Dick of the Week – Damian Christie

Some people just can’t help themselves:


Someone should tell Damian Christie that cunts are useful…and I’m not going anywhere so I don’t quite know what he means by good riddance.

At least I am not state funded and never have been.



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  • Cadwallader

    It is jealousy. You started a blog from nothing whereas this self-opinionated wanker couldn’t start anything of value. What’s his back story? I have heard him on Newstalk occasionally and he proves the point that vacuity is able to sell.

    • Guest

      Very well said! I like it when you comment!!! No idea who this guy, but he seems to make a habit of calling people such names…..in 2009 WO blogged about how he called Michael Laws one….then shut his twitter account.

      I wonder if the same thing will happen here?

      • Random66

        I think this may have been posted in error?? Petal perhaps you could remove…

        • Guest

          I thought he was being a smart alec until it happened twice….oops someone using their work email to log in naughty naughty!!! have emailed the tipoff line…

          • For future reference, I’m at the end of petalwobh AT gmail. The rest only gets to me if forwarded by the boss.

          • Guest

            I tried that but it didn’t work? Or did I do it wrong?

          • Well, @gmail.com of course. I elected not to include that to stop it being picked up by email harvesting spam bots.

          • Guest

            Oh weird. I typed the right address & it didn’t work. Nevermind – sorted now…..you guys would have his email so maybe email privately & tell him his LOA message is spreading his details around!

        • For future reference, I’m at the end of petalwobh AT gmail. The rest only gets to me if forwarded by the boss.

      • Sarrs

        Mods might want to delete Cads last two posts here?

        • Dave

          Have flagged as inappropriate, hope it helps to highlight them to Pete/Travis or Cam.

    • Sponge

      He might (only might) be able to start a lawnmower. I reckon his arm would just about be strong enough.

      • Sponge

        Eh? I think this should be removed.

        [Edit] And I think I am making this worse???

        • “[Edit] And I think I am making this worse???”

          I have no idea. Perhaps do not respond to Cadwaller messages for now.

  • Bob

    Damian who? Loser from the past? Had to google him to remember him, found a great description of him –

    ‘His lifelong ambition is to go straight from ‘wannabe’ to ‘has-been’ without pausing for fame.’

  • williamabong

    One must wonder what bought on such a petulant, and bitchy outburst from such a nobody, must be the wrong time of the month, dig it in Damian soon be over and it will be all good again.

  • blokeintakapuna

    …and he achieved 2 retweets.
    1 x his mum and the other ?…
    Envy brings out the ugly in some – his comments certainly say more about him than what he’s trying to say…

  • williamabong

    “Blubberhole apparently hasn’t been above giving me shit in the paper, so good riddance to the cunt”

    That’s nothing like the shit a couple of thousand members of the army are about to dish on you, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Streisand_effect

    • Dave

      Excellent William, will admit I looked up who the little turd was as well, simply put, a nobody stying to make his way as a paid media whore in bottom end media organisations…….. I say again, he is trying, hasn’t succeeded like Cameron yet!

      • Andy C

        Cameron didn’t succeed though did he, the Truth went bust under his watch.

        • Dave

          Andy, go read up on the other responses on truth, and from those inside. The TRUTH is, the paper had been failing for years, just afloat, Cam came in when the resources were scarce, gave it his best shot, by all accounts improved it a LOT, but what was needed the most, was funds, funds to create new websites to get new business, etc etc. At the end of the day, Cam was a paid employee, the buck stops with the owners, and them putting their funds into the business. They didn’t, its that simple. Then take a look at the owners track record, its not that flash. Also look at Cams success here, not bad aye!!

          • Andy C

            Yep Cam has done well here Dave. You wont get any argument from me.

            But I guess by the same token of focusing solely at the wins and ignoring any failures you could say Damian has succeeded too.

