Drinnan on blogger remuneration

John Drinnan laboriously writes about bloggers and remuneration. Interesting that he didn’t bother to ring me for comment yet felt obliged to use my name to make some sort of point.

Canterbury University senior lecturer in journalism and new media Donald Matheson says bloggers risk being called hypocrites if they accuse professional media about lack of transparency while not declaring payments from other sources.

Really? …does Fran O’Sullivan declare all her other income at the bottom of every article she writes? Does Bernard Hickey? What about Russell Brown’s multiple sources of income. What a sanctimonious twat. Plenty of people in the media do multiple jobs and work on multiple contracts. They also take separate advertising revenue and perform consultancy work, not to mention the lucrative speaking circuit…why the focus on bloggers and what and how they earn money? Everyone else in the media gets paid somehow and no one digs into that.

The only people I need to declare my income to is IRD. Everyone else can get stuffed.  

Matheson says there are implications in the Law Commission proposals to allow bloggers to sign up to ethical standards and include them in a possible new media standards body. The issue came to the fore recently with high-profile blog Whale Oil linked to commercial political consultant Simon Lusk, who has been stirring for an ideological change in the National Party.

There have also been revelations that Martyn “Bomber” Bradbury, of left wing The Daily Blog, has been receiving taxpayers’ money through the Mana Party Parliamentary Service budget.

Neither had stated these relationships to readers.

Stated what? I’m mates with Simon and go hunting with him…and that is somehow news? We are both interested in politics? Hardly news to anyone who reads my blog. Why the hell should I?

“Personally I’m not too upset if money changes hands,” Matheson said.

Neither am I,

“Quite a few of the higher profile blogs have strong links to political parties.

“Many are not independent and they are used as attack dogs and as part of political game playing,” he said.

Whatever! I can assure you I am very definitely independent. Ask Simon Power, Hekia Parata, Captain Panic Pants, Peter Goodfellow and many others if I am party friendly. Everyone has their sources, even people like David Fisher…politics is game playing, only an academic could make a stupid statement like that.

“Money changing hands is just symbolic but it tells you the nature of power relationships and professional journalists rarely get money from political parties, I’d have thought.”

Whale Oil’s Cameron Slater has rejected criticism about funding or the relationship with Simon Lusk.

Unlike Martyn Bradbury I have never, ever received funding from ANY political party, nor any parliamentary services funding. I am not in the employ of a union or political party. My blog isn’t sponsored and paid for by unions. There is quite a difference.


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  • spollyike

    What we’re hearing/reading are the death throes of journalism.

    IMO, they brought it on themselves by selling their souls to the devil….i mean socialist agenda therefore losing all credibility.

    • Dave

      Spot on Spooly. And whats worse, is the MSM fools cant even see it coming. One could bet a few “highly trained and skilled” Repeaters will try their hand as bloggers, media consultants etc over the next 5 years, lets see if they can be even 25% as successful as WOBH in the same time frame with the same resources.

      Perhaps, its also opportune for bloggers to declare (just as you do Cam) their sources of POLITICAL and UNION funding. Not revenue from advertising, google etc, just revenue from political sources that might influence the skew or bias. LEts ask for a standard form disclosure, even hosting of servers, office, paid consultants form political sources on every blog site operating in NZ.

      That would surprise even shock a lot.

      On payments – Cam, I am happy to PAY a annual sub., or donation even, no political persuasion involved. Please advise where to send Donation, even if its used to “water” the pixies and elves that assist keeping the whale oil burning!

      • spollyike

        You would think a few switched on journo’s (if there is such a thing) would have realised they are kicking a dead horse (constantly pushing the left wing stories/agenda), and made the entrepreneurial step of switching to the right (the dark side?). But no, like leemings oblivious to their own impending self destruction they march on…

        • Dave

          One word you use there Spooly says it all. Entrepreneurial, its virtually mutually exclusive to be a Journo/Repeater and Entrepreneurial, i mean a classic example of one of NZ’s most highly trained and skilled Journo’s, a Mr McCarten, he tried being entrepreneurial and failed, still owes the Taxpayers of NZ hundreds of thousands of dollars, and went back to being a Union voice-piece/hack at the Horrid, such is their cosy arrangements.

        • jcpry

          It’s not a matter of left or right. Its is about content. If Wussell has some content even if it leftist diatribe the media will print/publish it. If it riles you enough for you stay and read the whole line of bullshit they have succeeded. You’ve seen half a dozen ads, another article to read, another half a dozen adds and so on. Are the lemmings actually leading…..

