Face of the day

A teenager who suffers from a rare genetic condition which makes her look middle-aged has been given new confidence thanks to pioneering facelift surgery.
Zara Hartshorn, 16, (right, yes right not left) from Rotherham, south Yorkshire, had to endure years of cruel taunts and even physical abuse because of her appearance.
She inherited lipodystrophy – which makes her skin looked wrinkled and twisted – from her mother Tracey Gibson who also suffers from the illness.
But after hearing of her condition, a top surgeon in the US offered to perform cosmetic surgery for free. It has proved to be a complete success and Zara has felt able to start a relationship with new boyfriend Ricky Andrews and is even keen to go to college. – MailOnline




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  • peterwn

    There was someone with a similar sort of condition in New Zealand. Cops used her to ‘sting’ shops selling liquor to underage people, but the judge threw out the cases when he saw her photo. Hope she did not suffer the taunts etc that Zara suffered.

    • tarkwin

      Sue Bradford when she was young?

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Sue Bradford is the woman in the left of the photo bro…

        • tarkwin

          This socialism kick is incredibly bad for your eye sight.

        • Patrick

          Mate you are looking through one eye & it is your bad eye.

          • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

            I am totally blind……

          • tarkwin

            Probably for the best, people have turned to stone after looking at Mrs Bradford.