Greenies are killing children

English: The german Professor Peter Beyer, inv...

The german Professor Peter Beyer, inventer of the golden rice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It sounds outrageous, and something the left-wing normally accuse conservatives of, but int his case, the green taliban and their anti-everything approach is actually killing children.

Genetically-modified crops will “improve human health”, Environment Secretary Owen Paterson has said, as he warned that people “thwarting” their production are putting lives at risk.

Mr Paterson said that GM offers “wonderful opportunities” that could benefit human health and the environment.

He said GM production in the UK would mean less spraying of pesticides and less intensive farming.

Mr Paterson also said that an expansion of GM crops could lead to the creation of more nature reserves because it would allow more intensive farming, therefore freeing up “space for biodiversity, nature and wilderness”.

Mr Paterson is battling to persuade officials in the European Union to lift current rules which only allow one type of maize to be grown in the UK.    

Britain is pushing for scores of GM crops to be given the green light by EU regulators, including herbicide tolerant maize and sugar beet.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Mr Paterson said that the next generation of GM foods could benefit human health.

He gave the example of “golden rice”, a strain of the food that boosts vitamin A levels and reduces blindness in developing countries.

Mr Paterson indicated that opponents of the crop could have saved 7 million lives.

“The next generation of GM offers the most wonderful opportunities to improve human health,” Mr Paterson said.

“The most shocking case that has come out is that golden rice was first created in 1999 by two German professors.

“The World Health Organisation estimates that up to 500,000 children go irreversibly blind a year and 250,000 of those actually die.

“The problem is mainly in South-East Asia but over the last 15 years despite offering the seeds for free to those who would need them, every attempt to deploy this golden rice has been thwarted. In that time 7 million children have gone blind or died.”

Mr Paterson added: “I think all those who have thwarted the attempts to bring in this…should really reflect. Those are real young people.”


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  • Polish Pride

    wonder how many backhanders he’s received from Monsanto :) I always found ‘Failure to yield very interesting about GMO’s

    • Whafe

      PP, Pull your head out of your butt please…… The topic of GM never gets the ability to actually be discussed in an adult way…. What do you actualy know about it and what experience have you actually had with GM crops, methodologies breeding wise etc etc?
      Fuck all I would hazard a guess

      • Polish Pride

        nice adhominem whafe. Plue has at least had the decency to attack the report. Perhaps given your response you’d like to lay out your credentials/experience for us all to bask in the glow of on this topic.

        My experience is in permaculture and food foresting something proven to produce far greater yields than more intensive farming methods without requiring herbicides, pesticides and so on.

        As for GMOs its simple you wanna eat that shit, more power too you. Just label it and anything that has GMOs in it so I and anyone else that doesn’t want to, doesn’t have to. And while your at it make damn sure you have taken all necessary steps to ensure it doesn’t contaminate the Non GMO food supply.
        Simple enough for you?

        • Whafe

          Nice adhominem… Mmm, don’t at all think I was getting personal, jsut merely stating in gest as you well know, to pull your head out of you butt….. From frustration in general that this topic never seems to get any real debate going without all the emotional crap that goes with it….. My experience is not from a scientific masters in genetically modified breeding etc, but more from a global role I had in agronomy around the continents…. And not for a moment basking in any glow… Have you heard me basking in it before? no, didnt think so…
          I do have a fairly good understanding of where food comes from from a pretty wide base…. I would far rather have BT Corn being grown, than applying in excess of 400,000 T’s of organo phosphates to the US of A corn crop…..

        • Whafe

          PP, bare in mind, I do agree with you on some topics for sure. I 100% want all food labeled, so as I can make a choice as to purchasing etc… All I am wanting to say is, a wider type debate is needed without the crap getting involved… Hang, NZ has no idea what a food shortage is…
          So the question to you, would you rather 400,000 + T’s of Ogano Phosphate active sprayed or BT Corn in the US of A?

          • Polish Pride

            yeah fair enough I might have been a bit OTT but for some reason GMOs seem to rile me up. Perhaps because personally I can see far more potential in permaculture except when you look at it in the context of a capitalist system.
            I.e. it can produce fantastic yields and could end world hunger but you can’t run a combine harvester through a food forest.