        • I’d happily take the blame if I could have spent even one cent…but I couldn’t and didn’t…when your resources are constrained every month, when the directors and those with the hands on the purse strings don;t pay taxes, suppliers and contributors it is hardly the fault of the editor now is it?

          • Random66

            No need to explain WO, you don’t need to draw him a picture.

          • Andy C

            Nope, you’re right. Was just poking Dave really, so retracted.

  • Ronnie Chow

    This twitter really is an inane media for adults .

    • Lion_ess

      … media for inane adults – don’t blame the enabler.

  • unitedtribes

    On the subject. The silver lining may be getting your devoted attention back to the blog

    • Damian Christie

      Especially as it seems the billion of loyal followers don’t actually value what Blubberhole does enough to shell out a few buck per week…

      • You are such a child. How pathetic.

        • Damian Christie

          And you are an hilarious hypocrite. Had your wee cry now? Written your sad-face post about my nasty tweets? Good on ya. Back to your blog, blubberhole.

          • Damian Christie

            PS: Don’t forget to call the builder and cancel those extensions.

          • Dave

            Damian, look and learn, STOP DIGGING. Cam has his blog and thousands of followers , got that HIS BLOG, he created it, followed by thousands, your success is, your followers are. Simple really isn’t it

          • Guest


          • Andy C

            Damian seems to be saying that Cam can dish it out but cannot take it when the shoe is on the other foot. Not sure he is trying to say that Cam isn’t a successful blogger or similar.

            I think you are defending Cam, but not quite on the correct topic.

          • Dave

            I’m on the correct topic Andy, but consider this. Ironic somewhat, that the man you are semi supporting, is on the BLOG developed, owned, supported, funded and managed by Cameron and the little turd Damian Christie is the one dishing out shit to Cameron.

            And you say he cant take it…… Irony much!!

          • I’m on my blog idiot…and it is hypocrite..I note that you are on my blog too…thanks for the pageviews…loving it.

      • unitedtribes

        He wont take it. He wants to stay untainted. Not like you you fuckwit.

        • Andy C

          I think Damian meant a few bucks for the Truth.

          • Damian Christie

            Don’t try explaining to them Andy, it doesn’t work. :)

      • Guest

        Is this the real Damian Christie?

        You’re awesome – by poking the lion….well in this case the man eating whale, you are undermining your own stance.

        His 2IC Pete will be loving the stats on this one. :-)

        But you are right in a way so I gave you an upvote: the real test would be how many readers would be prepared to put their money where their mouth is.

        I would. On the proviso there was no trash or porn.

        • Mr_Blobby

          I would if there was trash and porn.

          • Guest

            And free pies! :-)

      • Dumrse

        I don’t think you are that bad. I see you in the same category as Len Brown and Russell Norman.

        • Whanga_Cynic

          So does that mean DCIAFC?

  • LionKing

    1 million page hits plus per month. No.1 blogger in NZ. Enough said.

    • over 3 million in Google Analytics

  • Whafe

    I would have preferred “Cock of the week”
    This guy is a cock, no doubt about that…

  • Mark

    He must have sand in his vagina

    • richard.b

      I don’t know what that means but I still laughed.
      Well done Mark.

  • niggly

    What appalling commentary from Mr Christie – devoid of any facts and having a sook like a taxi driver to their passengers. And this guy is a “journalist”???

    • Another Fake

      Nope. He is not a journalist. Has no journalism qualification which means you can’t be sure he knows about media ethics, media law or anything else that matters…the fact that he has posted such outlandish comments shows he has bias, isn’t impartial and therefore isn’t fit to work in the field. BTW he used to be a lawyer, methinks…

      • Dave

        Yup, he states he was an entertainment lawyer, but I think he failed at that as well……


        EDIT Why would one switch from “Successful Lawyer” charging out at $3-500 an hour to a media whore, I guess Damian answered that one.

        • Travis Poulson

          What? You mean to say he’s not a “decent journalist, trained and skilled”?

  • Lion_ess

    Have to admit I laughed when I read the “blubberhole tweets”. What’s the mental age of this guy, 8?

