Green Party taking liberties?

via the tipline, a reader emails:



I noticed the poster at Armageddon at the weekend, the Greens using Game of Thrones in their advertising campaign.

Considering the lack of HBO, Game of Thrones or any logo other than the Greens’ I’m suspicious that they haven’t bothered to obtain permission to use the imagery or tag line, which would be typical of their hypocrisy when it comes to rights. 

I have forwarded this to the copyright breach email address at HBO and will let you know if I hear anything back.

In the meantime it might be fun to poke Russel Norman with a stick, as it appears that integrity and fairness is quite important to him.

It is hugely ironic that they appear to have stolen the property rights of HBO when the poster is talking about stealing the property rights of power companies.


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  • Drhill

    On a different note, Game of Throne Red Wedding reactions:

    • CJA

      Obviously these people didn’t read the books although Martin all the way through the series is notorious for killing characters off. Eddard Stark anyone?

    • Changeiscoming

      I have to admit, after watching it last night I was literally stunned. Shocking ending. Love the show.

  • JeffDaRef

    Dear Russell
    I’d love to help you bring down the price of power, would you mind telling me exactly how your carbon tax will achieve that?
    Best, JDR

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Carbon tax will only be paid by rich pricks.

  • Andy

    Aside from the GoT issue, the idea that the Greens want to reduce power prices is so blatantly dishonest when every green energy policy ever thought of (globally) is designed to push up the cost of power so that so-called renewables can compete with fossil fuels

    EDIT – Oops JDR beat me to it

    • Harold Land

      But if it is seen through, the economy of scale of renewables swings their way. Look at Germany’s solar power production… they are actually getting power gluts at times now.

      • Andy

        Germany has some of the most expensive power in Europe, and they are building 24 new coal fired power stations to boot

        • Harold Land

          You are right. The easy coal is their hydro. It is also fleeing from nuclear. We will all choke eventually…or drown :)

          • Andy

            They are building coal stations because of the knee-jerk post-Fukishima decision to shut down their nukes.

            Coal is cheap partly because shale gas has pushed the price down

          • Harold Land

            All true. Must say my knee jerks the more I read of the state of Fukushima, that 6.3. in Taiwan the other day might have done the trick…storing ‘spent’ rods in the roof pool is just so wrong

          • Bryan

            well why is germany building because Russia is controlling the Gas price to europe and turning the tap off when they don’t like anything europe is doing. Now behind the syria business is qatar who want to complete a Gas line started from aqaba to lebanon and then to Turkey and europe to compete with Russia so you see why russia is keen to send s300 rockets to syria.

            Then the other new situation is the cyprus money troubles and why Europe is so ready to help them because there is a massive new Gas field been discovered just south of them that they can sell to europe in return for money help, and a lot of the money the cyprus govt helped themselves to was Private russian off shore funds so Russia has a lot to loose if Syria goes under and to add to their worries Israel has just tapped into the end of the same feild and brought it on line this last week and are also offering to help lebanon do the same and could also be able to sell to europe

          • Harold Land

            Yes Russia has them by the short and curlies over gas atm. That pipe might also go through Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq to Turkey apparently. The Russians want at least one med port for their moldering fleet. Pity it’s the poor bastards on the ground that get crunched by this great game. Syria is just unbelievable now, the beast in the humans

      • MarcWills

        Presumably the power gluts are at the times when the sun is shining, and at these times there is no need for power demand. So where do they store this power glut for when the demand eventuates at other times of the day?

    • JeffDaRef

      Don’t worry Andy, we all have a little bit of lefty in us, and mine is being more than happy to share the soapbox if you’re calling out the Greens on their lies, oops sorry,policies!

  • Jman

    HBO is just another capitalist corporation who’s intellectual property rights would mean nothing to a Marxist organisation like the Green party .

    • GazzW

      Yup, just Hollywood ‘rich pricks’ with their hands in Kiwi taxpayers’ pockets.

      • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

        Hollywood rich pricks do have their hands in our pockets. Just not in the way Norman intended to imply. A blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while. Serendipity Dr (pfff) Norman. A broken clock is right twice a day…

  • Col

    I see carbon emissions went up about an hour ago Shawn having a go at Cam, and Cam having a go at Shawn, love it.
    That nasty little hobbit Russell Norman bullshitting on the radio, had to say he read about Muldoon, even though he was trying to say he was there, ha ha he was only 8 years old, he has a voice like a little kid, telling lies it goes up and down.
    Bet ya he has no permission for the use of that picture.

