Father orders son to punch boy in face at under-9 league game

via abc.net.au

via abc.net.au

… the 29-year-old father of three said it was the sight of his son’s “gushing” blood from a broken nose that now requires surgery which led to the moment of madness.

“I kinda lost the plot. I was calling out from the other side, ‘Go back and punch him’.”

John, who caught the initial incident on camera as he filmed his son’s game, claims his boy was pushed and then punched in the face by the other player after a successful tackle.

“All I noticed was he pushed my son first. My son went to push him back and that’s when the king-hit came. It was a big hook between the nose and eye. My son was rocked. He was just stunned.”

John admitted he yelled to his son from the sideline to hit back.
Bit of a conundrum my dear readers.  What standard do we set here?  Do we do like the adults do?  Who can truly say they don’t lean into the TV for a good look during a punch up at a union or league match?  Or even call others in the house over to look, or yell at the TV as to encourage their side?
Who believes we should allow our children to be punched and they shouldn’t respond in kind?  What values does that teach them?
But these were under-9s.  Is it OK when they are 17?  Or 22?

“We had a father-son talk. I’m a Polynesian and I was brought up the hard way. Stupid calls like this can affect his career in the long run and I don’t want him to lose his temper.”

A father of an under-9 is worried about his son’s League career.  What a tosser.

He agreed to attend two anti-violence workshops the Howick Hornets Rugby League Club asked him to go to.

John, who works graveyard shifts in a bakery six days a week, was also banned from further games until he had attended the It’s Not OK education sessions, but said the injuries had ended his son’s season.

“He can’t breathe properly. He can’t even do PE or anything.”

John wants the other player punished.

However the boy’s mother, who would only be named as Chantelle, said she believed John’s son started it.

She admitted that her son, who broke a knuckle in the fight, often threw punches on the field but said he had learned a lesson.

“He said a couple of days after … that he didn’t mean to punch the boy so hard. He said he doesn’t want kids to think they can bully him on the field. So if they hit him he’s always going to hit back, no matter what I say.”

 What would your response have been, watching Chantelle’s kid break your son’s nose?


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  • Random66

    I always crack up when I hear people say how vocal and aggressive rugby spectators can be – you should try the side lines of high school netball sometime. Elbows and shoving have become the norm on the court and certain schools are very good at bringing their vocal spectators strategically placed around the court with their verbal insults putting off the girls from the opposing team and they do their best to influence or intimidate the refs. Yep those mothers and aunts and even grandmothers can be downright scary. I must admit to lowering the bar by getting dirty when one of mine has been hurt.

  • unitedtribes

    But Whale. These guys are not under 9s you give the Herald the shits when they post an incorrect pic!

  • PlanetOrphan

    You just can’t encourage it, it does get in.
    I tend to just stand there and ask why they hit me.
    That being said, it pays to smack them back hard when required…

  • Mr_V4

    Does anyone watch the league for those girly fights, I mean sure there are a couple of blows, but everyone else is in there trying to look staunch more than anything.

    • Travis Poulson

      Jump in the ring with Paul Gallen, we’ll see a girly fight alright. I’d pay to see all 2 seconds of it!

      • Mr_V4

        As I suspected, a supporter of mindless violence.
        Why idolise a man so tough he once unpicked someones stiches on the field?
        Now he complains “someone twisted my leg”.
        Wah wa waaaaa.

        Most of these fights they don’t even connect, indeed the only reason he did in this case was Myles was totally unprepared for the cheap shot.

        Of course the main reason it is allowed is for ratings, good to see they managed to fit in a bit of league between all the union advertising on Wed night also.

        • Travis Poulson

          “As I suspected, a supporter of mindless violence. ”

          Nope, just adding an equally ignorant comment. Except mine was in jest, yours was just ignorant.

  • Lofty

    Wwweeeeelllll, who watched Gallen get off with a paltry 1 week suspension after his thuggery in the SOO match.? Any body else in an NRL or club game, would have got 6 to 12 weeks suspension, or dare I say 10 bloody minutes in the sin bin.
    It is a f:::in disgrace, and this type of thuggery gets watched and absorbed by under 9’s et al…….is it any wonder that the lad who did the punching really really does not see a major problem.
    I am probably one of NZ’s most passionate league fans…just so you know.

    • Travis Poulson

      I’m a Maroons fan, but Gallen gave him what he deserved. Leading with head in tackles (borderline headbutting), twisting legs in tackles, etc. Gallen said so himself, it was going to happen sooner or later. “I just got in and hit him first.”

      • Lofty

        I got ya Trav….I know what you are saying…but if may…2 very basic points.
        1. Gallen bought the scrap to the paddock before kickoff…vendetta biffo is never good.
        2. I went to footie today as I do every week to support my local ( go the mighty Otumotai Eels) one of our players got 10 minutes for what was a very “onfeild” incident and fair enough too……Gallen for premeditated thuggery gets a bullshit 1 week.

        Our under 13 team ( including my grandson) were chatting about the SOO & the difference between Gallens thuggery and sentence and our local players 10 minutes…. They now know and said that if you get high enough in the game there is virtually no punishment for unprovoked attack.

        Fuckin brilliant….not!

        • Travis Poulson

          I didn’t know about point #1, that must have been what Gordon Tallis was getting at when he said “why didn’t you do something about it then instead of now” I just assumed me meant an earlier incident in the game. I missed the game due to being sick, and only saw a few snippets of what they were talking about.

          • Lofty

            No sweat Travis.
            I just want to see even handed action, if only, so that the game is seen as a great game for youngsters to play..and it is….it is hard enough growing the game in the Rugby Union dominated environment.