Face of the day

“We all know the Prime Minister could parachute out of the bottom of a snake”


Photo by Peter McIntosh.



Hang in there buddy.


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  • Rodger T

    But……..but he`s not Prime minister ……yet.

    • Trần Sơn Hải

      will never be.

  • OT Richter

    Is that his ‘I’ve got JK backed into the glory hole over GCSB’ look?

  • Ronnie Chow

    This Scotsman of the McInnes clan can thank his immigrant genes for his cleverness and staying power .

    • blokeintakapuna

      Supposedly – he’s half Scottish and half Irish. One half loves getting pissed, the other half hates paying for it…

      • Euan Ross-Taylor

        Which half is Maori?

        • Donovan Jackson

          Half Scottish, half Irish, half Maori, half not good at fractions.

  • If the wig fits…

  • Donovan Jackson

    ‘Hang in there, buddy’. Vintage.

  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    Winston in one of his rare wiser moments – he has his mouth shut.

  • Agent BallSack

    You cant help but have just a teensie bit of grudging respect for this guy. He may be a royal pain in the ass but I would say he would be getting close to one of our longest serving MPs in various guises.

    • Euan Ross-Taylor

      Agreed; his ability to keep his trotters in the trough, is an amazing talent, but for me this does not reach the level of ‘respect’.

    • johnbronkhorst

      and cockroaches are said to be able survive the nuclear blast radiation.

      • Agent BallSack

        Funny that you should mention that. I also thought of cockroaches when typing that post. Just wondering though – is there anyone else left in parliament that served under Muldoon? for a geriatric old pisshead he’s certainly made it hard for a lot of MPs.

        • johnbronkhorst

          Given his chance he’d make it hard for the rest of us!

      • steve and monique

        And will still live for a couple of days if they lose their heads.

  • Patrick

    Somewhere out there are twats that vote for this prick, thus keeping him at the trough & subjecting NZ to years of his destructive “it’s all about me” politics. Wise up muppets & cut the charlatan loose.

  • Agent BallSack

    This guy could still make up part of the next Government so I wouldnt be too quick in dismissing him. JK hasn’t ruled out working with him if he needs the numbers. Once again Winnie is kingmaker.

  • johnbronkhorst

    AAAHHH I know where the $180 000 went!!!! From the look on his face, he ate it!
    That’s how he gets his policies, in 24 hours he thinks he will be pulling $100 bills out of his arse!

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    Peters is the only MP I know of that could crawl underneath a worm with a top hat on. How would he get on if there was a disease called ” The Pinocchio Syndrome ” and he had it.

    • johnbronkhorst

      Stand upright, with his umbrella open and walk under a snakes belly?
      Write, legibly, all of his morals on the back of a postage stamp, leaving room for his signature and address!

  • Mediaan

    That radiant smile. Those quick-draw sage legal points. His adroit choice of words. His McCarthyist skills with time-sensitive suggestions that he alone holds the knowledge of a giant scandal that will shake the country to its foundations.

    Really, where would parliament be without him? Even semi-comatose from liquor, he is good value.

    • johnbronkhorst

      Good value….at a comedy festival perhaps, but running the country, he would just be down right dangerous.

  • Bad__Cat

    A legend in his own mind.