  • Damian Christie

    Thanks for sharing my heartfelt words with your squillions of readers Blubberhole. :) Let’s not forget how you crowed and made personal jabs when TVNZ 7 shut down.


    If it weren’t for that, I wouldn’t have been laughing yesterday when I read the news of your demise at the Truth. As it was, I couldn’t wipe the grin from my face :) :) :)

    Maybe stick to blogging eh fella?

    • Agent BallSack

      Oh no you didn’t!

    • Travis Poulson

      What’s the problem, you found another trough to feed at did you not?

      • Damian Christie

        I did. Several. Some publicly funded, some privately funded. And then i went and started up my own business too, which is going very nicely thanks (and doesn’t rely on public funding). I’m looking forward to a few new extensions on the house(s). Thanks for your concern :)

        • Dave

          Why not have one extension and do it properly. If you are really a media person, you would not be here adding explosive fuel to the fire, idiot!! Rule 1-99 Explaining is Losing – Loser

          • Damian Christie

            I love the complete lack of self-awareness you guys have. So… I’m a loser for being here, and you’re not? Cos, um, you said so? Riiiight. That’s awesome.

          • Dave

            Ah, I have made it, never had public funding, handouts, and am comfortable in my own skin. Read above Damian, you remain a little shit sucking of the state tit and others. Go get a real job, oh and a haircut wouldn’t go astray either. PS: Have you created (AND FUNDED) anything yourself that has made it to number one, thought not.
            See other comments on Truth, it was obvious to a lot, the gig was a tricky one, years of neglect, fucked without the porn, stuffed with it, in the end the owners would NOT back their business with the capital it needed, not Cams fault. But those that live off others funds and handouts / sponsorship wouldn’t understand that.

        • Random66

          Started up your own business did you? Well I wonder what your paying clients would consider of your current conduct. Your language alone would make some stop and think about the type of person they are doing business with… then your joy at the demise of a working mans wage would certainly make them question your character. What business did you say you were in again? No one is ever beyond public backlash, certainly those who rely on public favour when self employed.

          • Guest

            Well said. Of course language is not really a standard that many men in business give a rats about though. And remember that until recently this blog often used the C bomb in blog posts!

    • Joe_Bloggs

      of course it’s not in your nature to crow and make personal jabs is it Dames? I can call you Dames can’t I? Seeing you’re a real cunt and all?

      So no concern for the other workers at the Truth? Or for the truth behind the Truth’s demise? Nah, it’s not in your nature to be a journalist of integrity.

      You’ve become a very bitter little twat in the 7 years since your last sniff of success, fella

      • Damian Christie

        Awww, everyone having a wee cry on Blubberhole’s behalf? Sweet.

        • Lion_ess

          Who’s having a wee cry? They’re your blubberhole tweets (funny they are too, I might add). No, the flavour here is more along the lines of “good onya Cameron for having the balls to pick up a flailing paper – didn’t work out – life goes on”. (BTW, sniff … if it makes you feel better)

    • TVNZ7 was subsidised bullshit fest that allowed you amongst others to at least make substantial alterations to your houses, other than that there is little to show for the millions of taxpayers money poured down that particular hole.

      I have the courtesy to use your name you could find some grace and use mine.

      • Damian Christie

        Like I say, Blubberhole, you are a pathetic hypocrite, who has made a living – haha sorry maybe not a living, but an internet following being a name-calling, mud-slinging arsehole to people, all under the delusion that you’re “fighting the good fight”, when in fact you’re just a nasty piece of shit. So no, after the various names you’ve ascribed to me (most recently, Dick of the Week), I won’t call you by your name.

        I don’t know where you get all this house alteration BS from, but yep, I’ve made a lot of money in TV the past 10 years. Some taxpayer funded, some commercial, such is the nature of the industry here. I’ve also this year started up my own website trying to help kiwi students interested in the creative industries. It’s doing well, privately funded, and it’s a damn sight more positive than any of the cancerous filth you’ve spent the last 10 years spreading.