      • jcpry

        Dave – I suggest that you have you head pretty much in the sand – they can see it coming. The media organisations are inexorably moving to on-line content which is the same as paying for a newspaper.
        Be prepared to pay!

        • Dave

          No, head iust out of the sand, clear vision. The CURRENT reporting is not worthy of people paying. I will pay for a good news / current affairs service, and when in NZ paid for NBR, it was a good source of relevant business news.

          However, as long as the MSM dish out a constant stream of Bullshit, poor journalism, politically biased articles favoring one side and the unions, then not allowing comments or user opinion / correction, then I wont be paying for it, EVER, and I doubt too many others will pay for it either.

          What they have clearly missed, is blogs and FREE news services are popular, and these services will skim the cream from anything they put behind a pay wall. The MSM have their strategy very wrong, unless they actually realize what the public WILL and wont pay for, they are monumentally screwed.

          Think of the Sky launch, a WOBH commenter posted a while ago – Sky originally targeted the wealthy areas, and was not making much headway there, until it was pointed out, that in the lower socio economic areas that a few $$ for Sky was cheap entertainment compared to taking a family out!! they sold heaps of Subs in those areas.

          Also, the advertising revenue is where the MSM make their $$$ and the online community has already captured that revenue, and has deals sown up, things like Google etc. The MSM is far too late to that race, they were asleep at the wheel, missed the bus completely. Their business will continue, but will continue to downsize for another 3 to 5 years, before leveling out and sitting. Look at the relevant share prices, very telling.

          • jcpry

            But you are NOT paying for it. It is “free” and funded by advertisers and until we do pay for it it will continue to be of a less than desirable quality.

          • Dave

            READ above again, I was replying to your point

            “Be prepared to pay”

            Then …… Note the term “Paywall” I will have paid, and will pay for GOOD, Honest news, that I can comment on. I refuse to pay for the shit, biased and crap not news, the MSM dish out in NZ.

            Take a look at the bias crap fools like McCarten dishes out, i rest my case.

            This fine blog, in its current format is more worthy of receiving my hard earned $$ than either Stuff or the Horrid, and I don’t watch TV3 or visit their liebour affiliated website either.

          • jcpry

            Oh FFS McCartens left wing ravings are really no different to Whaleoil – its only that you agree with Whaleoil that is your bias. It is only comment – not news – I am sure most intelligent readers can understand the difference. Those who don’t probably agree with him and don’t (or cant) count.

          • Dave

            He is a biggoted fool, he fails to disclose his union earnings, background and labour party membership everytime he writes straight BULLSHIT. Whaleoil on hte other hand, has no problem saying who he is, and Whaleoil is NOT paid by the NAts or other vested interests.

            Much difference there, suggest you check out the closet Pinko’s JC, they seem to be lurking everywhere.

    • Patrick

      They never adapted, they never saw the next wave coming, now they sit on the beach watching the new boys ride the waves, & it hurts them. Paper & even the daily news on telly is dead, they only report historical events now. Therefore they prance about trying to make themselves the news. That is why they promote the personalities as being important. In reality they are only “trolley dollies” reading from a teleprompter.

      • spollyike

        Yep, fucking narcissists.

  • redeye

    And as a regular reader I’m guessing you don’t earn a lot from APN News and Media.

  • blokeintakapuna

    I wonder what dies faster – dinosaurs or old, tired business models of the MSM?

    • spollyike

      Probably took a few thousand years for the dino’s to die off.

      God, i hope it doesn’t take the journo’s as long!

  • AnonWgtn

    Comments from another stupid University Professor.
    Am getting tired of their one eyed opinions everywhere.

  • Don’t worry Cam, I got implied by John as well through Twitter as he questioned my “independence” as a blogger (and I am just a small fry)

    No I do not receive money for my blog, yes I am a Nat member, yes I will go and launch critiques of the party. Yep I get praises from our Deputy Mayor and the centre right of council for my Unitary Plan coverage yet the centre right just got hammered this morning for allowing $3m of our money to go to a church upgrade and yes I own my own small fledgling enterprise.

    Independent – I would say I am and don’t appreciate getting implied by John the way he did on Twitter (it was enough for Russell Brown to weigh and question John on the matter)

    Hmm then again I did have a crack at the MSM over Unitary Plan and Election 2013 coverage that occurred so hmmm yeah…

  • Col

    Oh so we need rules now so someone can say ” we don’t think that is the right way to say things, please tone it down” that’s why it is fun. Piss off Matheson and do some work.

  • Goldie

    Typical vile journalism using insinulation: “Whale Oil linked to commercial political consultant Simon Lusk…”
    “linked”? No actual evidence of anything. So why report it? Because Drinnan isn’t reporting – he is simply smearing.

