Depression is virtually unknown in agrarian societies

Anxiety and depression are widespread in the first world, but virtually unknown in agrarian societies. Why are people in developed nations increasingly unhappy?


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  • Hazards001

    Why are people in developed nations increasingly unhappy?

    Because in their heart of hearts they truly believe they are entitled to more than they have and that they should be allowed to live forever to get it.

  • Kimbo

    Depression is virtually unknown in agrarian societies…because the average life-span due to lack of anti-biotics, other modern medicine and sanitation is 29.75 years – so beriberi, tetanus, and lock-jaw will likely kill you long before there is a chance for depression to kick in.

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    Too much real work to do. No HR jobs and mindless meetings to make you anomic and introspective.

  • Guest

    Only 3 comments – this is a massive topic that deserves massive attention.

    How disappointing!

    Cam – I m sure this is a topic you are fascinated with. My thoughts in one sentence (insert thank you/small bow):

    It can often be explained by the fact that we have lost sight of what’s important; we have essentially become too busy being busy.

    • beautox

      Things are often explained by explanations that are intuitive, sensible and WRONG

  • Peter Jenkins

    Possibly depression/anxiety exists in these societies but they have a different name for it. I recall reading about some state of mind experienced by tribesmen in the Amazon that sounded very similar but I cant remember the name they had for it

  • beautox

    Bullshit bullshit bullshit. Do you know the country that has the lowest depression rate on earth? JAPAN. How fucken agrarian is that? Are you getting a cut from this guy’s book or something? And you have the cheek to accuse the herald of being shoddy.

    • beautox

      Evidence here

      The “doctor” said in the video:

      “You can’t find a case of depression in Papau New Guinea”

      So why is it #100 out of 192 in the depression table??

      • Guest

        wikipedia isn’t evidence. no suicide records since 1990…..

        • beautox

          It’s a darn sight better than some doctor with a book to sell. Are you disputing that the figures in wikipedia are wrong? They have been taken from this little organisation called World Health Organization (WHO)

    • Guest

      Only because they commit suicide before getting diagnosed….they have the 10th highest suicide rate in the world

      • beautox

        You are now making shit up. Show me some evidence.

        • Guest

          I suggest you go to the actual WHO website….

          • beautox

            I am sure they are 10th highest suicide. The bit you are making up is “Only because they commit suicide before getting diagnosed”

          • Guest

            Awww you’re fiesty. It was a tongue in cheek comment because you incorrectly stated that Japan had the lowest rate of depression on earth when in fact, the opposite is true.

          • beautox

            I didn’t state that Japan had the lowest suicide on earth. I said it had the lowest level of depression. Can’t you read properly?

          • Guest

            Don’t be a bitch. Clearly I can’t type (corrected now so thank you), but at least I know how to do research & articulate arguments: the suicide rate in Japan proves your comment lacks credibility.

            Nice playing with you newbie…

          • beautox

            haha yeah resort to name calling when your arguments turn to shit.

          • Guest

            newbie isn’t something that many would find offensive…

  • Kopua Cowboy

    I’d question how accurate the statistics are re depression in agrarian societies.

    Depression is at epidemic levels because we are good at diagnosing it. In 3rd world countries, the depressed are invisible

  • Concerned

    I think it it because we have redefined what will bring happiness. Happiness in an agrarian society = having enough food, shelter, clothing, and lots of family, friends, love, relationships, fun. Meanwhile we define achieving happiness as having = money, career, status, power, surplus of everything, keeping up with the ‘Jones’, nice house, latest technology/fashion. Our birthrates suck, our one or maybe two kids get what is leftover after work, we chuck our kids in care and our parents in homes and rarely see them. We become workaholics to achieve workplace success but neglect our relationship with our spouse, divorce rate high. Then we wonder why we are all depressed when we have all this stuff. More stuff can never make us truly happy.

    Less stuff, more life