        Cheers! :)

        • Joe_Bloggs

          Here’s a little bed-time reading for you (or about you) Mr “I’ve-made-a-lot-of-money”:


        • Random66

          Read my comment above. Whoever is privately funding you would be wise to cast their eye over this page and your comments and then consider if their money has been well invested. I would drop you like a hot potatoe.

          • Damian Christie

            Fortunately, what you don’t realise is that no-one cares about your opinion, and calling Blubberhole a cunt or whatever is pretty much mainstream opinion, so I’m unlikely to shock any of those who support me.

          • Dave

            Damian, i think you need to understand BLOGS a bit more, no one pays us to come here in the thousands every day to invest 10 minutes to a few hours here, no one. And you say mainstream opinion, mainstream in who’s mind Damian, those that were exposed as hypocrites, arseholes. All you are achieving, is clarifying and reinforcing what Cam and many others said …….. Keep digging.

          • WayneO

            This is the most popular blog in NZ. I would call that pretty mainstream, so quite a few people do care about the views expressed here and would disagree with you.

            Haha “no-one cares” is so completely wrong.

            ps My first question when I read this post was Damian who? Never heard of you. You better head to the hospital Mr. Christie because that was a BURN.

        • Wow, my day is improved just knowing that my mere existence on the planet perturbs and annoys you sufficiently to vent outrage and anger in such quantities.

          Every day i wake up I’ll now think to myself…bonus Damian Christie is fucked off with me…awesome…winning.

          • Damian Christie

            Says the guy who wrote an entire illustrated blog post in response to my tweet. You’re so incredibly deluded Blubberhole, it’s hilarious. You neither annoy nor perturb me, I’ve got a great big smile on my face as I write this :) PS: That certificate please, TVNZ, PO Box 3819, Auckland.

          • And yet here you are, fulminating, arguing, ranting and raving on MY site…as I said…my pig pen, I’m winning…even if I lose, I win…all good.

            The funny thing is the very behaviour you say you abhor you are displaying. Too funny.

            Bet you can’t stay away…go on try it…problem is sanctimonious self obsessed people like you always have to have the last word…you just can’t stay away. Even if you don’t comment again you’ll still be reading and watching…again I win.

          • Damian Christie

            It seems like we’re both happy then, so that’s good. Win-win. Of course I’m going to keep reading, Blubberhole, this is all about ME! Love it. But I will give you the last word if you like – it is, as you say, your blog, and it’s pretty much all you’ve got left now so I won’t take that away from you. (over and out, but longing for your reply).

          • Told you…unable to stay away…thanks for the page views…really going well today.

            You seem to be as stupid as David Fisher.

          • Jonathan Pull

            Do you get paid per page views? Genuine question, I know it seems a stab given the context but Im unaware of how blogs work (clearly!).

          • How does advertising work at newspapers? Circulation = dollars…how does advertising work on Radio?audience/listeners = dollars, how does advertising work on TV? viewership = dollars

            Same for the internet…the more views, plus Time on Site (ToS) plus Bounce rate (lower is better for bounce rate, mine is 0.8%, look it up what that means), plus unique browsers all equates to value.

        • Guest

          Yep I agree in that sometimes Cameron goes too far. And no doubt he thinks he does too when the law suits come floating in. But that doesn’t mean to say that he isn’t serving a good purpose.

          Pick any number of topics & then compare them to the coverage by MSM & you will find that he is filling a rather large gaping hole between truth & bias. Sure sometimes he goes about it the wrong way, but the facts remain.

          Plus at least he gets people talking about issues. Perhaps not always in a meaningful way, but nevertheless the topic is raised which can only be a good thing – some of his dog whistle posts are his best as he calls the bluff on common stereotypes.

          Hmmmm seems to me that you are not as objective as you claim; your glee over the Truth is almost indicative of someone who is jealous.

