Disqus Issues, Working on it


Advisory: Sorry readers, we are having some problems with the comment system…it isn’t you.

Don’t worry though we are working in it. 

Here is a little musical interlude.


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  • Guest


    • Nope. Can’t see it.

      • Can now

      • Travis Poulson

        Can’t see that either.

        • See what?

          • Orange

            Dead people?

  • Looks like we have fixed it

      • Dave

        Thats the job of the people over at the standard. That and their few readers believing the lies they write :)

  • RightOfGenghis

    Whew, I thought I’d finally scored a ban ;)

    • I suspect one or two people are currently on other blogs celebrating their “ban” as a badge of honour. Will they have the courage to come back?

      • RightOfGenghis

        Looks like I’ve got the whole damn thing to myself! LPrent, world’s finest sysop. Conspiracy?

        • LPrent actually runs this blog under the nom-de-plume of “Silent T”, but please don’t tell anyone.

    • LesleyNZ

      Me too -……………….

  • GregM

    Trying to log in again…

  • Okay lets see if this works

    • Yep, still bit buggy but least I can go comment in the thread I wanted to :P

  • RightOfGenghis

    Clear the cache, worked for me…

  • motorizer

    thank christ. i was very worried!

  • LesleyNZ

    Working now!

  • GazzW

    Great! Well done WO. At least the laptop has had a good cleanout, deep virus scan and an overdue defrag while I was waiting.

  • cows4me

    I’ve been informed that today is our wedding anniversary although I’m unsure how many years it’s been, no doubt I shall be informed at some part of the day. Guess I should take the boss out for lunch but the weather is so shitty. A great pity, Disqus lives again.

    • Hazards001

      You don’t know how long you’ve been married? Shame on you man. I was married for 4,357 years 6 months and 14 days…I’m a but fuzzy on the hours cos of daylight saving!

      • Hazards001

        Well…it seemed that long anyway!

        • Dave

          Hmmmm you normally only do 20 years for murder, with good behavior Hazards…….

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    It isn’t a technical problem, we’ve just all been introduced to a political science professor who has “opened our eyes” and we’re off to Occupy Aotea Square with some grievance mongering Maoris, college useful idiots and eco-eschatologists. :-p

  • Steve (North Shore)

    All is well.

    Here’s me this morning thinking I had got really pizzled and got banned for doing something outrageous. My conscience is now clear I think

  • GregM

    Trying to log in again all day, no luck, have just enabled third party cookies and voila!

    • GregM

      yep that’s got it.