    • Honcho

      Add to that, 8 years old AND in his native Australia.

      • Bunswalla

        So basically still the same only now the bastard’s here…

  • Harold Land

    Maybe baiting HBO is the strategy… might drag in some Labourites :D

  • tarkwin

    Breaking copyright is fine if you do it for the right reasons. The Greens told us this when they did the Sea Lord ad. As we know, the Greens always do everything for the right reasons and anybody who doesn’t agree is stupid and doesn’t understand. Would also be interesting to see who is paying for this. Mr Tong perhaps? Wonder if he still has a job after showing his true colours on the weekend?

  • Phar Lap

    Wonder what shag nasty Norman ,the Australian communist ,from the commie unelected greens will say about this.Maybe the company that employed him might have something to say,after all the NZ voter has no say in who sets out to destroy NZs credibility and make the nations citizens a world laughing stock Even worse Norman is a countryman of the other pest known as wikileaks,the alleged sex mechanic.

  • andrew carrot

    If the Greens wish to use the GoT ‘vicious winter’ scenario to dramatise the effects of cold weather on the poor, then some assumptions have to be made. One, the GoT scenario is set in a country without electricity production or reticulation. In reality then, the only way to reduce the cost of heating a room would be to chop down more trees to allow a glut on the fire-wood market to evolve. Solar power is difficult to produce in the middle of a Dark Age. Two, the picture suggests that the skins of culled animals would be required to provide individual humans with warmth outdoors. Caribou? Moa? Snow Leopard?; I’m sure the Greens would allow the establishment of a market on which these essential commodities could be traded. Three, the fact that the Greens chose a harsh winter scenario to justify electricity price controls suggests to me that they do not believe man-assisted global warming is occurring. If they did believe it was occurring, the appropriate scenario would require a sun-burned man to sit on a deck chair beside a beach in the Solomons, whilst complaining about the paucity of air-conditioning and ice-production.

    • johnbronkhorst

      BUT…..wouldn’t global warming off set a significant amount of electricity costs?
      According to mr norman people would be freezing to death this winter because they can’t turn on their air conditioners (on cool mode)?

      • andrew carrot

        Presumably they bought their air-conditioners on the advice of green retailers who stated, categorically, without deviation, with reference to respected and peer-reviewed scientific studies, underpinned by support from august international bodies such as NASA (recently withdrawn), IPCC, NIWA, and University of East Anglia, that the world was definitely warming up. At least in the poor areas.

  • Goldie

    Bizarre. If you lower the price of something then demand increases. And that can only be met by increased supply (i..e more power stations).
    I thought the Greens were against increasing resource use?
    And haven’t the Greens have been opposed to almost every new generation project?
    And wouldn’t Green policies increase power prices?
    I always thought the Greens were a bit weird. Now I think they are dangerously unhinged extremists.

  • tarkwin

    We could be jumping to conclusions here. After studying the poster very carefully I have determined it is in actual fact a photo of Catherine Delahunty staggering home after a night on the tiles.

    • OT Richter

      I thought is was Waitakere Man.

    • andrew carrot

      via Cromwell?

      • CJA

        Could be Wanaka or Alexandra as well?

  • SJ00

    Did the gweens not support the current piracy bill, 3 strikes bullshit that we currently have? Would be interested to see which episode this was from and how they obtained the screen grab. Downloaded episode perhaps? I hope thet get blasted over this!

  • David Broome

    The bigger question is the Green’s are the 1% given I cannot justify the extra money for SoHo but clearly the Greens can (let alone an entire industry that is built on terrible carbon emissions). Hypocrites the lot of them.

  • johnbronkhorst

    So…If the greens are sued by HBO, do you think they will have enough money left to fight the next election? Or will they be calling for tax payer funding again?

  • Lion_ess

    What cocks, at least this poster is a change from another gay picture of Dave & Wussel in a pre-pash shot with their gazes locked on each other. BTW, of course they’ll be using it in breach of copyright – hypocrites always have different rules for themselves.

  • Fa Kez

    Its ok cos the greens are the defenders of the universe, your He-Man to my Skeletor, your batman to my Joker, you Mighty Morphin Power rangers to my Scorpina (like that last one did ya)