Explain that, if you can

Not a submitted photo, but you have to wonder how that came about:

via  Imgur

via Imgur

That would be a fun accident and insurance form to fill in.

Let’s see what we’ve got locally.

2013-06-27 09.04.29

Not bad.  Missed it by that much.

The Army are everywhere.  This from Sydney earlier this week

Despite having more room than an outback pub on a rainy day, this wannabe bush basher still couldn’t get his flash and gay ute between the lines, can only hope his driving is better than his parking   Didn’t have a WOBH ticket but left a note telling him his efforts would be on the whales website.


And finally back to Westfield Glenfield yesterday, where a Whaleoil Parking ticket was issued.  (Score!!)

A little car whose driver does not care, and a Lexus that has been parked badly 3 weeks in a row at Westfield Glenfield.

The Lexus got a Parking sticker.





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  • johnbronkhorst

    Flat tyre? No jack?

  • Mr_Blobby

    2 flat tires only one spare.

  • GazzW

    I love that gay ute in Sydney. There are obviously some major pothole problems on the roads in and Around Vaucluse & Double Bay.

    • peterwn

      That would lower property values there by a million or two.

  • Dion

    I’m sure David Farrar was somehow involved in that first one.

  • Rodger T

    That guy needs a WOBH parking ticket.

  • opusx

    Man, that Lexus is a big truck. I think the (obviously) female driver did a great job considering she couldn’t see over the steering wheel.