Convicted blackmailer Graham McCready at it again

I see Graham McCready is at it again, pursuing people through the courts, wasting their time, wasting them money. The media just play along with him too, calling him a former accountant.

United Future leader Peter Dunne says a private prosecution being brought against him by a former accountant is “nonsense”.

Wellington man Graham McCready filed papers today at the Wellington District Court and sent documents to Mr Dunne.

Mr Dunne said he received the documents today, but had not had a chance to get a legal opinion on them.

He said his initial reaction was that the charges were “simply nonsense”.  

Mr Dunne is the third politician Mr McCready has targeted for prosecution, alongside ACT leader John Banks and Labour MP Trevor Mallard.

Mr McCready has accused Mr Dunne of fraud by receiving $3846.10 between April 30 and June 1 as a fortnightly instalment of his $100,000 payment as a leader of a registered political party.

During this time the party had determined there were insufficient numbers to declare United Future had 500 members, and Speaker David Carter had made no determination that Mr Dunne could keep the money in the meantime, Mr McCready said.

Why won’t the media call him for what he is…a convicted tax fraudster, a convicted blackmailer, banned director and a former bankrupt?

He is a vexatious litigant and he needs to be declared as such. It is people like him who have far too much time on their hands that clog up the court system with frivolous, time consuming and expensive litigation. It is high time the threshold to qualify as a vexatious litigant was significantly lowered.


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  • maninblack

    he will probably sue you for this.

    • Cam would have a very obvious defence of fact. McCready’s past is a matter of public record, as is his self-appointed vexatious litigant status.

      • andrew carrot

        Unfortunately the Courts are very miserable when handing out the yellow card for vexatiousness (if such a word exists). I suspect he’ll retain the “self-appointed” status for a little while longer.

  • peterwn

    Gaping big hole in his case – no ‘mens rea’ or intent. United Future came clean as soon as it realised there was an issue.Even if someone in United Future knew earlier there was a problem, this does not impose criminal liability on Peter’s part. Hope the judge pays particular attention to Graham McCready’s affidavit with regard to ‘intent’, and if ‘intent’ glossed over, the judge should throw it out. Unfortunately it seems relatively easy to draft a cute affidavit that allows a private prosecution to proceed to the next stage. Judges should be reading them with sepia tinted spectacles.

  • Patrick

    Who funds this turkey? Please tell me the tax payer is not stumping up every time this bloke goes to court.

    • andrew carrot

      No private funder. A wacked-out bunch of confused collaborators provide him with free legal advice and various other forms of support.Taxpayers subsidise his ‘housing arrangement’ and living expenses. The Official Assignee manages his accounts, I presume.

  • JeffDaRef

    The issue was considered by the Speaker, and (rightly or wrongly) a decision made – so how can there be fraud present????
    McCready, Class-A smoker of cock…

  • Chris

    The Auditor-General has just said the funding is legal. McCready’s just weakening his case against John Banks by doing this. Boy Who Cried Wolf syndrome.

    • Liberty

      Whats Happening with the banks case?

      • Chris

        I think the court has said the case can go ahead so guess it’s just waiting for a trial date. McCready’s an idiot, but he just might have something on Banks with this one.

  • andrew carrot

    Has he lodged a claim against the PM? He and his delusional mates are only interested in bringing down the government. He thinks he’ll achieve that by successfully prosecuting the coalition members. God only knows what he’ll dredge/make up for his case against the Maori Party, but maybe they’re untouchable in the eyes of the Occupy brigade.

  • Beefhooked

    Peter Dunne’s United Future now has no official status and he has taken a big pay cut .He is now an independent MP after repeatedly failing to re-register his party…typical of the laissez faire attitude of our former…. revenue minister.

    Speaker David Carter today announced that “the Parliamentary leadership of the United Future party will no longer be recognised as a party for Parliamentary purposes. Mr Dunne will be treated as an independent member for Parliamentary

    And with that Mr Dunne has lost his leader’s entitlement of more
    than $100,000 and $14,000 has been wiped off his salary….so why should Mr Dunne avoid refunding the over-payments that he’s legally not entitled to ?