Face of the day

“Paula Bennett just gave me a book of recipes to cook with young children and Melissa Lee touched my belly (with my permission) ”

– Green Party list MP Holly Walker




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  • motorizer

    poor Melissa Lee. what was she thinking?

    • unsol

      She’s pregnant

      • motorizer

        yeah. thanks for explaining.

  • Travis Poulson

    Left wing voters should ask themselves: do you REALLY want someone of this calibre getting into government?

    • Yes.


    • Ronnie Chow

      Joe 90 rides again .

      • andrew carrot

        With a hair-do like that, if a toilet plunger was stuck to her forehead, most people would believe that she’s a dalek

        • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

          Or a knobkerrie…

    • unsol

      Gutter politics Travis – clearly Walker was trying to be witty about being pregnant/due with her first baby & failed. But you’re not meaning this are you?

      We’ve already established that calibre is not defined by twitter as all MPs come across as twits so what is it you are attacking? Her looks?

      Well then she is in good company then isn’t she – whose to say that bloggers are not average or unattractive? And as for MPs & journalists….well can’t say they feature in the attractive ratings either….

      • Dave

        Collins can look terrifying, but also charming, she can be warm, inviting and complimentary. But, her value to Nz Inc, is she is a straight shooter, who will cut the bullshit and idiots out of her path with her angry get out of my way look, or her words. A very affective leader indeed.

        Holly on the other hand, well, enjoy motherhood Holly, I wish you and your family all the best. I hope as a green, you are planning on using fabric nappies and NOT those disposable ones that clog landfills and pollute the environment!!

        • unsol

          I completely agree – I like Collins. Not on the twit mind you.

          The thing with Holly is that we already know she hasn’t the intellect to be in government because she is a Green MP. That goes without saying.

          But picking on her because of a perfectly innocuous tweet that references her pregnancy & then adding an unflattering picture is unnecessary & petty.

          Hence why I posted the above – they can all look god awful. But it isn’t about that. It is about the policies they support & how well they articulate their views.

          I also get bloody pissed off with the standard of attraction that men seem to impose on women when more often than not they themselves have faces worse than a dog’s arse.

          • Dave

            But, Unsol, look at the pet dogs and men a LOT of woman are attracted to. I rest my case madam, now what kind of DOG do you have unsol (huge grin here)

          • unsol

            I have a very yummy hubby (not as pretty as me of course – girls must always the prettiest in the relationship :-)) & a beautiful German Shepherd…the rodent (albeit very cute toy dog) doesn’t count!

            But yes many women do seem to go for those who are well below their station – looks, class (as in behaviour) etc

          • Ronnie Chow

            Ahh , yes , the human obsession with objectification . When that’s over and done with , we may well graduate .

      • Travis Poulson

        Cry me a river. You lot made this post about her physical looks not me. Her looks in fact have nothing to do with it.

        Looks like the post served its purpose well today though, that’s about all I care enough to comment on here. You lot can keep smashing your keyboards.

        • Lion_ess

          Woof, Superman would kill for that jaw.

      • Travis Poulson

        Well isn’t this an interesting turn of events.

        6 days ago I said:

        We’ll just get a bunch of whining directed at the downvoters by the person who initially commented, then it’ll end up being about that, rather than the topic at hand. “oh but you always downvote me without an explanation …blah blah blah…” I can see it now…

        contractor said:

        Christ just imagine unsol…….

        6 days later……

        down voters….show your mugs & then we’ll see who has the last laugh!

        Queue long winded explanation as to why this is wrong….bait set…

        Never a dull moment on this blog.

        • ThievingBastards

          hahahaha didn’t even last a week!

        • unsol

          “that’s about all I care enough to comment on here”

          And yet you only lasted about 8 hours…..own goal there haha!

          I love how you claim to set the bait yet you couldn’t resist adding another comment despite the fact that NO ONE replied to your initial reply. Ironic.

          And if all you cared about was the numbers then why get so defensive? I know, because you arent the arsehole you love to imply & you realise you were being unnecessarily mean.

          If anyone dares to mock the looks of others whether implicitly or explicitly then they should have the balls to show us their mug….

          Have a good weekend Travis – make sure you spend some time with that wife of yours.

