Fear of salad as well by the looks of it

This little shit has apparently developed a fear of all forms of transport…and salads by the looks of him.

Joe Thompson has developed a fear of travel...and salads

Joe Thompson has developed a fear of travel…and salads

The British schoolboy trapped in Abu Dhabi after developing a fear of flying is still in the Gulf state a year after The Mail on Sunday highlighted his plight.   

Joe Thompson, now 12, had been due to fly back to Britain with his family last June after his father Tony’s work contract in the UAE ended. He tried four times to board a plane with his family, but each time he broke down in tears and refused to fly.

He subsequently refused to travel home by boat and overland. Now, a year later, Joe remains stranded 4,500 miles from home with his father while his worsening mental condition continues to baffle psychiatrists.

The situation has reached an expensive impasse for Mr Thompson, 63, who risks bankruptcy as he tries to reconcile his son’s condition with his responsibility to his distraught wife Pauline, 49, and daughter Chloe, 17, who are back at the family home in Weston-super-Mare.

Mr Thompson, a former aide to John Prescott, has pleaded for help to rescue his young son after spending his savings and borrowing £40,000 to fund their unexpected extended stay in Abu Dhabi.

He now fears he might be forced to sell their home in Britain.

Joe has been diagnosed with Severe Anxiety Disorder and Flight Phobia, but Mr Thompson thinks his son’s problems go far deeper.

He said: ‘The hypnotherapists and behavioural therapists he has seen said this is not all about flying. There’s something blocking him in the UK. He now needs some kind of medical intervention to prise open the secret.’

I reckon his old man should dose him up on Stilnox and stick him on a plane.


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  • StacyMcNaught

    For fuck sake…my kids develop fears of certain foods occassionally…hunger, as it happens is great therapy. Dad should just leave him there with a one way ticket…see which fear is greater abandonment or travelling.

  • In Vino Veritas

    Brilliant. “There’s something blocking him in the UK”. Have you ever heard such a load of nonsense? And the father allowed this to be reported on, and worse, have a picture taken for a newspaper. The man is a twerp.

  • williamabong

    Or just leave the tubby little fucker there, after his wee round bum has been used as a pin cushion by a few camel jockeys I bet he can’t get to the airport quick enough.

  • BigDes


  • Whafe

    Give me strength, this soft cock father appeared int he media, what a dork….
    Harden the fuck up

  • GregM

    Punch in the head, and / or needle in the arm and bung him on a plane.
    Why do people fuck around ?

  • blokeintakapuna

    The child might have a legitimate fear, but the parent should just authorise tranquilisers for the duration of the flight… job done.

  • Phil

    Make him walk it then

  • Col

    I notice in the comment above he has a fear of the UK, something has happened back home?
    Bit of bullshit really, should drug him, put him on a Private jet, and the old man would have had some money left.

  • Patrick

    The old man should purchase a pair of steel caps, & plant one fair & square in the middle of the kids arse.

  • cows4me

    By him a compass and backpack, tell him the bearing for pommy land and wish him well.

  • Mr_Blobby

    This is news how. Stupid is as stupid does.

  • GarethsPussy

    Missing: one spine.

    Stop pandering to the the spoilt git. Put him on salad, then tell him about the pies he’s missing back in Britain.

  • Mediaan

    His “fear of flying” made him turn down a boat-and-overland transport offer too? Rubbish. The kid is not doing it because of fear of flying.

  • Dr Stoat

    The Daily Mail seems to have the same problem as the Herald – their story about Abu Dhabi shows a picture of Dubai, a completely different emirate.

  • Tiberius

    They A-Team always managed to get Mr T on the plane. Sedate him at the airport and wheel him on board in a wheelchair.

  • OT Richter

    I reckon the little shit-bag is shagging his maid.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Book out next week, womens mags lined up and movie rights already sold – this is an infomercial

  • blairmulholland

    The reality is that if this kid is having panic attacks, the last place you want him is on a plane. And if you were travelling with him, you wouldn’t want him there either.

    That said, I don’t understand why they can’t drug the little bastard. Or put him on a ship? Or drive him to Calais through the Middle East and Europe? It’s not like there aren’t other options. He’s been there for a year FFS!