Filthy Greens, schools don’t want them

Peter Garrett has been banned from Queensland schools. The Queensland government has decided that they don’t want kids used as props for political campaigns.

What a good idea, perhaps we should see the same thing here, that way the Labour party and unions can stop getting kids to make protest signs.

Federal education minister Peter Garrett says it is? ??quite draconian and unacceptable?? for the Queensland government to ban him from visiting schools.

Mr Garrett was intending to visit Nyanda State High School and Yeronga State School in Brisbane?s south on Wednesday.

Nyanda has been earmarked for closure by the Newman government because of low attendance rates.

On Tuesday night, however, the office of Queensland Education Minister John-Paul Langbroek informed Mr Garrett he was not welcome at the two schools, saying it would not allow kids to be used as ??props in a political campaign??.

It is the latest salvo in a bitter dispute sparked by Queensland?s refusal to sign up to the federal government?s school funding reforms.

??This is a pretty serious step for a state government to take,?? Mr Garrett told Fairfax Media on Wednesday.

He said censorship by the Newman government was a ??great tragedy??.

??It?s extraordinary and quite draconian for Queensland to now deny access to me as an education minister,?? he said.

??Any suggestion that an education minister ought not be able to visit a school … is totally, totally unacceptable I would have thought in 2013 in Australia.??

A spokeswoman for Mr Langbroek said the decision was made after Ms Gillard visited a primary school in Bracken Ridge and ??did nothing but criticise the government??.

”We have had enough of Queensland schoolchildren being used by the Federal Government as props in a political campaign,” she said.

”We will not allow Queensland schools to be the venue for the Gonski media roadshow.