Face of the day

“The children are really powerful – you are too scared to go against what your children say – we’re going to set your children onto your cats.” – Gareth Morgan on his latest conservation project: Enhancing the Halo.

Go Gareth!


Source: Marty Melville/Getty Images AsiaPac


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  • Troy

    The rich goon continues to act like a goat’s cock – what is it with Morgan, did all that money cause some of his brain cells to disappear?

    • Travis Poulson

      I think his efforts that he contributes to conservation are admirable. I sure as hell don’t think he’s had any brain cells disappear, the fact that he can be a passionate conservationist but still has the common sense to agree that projects like mining the Denniston Plateau should still go ahead is practically a non existent quality amongst avid conservationists.

      I actually liken Gareth Morgan to my own good self, very passionate about our conservation, but not to a point that green politics contaminates our brains and infects the way we think about everything.

      I used to be critical of Morgan, but an article he blogged about a couple of weeks ago made me see him in a whole new light.

      So how unique is the Denniston Plateau compared to the rest of New Zealand? Those who make claims of the plateau being “priceless” or “irreplaceable” either have no skin in the game (nothing to lose) or find making trade-offs intellectually impossible, so simply advocate abolition of extraction.

      -source http://garethsworld.com/blog/economics/everyone-has-their-price/

      His cat loving critics like to portray him as dumb, but he’s anything but. I hope this provides you with a deeper insight beyond “goats cock”.

  • Patrick

    Are you sure that is his face? Looks more like a smacked arse to me.