvious deterrant, would be to say you want to play Sunni v Shiite war games, we are going to deport you and your family to the war zone.

    See how much they like it.

    Want to bet the stupid rhetoric will stop pretty quick?

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    Labour will welcome them with open arms because they’ll give them free bullshit to guarantee they become a core voting bloc to entrench leftist policies.

  • Dave

    I think he has been to NZ already, by the sound of his language he was trained by none other than the Brown Mother Fucker, Hone Hatefield!!

  • thehawkreturns

    Once again. There is no extremism in Islam. What you are reading is about here is nothing more than mainstream Muslim intolerance and murder. Every single one of them is brainwashed to believe that all non-Muslims should be killed, women count as low as dogs and freedom of speech , democracy and scientific progress are to be destroyed. It is hard for us to comprehend, particularly political classes, yet I am convinced that those same politicians will be the first victims of Islam when the Muslim numbers reach around 30% of the population. Islamic political murders are already starting in the Low Countries and will soon be seen in Scandanavia where freedom of speech is being suppressed. Multiculturalism is a fraud.

  • Rodger T

    The Abrahamic religions are a cancer, whilst the milquetoast Protestant , the whited sepulchre that is the Catholic and the Jewish are relatively benign, Islam is malignant and needs to be excised from civilised countries as soon as possible.

  • Billbarc

    I tremember travelling from Sydney to Piraeus on the MV Ellinnis (Chandris Line) in 1965. The bottom decks were filled with stroppy, posturing young Greeks heading for Cyprus to join the Enoka movement of Archbishop Makarious in the fight against the Turks. What has changed?