    It isn’t that journalists smear people – it is that they do so while portraying themselves as being impartial “trained and decent”…

  • RAS

    Cam, methinks you protest too much. If you’re being paid to blog, you should be upfront about who it is -otherwise you’re a hypocrite because you’re no different than the leftists who attempt to hide their affiliations/COIs. A good example of what to do is what DPF does. None of the accusations against him ever stick because he’s transparent about it.

    • I don’t think you understand…I write opinion, I am not news, I do things for ME and no one else.

      If I write something and it is on this blog I believe in what I am saying. Yes I am bias, never ever deny that. I am independent, no one tells me what or when to blog.

      I am sick of justifying myself to unctuous, sanctimonious cunts who all get paid themselves and yet sit there in judgement over me.

      • Bad__Cat

        That’s the reason I enjoy this blog. There’s lots that I agree with, some stuff that pisses me off (look at my avatar and take a guess), most posters seem to speak their mind ( there’s the odd troll I’m not to sure about) but I’m rarely bored.

        • RAS

          I think both you and Cam are missing my point.

          Yes Cam writes opinion, but he also acts as a citizen journalist such as when he outed the guy who was bullshitting about how bad the POA as an employer was. (That’s a GOOD thing)

          I also know Cam has a bias, and I appreciate him being upfront about it. (Also a good thing)

          However, IF, for example, he had been paid by the POA to “leak” the story about the union guy, then Cam would look more like a paid shill than the defender of the truth.

          I’m sure the sanctimonious cunts ARE a piss off. The best way to deal with it is to have nothing to hide yourself. I thought the idea was to be BETTER than some shithead like Bomber.

  • jcpry

    There is a new wave of very technologically aware and politically unaligned journalists coming through. These people understand the internet, the new ways in which news is gathered and reported now and into the future.

    However you must be prepared to pay for a quality news gathering and dissemination – much as we did when we only had our Daily and very regional newspapers.

    Blogs such as this are based on comment on what is disseminated via the news media and thus is predominantly editorial/user comment content – not much different to posting in the comments section and are not in the business of collecting news from around the globe and presenting it in a manner that can be easily digested.

    To most, blogs are a dalliance – a more cerebral distraction than Facebook and in order to retain attention have to be controversial and with their own bias.

    In the same way MSM, in order to attract readers (clicks), has to provide content that ensures you stay on their page and not flick to another. A comparison would be purchasing the NZ Herald, The Dominion and the NY Times at the same time and the publication getting paid for the length of time you read each one. So in order to retain your attention the news dissemination has to be interspersed with bias.

    Me I’d quite happily shell a few bucks for a great news service. Are you?

    • Get a Grip

      Seems to me that everyone with internet has access to a great news service?
      Pick your pleasure. Western Media BBC.COM, any of the online newspapers.
      For an alternative view there is always the Russians rt.com or aljazerrah or South China Post or or or.
      I dont trust any news service to give me a balanced view so I look at western media and the russians arabs and asians. All with a different slant on major events.
      For example look around at how the Bradley Manning Trial is being covered. or The Woolich murders.
      NZ Main stream media are sadly lacking in balance and indepth. They seem to head for the headline. A long time journalist friend of mine is saddened by his editors insistence on headline grabbing ‘sound bytes’ so he can sell more papers on spec. To hell with subscribers who want more indepth and balanced comment..

      • jcpry

        The “great news service” that is currently free will disappear and you will eventually start paying for BBC, et al. he industry is undergoing massive change and even today more publications went out of circulation.

        The long time journalist will have to understand that it is a new era and that he is not selling papers on sound bites he is selling content on the internet. I know a MSM journalist at the other end of her career and it is an interesting perspective being heavily involved in the production of web content. The desire is to produce the in-depth stories but the reality is that the net generation has an attention span slightly longer than that of a gnat and these are the people now paying MSM.

        The internet based replacements for print are currently driven by clicks/advertising in order to survive – and it must survive as the fourth estate (of which this blog is a part of) has a meaningful role in our society. We would be screwed without it!

    • OT Richter

      Well said.

  • Get a Grip

    Surely the measure of independence would be allowing unmoderated comments?

    Who gives a rats arse who you are mates with. So a whisky drinking political journalist having wee drinking sessions (and a free whiskey ie payment) from the great Leader would be unable to provide an article to the Dom Post without declaring it?

    Ya gotta laugh.
    But I guess thats why we allow free speech. SoO Mr Drinnan can bring some mirth to our midst.