Dunne’s embarrassment built publicly for all to see

The NZ Herald has caught up about Dunne’s c*nt struck tweeting.  Of course, I was already onto this for some time.

For those with a Twitter habit, there was little surprising about Peter Dunne’s email contact with journalist Andrea Vance.

The pair exchanged 86 emails between March 27 and April 9.

But those familiar with the social networking site would have seen the older statesman regularly reach out to make contact with the Fairfax journalist.

Mr Dunne is a regular tweeter with members of the press gallery. But in Ms Vance’s case, he would often seek out contact. From September last year until April, there were about 300 tweets exchanged.

The flavour is friendly. After the GCSB spying revelations he was interviewed and told her: “Dotcom comments played well tonight.” She replied: “So I believe. Well done you.” Dunne responded: “But shouldn’t really have been a surprise. Nice people like me quite like civil liberties.”

There were congratulations for her – Ms Vance’s interest in reporting on intelligence agencies won his applause. He told her: “You’re becoming NZ’s version of Spycatcher!”

After a visit to the press gallery, he told her: “Good talk earlier. BTW, did you see the vasectomy song I tweeted you earlier?” Told no, he wrote: “I’ll resend in the morning. Its relatively harmless and painless. Off now to dinner with family.”

I did highlight this odd behaviour on May 12th, although it may have been Cactus Kate that pointed out what was going on first.

There is a special kind of stupid I cannot ignore in explaining why MP’s should delete their Twitter accounts using the sad story of Peter Dunne who is now an old joke for those in the know as he is fascinated with everything poor reporter Andrea Vance has to tweet.  The fascination got so creepy her colleagues in the Press Gallery did not know whether to break it to Dunne to tell him to stop or let him continue to behave like an old fool as they are having fun watching him humiliate himself in a pathetic attempt to score a lady and her attention who is not at all interested.  This lack of interest is despite the lure of Dunne having a Ministerial warrant, a BMW at his disposal and sometimes holding enough power in his hands over many years to bring down any Government he wished to. So I will do the honours and tell Dunne right now that everyone working in the Gallery is mocking him behind his back and watching every tweet he mentions Vance in and laughing at him not with him.  She’s just not that in to you and the attention Dunne is receiving from media on Twitter is not from new found friends who think he is suddenly cool now because he tweets.  If Dunne wants to have the attention of a younger woman it is as easy as waiting down at Copperfields one lunchtime and chatting to  a regular pie eater and lolly muncher who does typing part-time like all the men with perceived power but no game whatsoever with ladies in Parliament have to settle for when caught batting well out of their league.  Remember Peter Dunne was the grown man who with one simple plank killed off the entire fad.

The whole thing was obvious, and public, and embarrassing to those that care for him.

For most politicians, liberal use of Social Media is a recipe for disaster.

Why he thinks that be resigning he’s going to keep a lid on this… you’d think he’d have been a student of politics long enough by now to realise that  never works.


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  • Col

    I have never seen a photo of Ms Vance, anyone got one?

  • SJ00

    If I was John Key, I would ban all his cabinet and MPs from using twitter. I still don’t think people get what it is they are using. Half the followers are most likely people like Cam who are out to catch the embarrassing posts. Leave it to the greens and labour, who can keep shooting themselves in the foot. Twitter really is for young people who have nothing better to do with their lives and hardly the target audience for MPs.

    • Col

      Never use it, have enough problem keeping up with Whaleoil.!!!!!!!

  • Rodger T

    Lol, the Hon Peter Dunne from planker to just plain old sad twat.

    It speaks volumes about the pathetic state of NZ politics that this beneficiary has spent so long on the taxpayers tit for no observable benefit of the long suffering taxpayer.

    • David

      Too right mate, fair call. Dunne must go! He has committed treason. These were not just any old leaked documents, but top-secret intelligence information. This is sensitive information that could cause irreparable harm to Nz if this information gets public.

      Dunne must go. Dunne must be prosecuted; imprisonment is inevitable I believe; Dunne must lose all parliamentary privileges including his generous super scheme.

      • Bafacu

        So can you provide me with any proof of your allegation of treason from Dunne? I assume you have some, or you wouldn’t be making these statements (rather that your (ill-considered) opinions).

        • David

          LOL! I wondered how long it would take before someone from Dunne’s parish committee rose to his defenced. Lol!

          The evidence against St Dunne is irrefutable, vicar.

          Dunne must go!

          • Bafacu

            Still haven’t provided any evidence of “treason” yet I see – typical.

            Not saying Dunne is an idiot but if the evidence of treason is irrefutable, where is it?

          • David

            At last we agree on something vicar. Dunne is an idiot. There is no fool like an old foot. Dunne was enamoured and fixaated with the delicious Miss Vance. He wanted to get into her knickers and prepared to pay any price to achieve his goal.

            The evidence is irrefutable because the honourable St Dunne condemned himself with his own words. He lied to the public, he lied to his wife and family, he lied to Prime Minister Key and he lied to Parliament. I also heard his lies with my own ears.

            Dunne claimed on television… ‘that his copy of the security report was kept in his briefcase and no-one other himself, not even his wife, knew the combination for the case.’ Therefore, if Peter Dunne was the only person with access to the file in the b riefcase it must have been him tjhat leaked it.


            Dunne must go!

  • LesleyNZ

    Oh dear – can it get any worse? (Now he didn’t actually use the C word did he?) I am beginning to feel a bit sorry for him though …………… and I probably shouldn’t be……………………..

  • niggly

    Yep a social media fail for Dunne!

  • fozzie2

    OK whale the same post served three no four different ways …. why don’t you just say what you are trying to imply directly as you more than anyone knows how one’s dick can get in the way of damaging one’s reputation….

    • JC

      Actually, its better to have proof (and far less damaging) that Dunne was just foolishly infatuated rather than a leaker of sensitive documents.


    • P1LL

      Ouch !
      That burn will need some Ice

  • Grizz30

    This is why I am not on face book and not much of a tweeter. I do not wish to have my every thought documented. My every conversation and brain fart electronically documented and stored away to haunt me at a future date. All my posts here are considered.

    If I was infatuated with someone, as on some level Dunne appears to have been, I would rather I make my feelings known by unrecorded conversation. The last thing I would ever want are my personal feelings being forwarded to a million mailboxes with a few clicks of the mouse.

  • Rogue Trooper

    No fool like an old f*ckwit! What is it with these pollies and social media? not enough toys in the cereal box? At least Judith admires YOUR work Cameron.

  • David

    LOL!! This doesn’t surprise me either. Dunne loves himself, he probably thinks he’s irresistable to women.

    Life must have changed for Mrs Dunne. LOL!! Yesterday, married to godly St Peter, the perfect Invisible Man, life was good. Today, her erstwhile honourable husband has had some sort of brain explosion, and acted like some sort of commoner. Oh the disgrace!

    Sunday Mass at Dunne’s parish would have been interesting this morning…