          • Jonathan Pull

            I can see your point that Cam is trying to fill a gap but to suggest that he does so without any form if bias is farcical.
            However yes he does get the issues out there, credit given where its due and all.

          • Guest

            This is his PERSONAL blog so of course he has bias – we all do. It is part of being human. The difference is that unlike MSM he doesn’t pretend to be without bias. Instead he offers another side to their often fictional stories. This at least gives us more information that what we would have had otherwise.

          • Agent BallSack

            SUNLIGHT! Vampires and other creatures of the night hate it.

  • baylys66

    This is the same Damian Christie who is credited as “writer” and producer of the TV series ‘I was there’, currently screening on Sky TVs Heartland channel.(which looks at NZ in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s)

    Amusing to watch his left wing bias on this show when covering the politics of the decades, praising as Saints, the likes of Norman Kirk and Lange,(and demonising Muldoon and then Rogernomics) and his over the top scripts on the protest movements of the 70s, extolling and glorifying, for instance, the anti nuclear movement re the US ship visit.

    Presumably this series was funded by taxpayers via NZ on Air.

    The guy has zero credibility when it comes to any sort of unbiased commentary.

    • Damian Christie

      “Presumably this series was funded by taxpayers”.

      For the record, no it wasn’t, it was commercial funded. But nice to know you’re watching. Interestingly , I did try to get Ruth Richardson on for the 90s episodes (partly by way of balance of having Norm Kirk’s private sec on) because I thought it would be great to have her take on those 90s reforms, but she wasn’t available. I did have National MP Jacqui Dean on, but that was about her past on Play School.

  • jedmo

    Thanks Damian I’ve got 125 hours backed up on MySky you’ve just made it easier – imperative even, they’re a bit of a frothy indulgence – to delete all those unwatched Back Benchers shows

    • Damian Christie


      • WayneO

        If enough people vote with their remote….

        • Travis Poulson

          Another vote here.

      • pukakidon

        Hahaha, Initially I thought you were not too bad and enjoyed some of your commentary, but now since you are not hiding behind your public fake persona you have shown your self to be a complete an utter arse wipe.

        You really are a sorry excuse for a man!! Piss off loser we will all be talking about you now in the social circles that actually matter and explaining what a weak minded shit you are.

    • Never in the dark…..

      What’s Back Benches??

  • Damian Christie

    Shit you guys are fun to stir up. It’s been a fun morning. Blubberhole, do I get a certificate or something? If so, flick it to TVNZ attn me would you please? I’ll happily put it above my desk as a badge of honour.

    • No, you get nothing.

      • Lion_ess

        The cheek of some people – didn’t you already give him Dick of the Week?

  • Agent BallSack

    Damian Christie obviously wants Dick of the Day award too.

  • Joe_Bloggs

    Hey Dames – Rawdon wants his surname back – you’re embarrassing him.

  • Stroker08
  • Agent BallSack

    Am I the only person who wants to see these guys on the undercard at a Fight for Life event? Starts taking a book.

    • unsol

      I hate boxing, but Cameron versus some of these keyboard warriors would be quite good fun!

    • Dave

      Nah, im not into a 5 second sport, Winner with a knockout blow, Cameron Slater.

    • Happily do it, but Damian has a body like a half sucked throatie and is barely taller than a hobbit…it wouldn’t really be fair….plus like all tough talking leftie twats he is blessed with cowardice when by himself.

  • Saccharomyces

    Who the fuck is Damian Christie?

    • Agent BallSack

      Pretty sure he hosts that cringeworthy Backbenchers program on Prime.

      Edit: http://publicaddress.net/about-damian-christie/

      • Mediaan

        No, he’s the smug theatre usherette in BackBenchers, who wanders round the audience and is allowed to call out a response to the host Wallace sometimes.

        Amazed to learn he rates a “desk” at TVNZ.

