Duplicity and Hypocrisy from Mallard and Faafoi

I found it interesting to hear Labour’s Police spokesman Kris Faafoi backing Trevor Mallard’s bullying of senior police officers at select committee.

Labour certainly pulled no punches when David Garrett questioned prison officers about their suitability for the job.

In fact Clayton Cosgrove took it so seriously he laid a privileges complaint against Garrett:

RNZ – Sept 04 2009 – ACT MP David Garrett says he is not surprised the Speaker of the House has decided not to uphold two privileges complaints against him. In the first complaint, Labour MP Clayton Cosgrove accused Mr Garrett of bullying submitters at a Parliamentary select committee…   

Here’s what Clayton said about that incident back then – versus Kris Faafoi’s claim today that Mallard was simply engaged in robust questioning…


Labour MP Clayton Cosgrove says Mr Garrett’s attitude was bullying and unprofessional.

And in the Otago Daily Times;

 “he’s behaving like a bully.”

And in The NZ Herald;

Mr Cosgrove said Mr Garrett’s tone had been badgering.

So is Labour’s new standard that it’s only okay to bully people at select committees if one of their MPs do it?

Would seem to be.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    Great work!
    Keep holding their hypocritical feet to the flames! Burn them pinkies!

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I am pretty annoyed with the new bully in town – Krees fcukfoi. He seems to be an amalgamation of the nastiness from Mallard and the stupidity of Fill Gap.

  • Mark72

    The problem is that only Whale points it out. All the time we see breathtaking displays of hypocrisy highlighted by Cam (and DPF), yet our one-eyed media carry on as if Labour/Green/Mana’s shit doesn’t stink. There is a great opportunity for TV3 to make some money by stopping being such a pack of soppy, wet hand-wringers and move to the right. Sack Campbell, replace Nightline and get some presenters who aren’t card carrying lefties.

    • XM16E1

      Exactly. Everyone here knows how the left continually do this but it’s never pointed out to the voting public, mostly who will never go looking to be better informed.

      • Peej

        Correct. In the hope of being better informed, what caused the Mallard outburst at the Select Committee?

        Boot on other foot. If Jacinda Ardern were chairing a Select Committee as a government member (so you know this is not hypothetical it’s real fantasy) and would not allow questions from Paula Bennett which we wanted to hear the answers for, what is PB supposed to do? Would the media go on about her being barred from asking the questions or her storming out raving? If she sat there demurely accepting not being able to be the Opposition would the media be interested? Would we be annoyed? Some said Mallard was grandstanding for the media. That would be a big surprise wouldn’t it?

  • Macca

    As usual, this will be covered up by the media.
    It would seem to me that the only thing our media are any good for is laying down smoke screens to try and protect the left! Not just because they are a bunch of raving fuckwits, but most importantly, they have NO policy of any consequence so the more the MSM can focus on a bunch of irrelevant side shows, the longer they can keep the no policy fact out of the headlines to protect their own!
    I wonder if this will make top news tonight? Or maybe Numbnuts Norman backing off on QE – but what would stop him changing his ‘mind’ again if they were in power – God forbid!

  • Mr_V4

    Chemicals in the spandex have leached into Mallards bloodstream, and appear to be causing some neurotoxicity.