          • Travis Poulson

            That’s a mighty fine explanation you have there. You know what Cam says about those.

          • unsol

            Debates 101: there is a clear distinction between replying/responding to the topic at hand vs giving explanations in the context of Reagan’s (not Cameron’s) quote….which are usually given when one is in a hole.

            You are in the hole sunshine, not me.

            I will of course be happy to accept your retraction at any time as I have faith in your ability to present & articulate a proper argument.

            Next lesson: common decency & how to get some.

          • Travis Poulson

            I have nothing to retract, don’t die of old age waiting for it.

            You then went on to explain how it was Reagan’s quote not Cams, I never said it was his quote. I said “you know what Cam says about those”. And that IS what he says.

            Next lesson: reading my comments properly before responding. Now if you don’t mind, I’m off to get another Corona and tend to my roast lamb in the oven before deciding on the ingredients for the sushi I’m making tomorrow. Pretty sophisticated for a country boy eh.

          • unsol

            Now who’s explaining….

            I am impressed that you even want to make sushi…but Corona….hmmm not so.

            Pinenuts are a great way to give sushi a little twist…

          • Travis Poulson

            I was a sushi virgin until yesterday, hooked at first taste. Making it myself will be a different story, but I’m a handy bloke in the kitchen when I want to be. Not so keen on the raw fish component of some sushi, but some of the other combinations aren’t bad at all.

            Edit: and it’s good for the health, likewise bubbergeddon….

          • unsol

            It’s yum & definitely good for you…..if you don’t drown it in soy sauce! Btw judging by your results you’re obviously going hard at it – signed up for that Auckland Marathon yet?

            Sounds like wifey caught herself a good one….soufflé next on the list is it?

            I wonder if your kitchen skills will slowly disappear now that you are married….my husband wooed me with his culinary skills then nek minute it’s always me in the kitchen because he’s conveniently working long hours (I say in part jest as he’s on kitchen & child duties as I write :-)).

            Enjoy that roast lamb!

          • Travis Poulson

            not going as hard as the results suggest, I was ill with campylobacter poisoning for a week and lost a bit of weight. I won’t be signing up to the Auckland marathon I’ve decided, I’d rather stick to the less populated/rural events.

            Wife works later hours than me, so no chance of avoiding kitchen duties. Besides, I enjoy whipping up something flash every now and then.

          • unsol

            Sounds nasty! Yes I have found the smaller events are heaps better…often better goodie bags too :-)

            And sounds like you guys are a perfect match!

  • Troy

    Excellent… one less dumbfuck toxic Green in the debating chamber over a period months – until the next election hopefully.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Just sayin’ – but she could play a part of one of the females in the Scooby Do animations…
    Life imitating art?

    • Hazards001

      Life imitating art?
      Hardly…Daphne was the smart one!

      • Whanga_Cynic

        Hazards, you need to get out more, (knowing Scooby Do girls names?????)

        • unsol

          Everyone knows scooby doo – esp now it’s on again (favour kids tv program in our house)!!!

  • All_on_Red

    I reckon Paula meant the cooking book was to be used by them! They really do look so young and naïve. And are just that.That Gareth Hughes defines the word “gormless”. He has the look of a simpleton.

    • kehua

      Knowing Paula it was probably all about BBQ Meat recipes.

  • Holly may in fact be the most charming, warm and engaging person, I wouldn’t know, but that photo doesn’t do her any favours.

    • Donovan Jackson

      She can’t help how she looks. EDIT well OK maybe some makeup, etc, but do we really need to judge people on their mugs…

      • She can very much help how she presents herself.

        • Donovan Jackson

          Spose so – she does have the hippie bean fart look down pat, it must be said. I don’t think that ‘just happens’ as you roll out of bed…

          • She’s never heard of accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative? There’s actually something there to work with. I appreciate the consistency in as much that she’d prefer to leave the riches under the surface instead of mining the wealth.

          • Donovan Jackson

            Are you suggesting she cut off her head?

          • No. To start with I suggest she goes to a hairdresser with a deeper bowl.

          • Donovan Jackson

            She’s likely to be in the kitchen with that cookbook, anyway…

          • unsol

            Very mean but I had to laugh so up vote I must.

            This is a more recent picture (the one in the post was from last year sometime)

            Care to retract a little?

