Fran O’Sullivan on Key’s strategy and Labour’s lack of one

Fran O’Sullivan writes about John Key’s strategy and the uselessness of Labour.

The strategy is obvious.

Neutralise potential political flashpoints on issues where the Government has been on the back foot and out of step with local wishes; and drive a wedge against Labour by taking the high ground ahead of the forthcoming local body elections.

It’s smart politics.

And somewhat galling for Key’s political opponents who have lost a potentially valuable stick with which to beat up the Government.  

Labour’s Auckland issues spokesman, Phil Twyford, was yesterday reduced to carping about the cost of the city’s transport projects and complaining that the timing for some of the construction was still vague.

“The Prime Minister is talking about a $10 billion commitment to three projects but in his speech he was completely silent about how he is going to pay for them.

“Where on earth is the money coming from?”

Key could have said “You work it out chump, I’m unlikely to be PM by the time a future New Zealand Government has to seriously put its hands in its pockets”.

Twyford leapt on the leak of partial details about the Auckland transport policy and proceeded to embarrass himself claiming victory…now he is having to whinge and moan about it.

John Key has once again out-foxed labour and left them clutching at straws as they continue to think he is dumber than a sack of hammers.


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  • rockape

    O’Sullivan is wrong when she says Labour dont have a strategy. For years now Labours strategy has been to attack JK and all of Nationals policies. Now National is moving to do those things that the majority want, Labour is out on a limb with their strategy- attacking what kiwis want! Not a good way to get yourself elected. Labour need to refocus, develop some popular policies and present them to the electorate. Too bad National beat them to it.

  • Patrick

    With all the plaudits coming Key’s way recently from political commentators, what now for the “smile & wave” brigade that claimed Key was a political lightweight, hadn’t done the hard yards etc? I remember plenty in the Labour Party ranks were quick to run those lines about Key. Pity he won’t change the requirements for an employer to collect Union dues though, then he would have something to crow about.

    • GazzW

      That dumbarse brigade is still alive and thriving if you read the “comments” written in the Horrid’s Opinion columns. The usual hackneyed epithets are still spouted endlessly – ‘shonkey, donkey, monkey, wonkey, rich pricks, Hollywood mates’. They usually occupy the first ten or so slots and are the same old names. Seem to be pretty active on Saturday or Sunday mornings which is a tad pathetic when you think about it – most people have better things to do in bed on a lazy morning than vent their spleen in the Horrid.

      • Patrick

        I suspect they are part of an organised group “sponsored” by the Labour & Greens, there was a definite increase in postings of a similar nature from new people on WOBH around a month or so ago as well.

  • JeffDaRef

    I think JK is a bloody genius, the silly lefties have under-estimated him from day one, and this weeks Christchurch and Auckland announcements have won the next election.
    Big call I know, but I just cant see any angle left for Labour to work with especially with the rabble they have.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Or Fran…it’s away of pushing Labour’s policy so far into the future, the roading policies of National get built BEFORE the rail options!

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Boyz – You just do not understand how clever Sheep is. He is neutralising John Key’s potential coalition partners one by one. First John Banks gone. Then Done Deal Dunne gone. Now with the crushing victory in the by-election, Sheep has started saying Maori Party is finished because of its association with National. This will spook Maori Party. Watch out for Pita Bread to declare that Maori Party is walking out of the coalition with National and will support Labour in 2014. You guys just cannot touch Sheep. His IQ is way above all yours put together.

    • Patrick

      50 million well fed Africans agree.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        He saved 50 million lives while John Key saved 50 million dollars. That one liner will be a killer in 2014 election.

        • Patrick

          Only until someone asks whether he got paid a US$1.00 for each African he apparently fed, I mean after all how does a pen pusher from the UN get such a load of wonga salted away in a bank in Manhattan?
          Shearer will not be the one to bring up JKs wealth you can be assured of that much.

          • GazzW

            ‘Shearer will not be the one to bring up JK’s wealth………….’

            Very good Patrick. I can just visualise that question being posed at Question Time and the Master of the Sledge, Chris Finlayson, delivering a couple of scorching oneliners in response.

  • AngryTory

    It may be “smart politics” but it is absolutely atrocious policy

    Basically, we’re being asked to vote for Key, English, Joyce, Collins, Turia etc not because they are any different to Shearer, Parker, Wussel, Turei, etc — but because the “Nominal Nats” look better on TV.

    Hell – they’re not even “Labour Light” — School Lunches & Rail Loop — they’re just Labour