Does Ross Robertson have the same stones as Lianne?

Lianne Dalziel has announced that she will resign from parliament before the results of the Mayoral election are known:

Good on Lianne, she is showing the sort of integrity many politicians lack. I have never heard a bad word said about Lianne Dalziel’s parliamentary work and many National MPs have said to me she was easily the best immigration minister they have ever had to deal with.

I will be supporting Lianne’s bid for the Christchurch mayoralty

Ross Robertson should do the same thing. After 27 odd years in parliament he should go out with honour not as a double dipping ratbag.


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  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    John Key should save some money by not contesting the CHC by-election…..

    • I didn’t realise John Key was standing for the Chch by election.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        I mean the National candidate Petal. Sheep will turn this election into a referendum on National’s handling of Christchurch rebuild. My sources on the ground say that the Labour’s winning margin will be double this time as there is a groundswell of support for Labour and Sheep. Brand Key has been damaged beyond repair in Christchurch.

        • Apolonia

          Aaron, where are you?

        • Christchurch being such a National stronghold as it is…

  • RightOfGenghis

    ‘Stones’ as in ‘steel balls’? Come on Cameron you’re getting soft in the head. I hereby list below the sum total of positions Lianne Dalziel has held outside of the gummint trough…
    . legal officer for the Canterbury Hotel and Hospital Workers’ Union
    . union secretary for the Canterbury Hotel and Hospital Workers’ Union
    A JAFUS (Just another fucked up socialist)!!!

  • Mr_V4

    Of course she wouldn’t be arranging it this way so she can trough her council election expenses up on the taxpayer?

  • Callum

    If she had stones she would see out the term she was fucken employed for and then support herself until the next local government election.