Flying bike successfully completes test flight

Weighing in at 95kg, the battery-powered flying bicycle has six propellors (two a piece on the front, back and sides) and will be ready for human flight later this year.

A successful radio-controlled test flight on 12 June lasted for five minutes and used a dummy pilot. The makers say they’ll need more powerful batteries before a human test.

Design and engineering company Technodat, bicycle company Duratec, and aircraft manufacturer Evektor have collaborated on the project.

“Our main motivation [is] neither profit nor commercial interest, but the fulfilment of our boyish dreams,” Technodat manager Ales Koblik told Ceske Noviny.

At five times the weight of a Boris Bike, the bicycle is unlikely to get you anywhere fast. Plus, it’s unlikely to be cheap. The maker say it has cost hundreds of thousands of pounds to develop the prototype
On the other side of the world, an Australian, Chris Malloy, is currently developing a flying motorbike. He’s still prototyping his invention, but when finished it could travel at speeds of over 150 kilometres per hour.
Naturally, fans can’t help but be reminded of ET.


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