Drawn – Time to sort out the extortion of union strikes

Jami-Lee Ross’ bill, the Employment Relations (Continuity of Labour) Amendment Bill has been drawn from the ballot.

The purpose of the bill is:

to repeal section 97 of the Employment Relations Act 2000. Section 97 prevents the use of volunteers, contractors, or other casual employees by an employer during a strike or lockout.

Damn good stuff. Section 97 is a pernicious part of the Employment Relations Act 2000 which allows for unions to shut down business while they strike. Ports of Auckland got pinged for this and fined $40,000 when the Maritime Union attempted to cripple the port. Rock Gas is also facing the same penalties for putting on replacement drivers in order for gas supplies to continue. 

Some of the sooks in National will be a bit squeamish about going to war against the unions, but the simple fact is they are the enemy and they are going to be providing cash and resources to labour and oing to war against National anyway.

John Key has said that National will support the bill to the first reading, so that is 59 votes. John Banks will support it also so that is 60. All that is needed is NZ First and Peter Dunne to say yes and the bill will be able to progress.

David Farrar notes that New Zealand First specifically mentioned this clause in opposing the ERA in 2000.

Part 8 – Clauses 97-111 – Strikes and Lockouts
Under these clauses employees are allowed to strike for a collective agreement, to obtain a multi-employer collective contract, and on the grounds of safety and health.

It prohibits an employer from using replacement labour during a strike but does not prohibit striking workers taking up other employment. This has the potential for a few employees to, in some circumstances, hold the employer, the industry, and sometimes the country, to ransom until their demands are met.

On the basis of their 2000 statement, one would expect they would at least vote for the bill at first reading so it can be considered by a select committee.

United Future, which is basically Peter Dunne now, also opposed the ERA in 2000. If they are all consistent in their principles then there si a good chance this can pass.

What would be better though is for Simon Bridges to adopt this small bill into his other Employment Relations changes and put it through as a government bill.


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  • Whafe

    This really gives a chance for National to indeed show us where they are at with the Unions…
    Don’t pussyfoot around National, own it and smoke the stanglehold these pathetic unions think they have on NZ

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Bro – my spies inside Beehive tell me, Emperor will be asking Jamie-Lee to withdraw this bill as he doesn’t want to antognise the unions who are mates with PM Sheep.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    Unions – dragging the shit workers pay up and reducing the good workers pay since ages ago

  • Ronnie Chow


    Dad , what’s a Union ?.

    A Union , son , is a relic of the gilded age of prosperity . They disappeared when the Key Government finally grew some balls .

    • Dave

      Like Dinasours, they all dies off as well. I suppose on that note, someone should start planning Mallards farewell pissup, one every kiwi can celebrate.

    • jaundiced

      ‘Why do people say ‘grow some balls’? They are weak and vulnerable. If you want to toughen up, grow yourself a vagina. Those things can really take a pounding’

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Mr Chow – That ain’t happening. Watch for John Key to duck and dive…..

  • TomTom

    Oh halle-fuckin’-lujah! Also, removing teachers’ right to strike would be totally fine with me – I ain’t at school anymore.

  • Morgy

    National isn’t the issue here. Peter Dunne is. I can’t see the MP supporting it

    • Agent BallSack

      Shanks for Ohariu

    • Goldie

      I disagree – imagine you are Peter Dunne. For the past four years you have had Greens-Labour abusing you, and for the past two weeks you have had them baying for your blood. And now Greens-Labour turn up begging you to join them in opposing this bill.
      Revenge is sweet.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Finally you are starting to understand how John Key works. Please send me your CV, I want to appoint you as one of my spies. Perks include dinner with Sheep Shearer at KFC. Vouchers to be supplied by Fat Tony.

  • GregM

    Dunnes support of this will be crucial to his future. I hope he does.
    Well done Jami lee, awesome.

  • Sarrs

    Late to the party but…we have the department of labour – a free resource to handle wage/contract disputes, and MOBIE – a free resource handle health and safety issues. The ONLY function of a union is collective bargaining and I’m not a huge fan of how they do business.

  • Col

    We have enough laws to protect, why do we need unions, reason is to keep the fat slops paid for doing nothing, and collect money to try and help labour get in power.
    I have had over the years some employees strike as in a general strike, they all lasted 5 minutes, reason was, I said that half hour you don’t have for lunch so you can knock off 2 hours early on Friday, that is history if you don’t get back inside. The union always wants and wants.