Face of the day

“I don’t consider myself an NBA player yet. It’s just that I need to progress my game more and more, and when someone says ‘he’s an NBA player’, then yes.” – New Zealander Steven Adams on being selected in the NBA draft



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  • thehawkreturns

    Well done Steve. Basketball though? Oh dear. Do we have to endure years of journalists pretending it is any more than flowing netball and a sport for very tall people that New Zealander’s don’t really care about? And Baseball? Why are results broadcast occasionally on Red Radio? Perhaps they should be told both are North American sports that almost no one here gives a flying toss about. Its weird. Are they trying to whip up interest? If so. Fail!

  • johnbronkhorst

    Well done to him! He also realises, this just another step down the road. Very grown up of him!
    My worry is the media, this kid is achieving his goals and moving forward, in a sport he loves, has worked hard in and is achieving. What do the media want to talk about…..how much money he will make………all the depth of a car park puddle!!!!

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    Umm, well the boys came out and really gave it 100%. Why do they interview athletes? Sports were invented to keep them from talking.