Face of the day

“I’m getting on with the job, the things that really matter” – Julia Gillard, who as of last night no longer has that job.




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  • Owl

    Enjoyed watching the whole show unwind on Sky News last night.

    I couldnt just keep coming back to NZ labour and the comparisons that where in play.

    Aust. – Coalition (Labor/Greens and fringe imploding)
    While NZ labour is not in government you can see they are having the same problems (Labour/Greens/Mana/NZF).

    If this isnt a clear sign to the NZ voters that any labour lead coalition is doomed then “bobs my uncle” and I am calling mum because I thought he was my dad.

  • Whanga_Cynic

    Is this picture related to today’s Proverb?

  • LesleyNZ

    Poor Julia – hard being a woman in sexist Oz. Egotistical Krudd won. Wonder if he has his own personal hairdresser to blow wave his perfect hair. Enjoy now Julia – life is too short.

    • Patrick

      What bullshit – she is the one that made her sex an issue, all the time slagging Abbott & calling him a misogynist. All that was purely for her political gain, an attempt to capture the female vote in Aus. Clarke tried playing the same game in NZ at times. As far as “poor Julia” – you live by the sword you die by the sword. She rolled Rudd, Rudd rolled her.

  • tarkwin

    Say what you like, she was the best looking Aussie P.M.

    • GazzW

      For sure tarkwin – rather wake up next to her than Ming Menzies. Similar sized arses though.

      • tarkwin

        I must admit Gazz, I always liked the way she carried herself. A strong woman who always remained feminine. And what did we get? Helen Clark. Looked like a bloke talked like a bloke and I hate to think what she did to poor Peter.

        • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

          Comrade Klarke was the best looking PM NZ ever got….

          • tarkwin

            I see you’re still suffering from that unfortunate vision impairment. Try looking at the “wimmen of Greenpeace” calendar, that should bring you round.

    • Lion_ess

      I think both Paul Keating and Bob Hawke were better looking than Gillard. Also, neither of them spoke with an accent that makes ones hair stand on end.

      • tarkwin

        Call me funny if you will, but the thought of Aussie Bob or the Lizard of Oz naked does nothing for me. I’m not suggesting Julia would make a mechanics calendar but at least she’s female.

  • motorizer

    i just finished reading 1984 for the first time. the ALP are the inner party.

    • motorizer

      WO please repost video of Krudd attempting a pull up.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I feel sorry for the nasty Tories who are trying to compare the Oz Labour situation with NZ Labour. They all forget that NZ Labour has a very strong leader, who has strong policies, vision and knows what he is doing.

    • Patrick

      Yep – NZ Labour just have to appoint him as leader

      • Whanga_Cynic

        Once they’ve found him.