          • Donovan Jackson

            I agree that was mean, but done purely for laffs, since that is where the silliness of this exchange had, er, headed :-).

          • unsol

            Pun intended haha! And yeh I know – but it always seems to easily get out of hand so I assume the role of mamma bear & try to pull on the reigns a little :-)

          • Ronnie Chow

            She has an identifier . Is she Maori ?

          • unsol

            Aye? Ohh you mean the pounamu….right of passage of every young idealist I’m afraid

          • That’s indeed a lot better. Photos can catch us at the wrong time.

          • Sponge

            Amazing what a smile can do isn’t it?

        • sandynobb

          She needs to get some ‘styling’ advice from Metiria.

          • Ronnie Chow


          • It would be a great start.

        • unsol

          If you are meaning her appearance – she looks smart & professional…it’s not like she is wearing FM boots & a rugby jersey is it!

          If you are meaning twitter – well if we were to vote on how MPs convey themselves & their message on the twit then I think most of us would end up abstaining.

          She was tweeting about her pregnancy – not particularly witty but perfectly within context.

      • unsol

        Nope. Definitely not. NZ MPs are all very unattractive – some even extremely ugly but it is irrelevant. I am interested in what they have to say. For that reason I don’t read their tweets as they always come across as twits. Occasionally witty twits, but twits nonetheless. Likewise with the debates in the house. Neither demonstrates they know how to engage their brain.

        • Donovan Jackson

          I’ve abandoned Twitter as a wankfest waste of time.

    • unsol

      The same can be said about all MPs….

    • andrew carrot

      “The Force of sanctimony runs deep in this one, Yoda. And she has a twin”
      “Obi, this belief I wish not to have. But I must. Gareth the Hutt eliminated he must be.”

  • Donovan Jackson

    I don’t cook young children. These Greens really do eat their young, aye.

    • You prefer to cook older ones?

      • Donovan Jackson

        I’m trying to figure the cutoff…

        • It’s all relative. When you’re Darren Hughes and the Labour Party, even an 18 year old is only a “boy”.

    • Jimmie

      Do you eat them raw? Or alive? The mind boggles

      • johnbronkhorst

        Obvious…..she got given a “COOK” book!

  • tarkwin

    She’s probably still trying to work out how she got pregnant in the first place. Here’s a hint. In her case it involved lots of alcohol, some really good pot and a supply of paper bags.

    • OT Richter

      So she got pissed, stoned and put the paper bag on your head?

      • tarkwin

        We move in different circles. Tree hugging hippy wankers don’t surface to often in the bars of Northland, NZ’s new mining capital.

    • Sponge

      You are unkind. I think she would look ok if her nose was buried in my pubes…

  • williamabong

    The hamster’s dead but the wheel is still spinning.

  • Patrick

    Is she hinting at a bit of illicit cross party girl on girl action?

  • Red

    I’m betting the arrival will look like Shaggy or Scooby himself… No good comes from driving around all day in a panel van solving crimes and smoking cones

  • Never in the dark…..

    When I think of red heads, I often think nice thoughts……Ms. Anderson, Ms. Davis, Ms. Kidman. But Ms. Walker is so far removed from those pleasant thoughts.

    I had a teacher at Selwyn College in the ’70s who had that hair, same cut same colour. Didn’t like her much either.

    • unsol

      I’m no boy, but do you mean Gillian Anderson (whom I not sure is even a redhead) & Geena Davis?

      Nicola Kidman – definitely. Add to that Rita Hayworth & maybe Julian Moore or Emma Stone

      • Never in the dark…..

        As Scully she was her natural red, that’s all that matters.

        Ms. Moore definitely. Ms. Stone was omitted, as she’s younger than my daughter ;)

        • unsol

          Aah good to see you have standards – you’re no Bill Roache that’s for sure!

          Deliberately found the most unflattering picture ^ but she is actually quite attractive, especially when in full make-up. All natural too unlike the falsies of today.

        • Sponge

          Redheads? Excellent so long as the collar matches the cuff of course.

  • bobby

    Lee said afterwards “I understand having babies discourages South Aucklanders coming to your suburb to commit crimes.”

  • Sarrs

    Everyone who wears glasses just pushed them up after looking at that photo.