        We should all write to TVNZ and ask them to give him some work to do, as well. There must be things he could do.

        He could, um, write up the lunch orders and phone them through to the dairy maybe? Be in charge of the OSH staff health incidents register? Take over responsibility for changing lightbulbs? Be Senior Officer Liaison, Staff Restroom Towels?

  • Sarrs

    Well Damian, congrats on the blog you run yourself. I just finished reading your post from 27 May 2013 about the project you’ve been slaving on – make it urs. I especially like the bit where you say ‘But in the coming days it’s going to be all over the media.’ That hasn’t really come to fruition now, has it Damian?

    • Andy C

      So when something in the media doesn’t work out its not Cam’s fault. But when something in the media doesn’t work out it is Damian’s fault. Got it.

      • Sarrs

        Andy, mate, don’t post your nonsense to my comment. Have a look back through and you might see that I’ve made no comment on The Truth saga since it’s demise. So clearly, given the evidence present, you cannot know who I blame for the failure of The Truth. I’ve had a quick look through your comment history though. You are a chronic replier. If you have something to add to the discussion, why not make your own statement instead of attempting to ride the coat tails of others?

        I was just pointing out the irony of Damian lauding Cam’s failure while his own adventure into publishing [albeit online only] is [well it’s early days but I’ll go there] failing.

        • Guest

          Hey dickhead, how’s it going? Sorry I couldn’t reply sooner, I’ve had a backlog of emails since getting back from a media junket in Hollywood – part of a prize for one of my competition winners. Keep watching TVNZ and you’ll see the full story appear there. Other than that, the new site is going great thanks, and with a bunch of new funding recently confirmed, I’ve been able to employ someone and shortly moving into new offices. Even been able to shed a couple of my TV jobs to devote more time to it. Which is great. Thanks for your support, keep it coming! Best, Damian x

          • Sarrs

            Oh you smooth talker you. Dickhead? You are just an absolute delight.

            I’m sure a website devoted to videos of kids attempting to skateboard and reviews of movies will be an absolute winner. I love the idea of a 39 year old man moderating submissions from the darkest corners of the adolescent mind. It’s totally not weird at all. And a forum where people can post videos for free to share with their friends? So original. Is your next idea a website where people can share their thoughts and have people comment on them? A true revolutionary walks amongst us today folks!

            Lets face it Damian, you have your foot in the TVNZ door. Your idea is neither innovative or original. You got the funding because of who you are, not the product. TVNZ funding is nothing to crow about, they also fund that absolute tat The GC. Please don’t mistake your cronyism and troughing for true success.

          • Mediaan

            Media junket in Hollywood?

            I am purring, at such neat firming-up of my background suspicion that Damian Christie is maybe related to the Christies who used to do corrupt favours for the Mafia end of the CIA, a few decades ago. Would explain the flash job (payoff) profile. That’s how it works.

          • Mediaan

            Will do my best to notice your new efforts, insofar as I want to know who supplied the “new funding”.

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    Never heard of him. Where’s he from?

  • Steve (North Shore)

    I see someone who is on Vitamin P.
    Not sure who, but fuck is this cork soaker full of himself or what?

    • Sponge

      I agree. I had never heard of him until he came on here and made a prize cock out of himself. I have now looked up who he is and to steal Hazards epic phrase – who gives a cunt full of cold snow what this self important nobody, who never was, and almost certainly never will be, thinks?

      • Travis Poulson

        That phrase still gives me a small belly laugh.

    • GazzW

      He sure puts a whole new dimension into ‘self-opinionated’.

  • I read through the whole day’s discourse, and I’m afraid to ask: Who the hell is Damian Christie? A blogger at Public Address? Why do we care what he thinks?

    Never debate a lawyer, ex or otherwise. They like the sound of their own voice.

    EDIT: Ohhh, TV. That explains why I don’t know who he is.

  • Jessie

    Damian Christie is a creep. He’s sleeping with a third rate nat EA and has a mrs in akld.