“Epic Disaster” – Good job

The Labor party is going to go down hard in 100 days at the Australian Federal election.

For more than two years, Rod Cameron’s pessimism about Labor’s prospects has been a strictly private affair. Although he dubbed Tony Abbott unelectable, the former ALP pollster remained circumspect on the challenge facing the party he served in more than 50, mostly winning, state and federal campaigns.

”I didn’t want to throw any curve balls in while there was a prospect that the party would do what I thought it would do – and that’s just act out of self-interest,” Mr Cameron explains. Now, ”more in sorrow than anything”, he is predicting an epic Labor disaster.

He is not alone. While the mood of the Labor caucus has been despondent for months, it seems that only now, 100 days from polling day, the gravity of what is in prospect is really sinking in.

For Mr Cameron and many others, the party’s failure to return to Kevin Rudd, when the message from the polls was that he could restore Labor to a competitive position, has been an act of insanity that threatens Labor’s existence.

”The majority of the modern Labor Party – the caucus, the leadership, the machine and, importantly, the union bosses who now dictate policy – has totally lost the plot,” is how he expresses it.

There’s not much time left for Labor to turn the polls around.

”When they reaffirmed Julia Gillard’s leadership, they really were turkeys voting for Christmas – and what a Christmas it will be. It will be a total wipeout in the outer suburbs of all the capital cities and the regional and rural areas to boot.”


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  • Sky News reported on Tuesday that the ALP’s own internal polling was showing that Labor will retain ONE seat in Queensland. And wouldn’t you know it; that’s Kevin Rudd’s seat. Labor is dead in the water.

  • Dave Broad

    I’d suggest Kevin would be 50/50 in his own electorate. The Labor brand is finished in QLD.