EXCLUSIVE: Parallel Lines? Ctd

Another reader emails his analysis:

Hey Whaleoil crew. I am your average punter with a few clues, and I thought this might be of interest. Check out the images attached. This is my take on it.

  • The lines are not parallel on Bain’s thumb.
  • The darker line is curved at the end and both are much finer than the control group lines.
  • The lines on the control group thumbs are all in a completely different direction to those of Robin Bain. All of them.
  • The control group lines are all on the complete underside of the thumb not on the side as with Robin Bain.
  • The intensity of the lines on the control group thumbs is far greater than that of Bain’s, indicating that if these were indeed from Bain loading a magazine, then Bain would have only loaded one or two bullets at the most, otherwise the lines would have been far more pronounced and thicker, from having loaded a greater number of bullets. (at least 4)


  • I have attached an image of my own thumb, showing that I have exactly the same lines on my own thumb, as does my business partner, and I am sure as does almost everyone if they had a close look. These are natural creases in ones skin especially on fingers that are perhaps older and are dirty. Robin Bain’s hands are clearly not clean making his natural lines more pronounced, and several additional lines are visible on his fingers appearing identical to those so called Magazine marks.


The media jumped all over this, and it looks like they got shopped a dud pup by Joe Karam, but they are so used to running his lines for him they got suckered.


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  • opusx

    Excellent stuff by the author. The average Warehouse shopper will still buy Karams spin because they saw it on TV…so it must be true.

  • unsol



    1(of lines, planes, or surfaces) side by side and having the same distance continuously between them:parallel lines never meet


    • LesleyNZ

      Those lines on the thumb will meet if extended. So according to this definition – they are not parallel. How could the defence team get it so wrong? Basic maths.

    • Unsol, it is simply not possible for those marks on Robin Bain’s thumb to have been made by loading a magazine…they are in the wrong place…and anyway where are the fingerprints on the magazines to support it?

      • unsol

        Ok, my personal view: we have done a rough test (can’t fire at home, so just loaded the 10 round a few times to test the theory) & came up with the same 2 lines as those on indicated RBs thumb, but not the same position. Sure there is a slight roll in the thumb when you push the bullets into the magazine but there is no way that would cause the lines to show up horizontally. Further the lines on our thumbs were longer & straighter. Sure after heaps of loading & residue the lines would get greyer & fatter..but wouldn’t that mean they would get longer too? Who knows, but who cares. Time will tell. Like I have said the real issue is whether our law truly treats us as innocent until proven guilty.

        On a serious note keep these great topics coming Cameron – as I have said before you are filling a wide gaping hole between the truth, good information & what is provided on MSM. Irrespective of how you present a topic or whether we think it is 100% correct, you do always giving us an alternative which is the most important thing we as readers need.

  • LesleyNZ

    And there is a little line on Robin Bain’s index finger. Looks like he had used both finger and thumb at the same time on something a bit sharp that it punctured the skin. Must have hurt! Robin Bain’s hand looks like one of a typical home handyman and a gardener. SLAM DUNK Michael Reed and Joe Karam and David Bain! Suppose David Bain might know what actually caused the injury – he was there the day before wasn’t he? Wonder what Duncan Garner and Guyon Espiner and Melanie Reid think now? They are looking a bit foolish. Tried and true and professional journalists they are.

  • thehawkreturns

    I can see Karam and the lawyer quietly going back to the “Robin must have had gloves on” excuse for the lack of his fingerprints anywhere we would expect to find them. If this is the best they can come up with to implicate a dead man, who obviously can’t defend himself, then they are pathetic. And the “journalists”? What a bleedin’ joke.

  • Bad__Cat

    OMIGOD That last picture! HE (the author) must have killed the Bains!

    • pukakidon

      In Joe Karams Eyes we all murdered the Bain family. The only innocent one is David Bain. This is another chance at self promotion for Karam. As for the three media twits trying to pose as investigative Journalists. What a bunch of amateurs and goofballs..