    • Plue

      The report your refer to doesn’t look that scientific to me, far from being a meta study (a statistical analysis of previous studies) it is a summary report quoting those other studies. The problem with that approach is it tells you nothing about what the authors left out (known as cherry picking) and nothing about the true significance of the study. Without a section on the applied methodology (which is absent) this is just further commentary.
      PP you are also guilty of cherry picking. Mr Patterson is talking about the introduction of vitamin A into the crop, but you are using a “yield” report to try and discredit GM (as it suits your argument). If we are to have a fruitful debate, best to 1, stick to the topic and 2 stick to supportable facts not rhetoric.

      • Polish Pride

        perhaps you’d prefer


        but by all means lets have some INDEPENDANT studies on the effectiveness/dangers of GMO. It is only our food supply we are talking about after all.

        • In Vino Veritas

          Dont you think Polish, that plants have not modified themselves genetically over millenia? For instance, my chillies cross with each other every year, since bees move from plant to plant.

          • Polish Pride

            Yeah for sure and it is exactly that sort of thing that gets me excited about permaculture and the wider context of how nature works and evolves.
            I’d rather see science and horticulture work at selection of seed to produce high yield and then couple that with effective companion planting for pest and weed control. I am not even sure if that would be feasible on a large scale but it would be great to see them try to find a way to do it that doesn’t involve invasive GM

        • Plue

          No sorry still not that impressed. What these studies show is correlation which is often confused with causation. I will accept the indicated correlation but there is no proposed causation. Genetic Modification of genes seems a doubtful candidate as this is going on via natural selection, evolutionary effects and not to mention hybridisation (GM by luck). So this does not discredit the idea of GM, it might with more investigation identify a modification that is not desirable.
          Also (by way of example only) if you give dogs standard doses of paracetamol it will likely kill them, but it does not have this effect in humans, without the causative mechanism being identified extrapolation from animal studies has its dangers

    • In Vino Veritas

      Polish, interesting, but about as useful as having Monsanto do the study, given its done by the Union of Concerned Scientists who claim they are Citizens and Scientists For Enviromental Solutions. Might as well be Greenpeace or the Green Party of NZ.
      One could try this:
      or this:
      or this:

  • Alloytoo

    This is pretty typical of most green policies. Short sighted ideology and a complete absence of common sense.

  • OT Richter

    I think GM needs a new name to increase its acceptability. Just like it’s easier to describe Global Warming as Climate Change (so you can blame the cold days on man also), maybe GM should be renamed to something like FFA (Food For All), or better still FTG (Fuck The Greens).

    If I had to choose between my child going blind, or eating FTG rice, I know what I would do. Unfortunately that option is not offered to the people of SE Asia because others (with vested interests and bellies full of nutritious food) make that decision for them.

    • Polish Pride

      You could feed the entire world without GMO if it wasn’t for vested interests in the world we live in.

      • OT Richter

        That, and a lot of other things also.

  • Lion_ess

    Yeah, really – so it’s a fucking wonder food now? Just look at the state of the health of western populations, there is an obesity epidemic along with the associated health issues, that has much to do with consumption of carbohydrate laden foods. How about some balanced articles on gm foods and farming and nutrition? Spare me the propaganda.

  • Ronnie Chow

    What a weird article . Considering most Asians eat white rice , which is brown rice stripped of much of it’s nutrients .Surely getting people to replace white rice with brown rice would be more effective in eliminating this epidemic of blindness .

    • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

      How much more difficult is it to grow brown rice in the place of white rice? I’d love to know.

  • Whafe

    Polish Pride and others whom are so so anti GM… Some homework… Go and find out how much oragno phosphate insecticides are prevented from being applied to Corn (Maize) in the US of A when the BT corn is planted?
    Its pretty much like the Green Taliban saying they are all for Geothermal power, but don’t have a clue how it comes about!

  • Never in the dark…..

    “He said GM production in the UK would mean less spraying of pesticides and less intensive farming.

    Mr Paterson also said that an expansion of GM crops could lead to the
    creation of more nature reserves because it would allow more intensive
    farming, …..”

    Which is it? “Less intensive” or “more intensive”?

    • Plue

      Both, the use of the word is contextual.

      In the first he is referring to less inputs (spray, fertiliser etc) in the second he is implying better yields from the same amount of space. No doubt Polish Pride will object to that last bit based on his previous comment.

      • Polish Pride

        No I concur, but believe better yields with no sprays etc can be obtained from permaculture.

  • Tiberius

    The Anti- GE/anti-progress brigade is criminal in the harm it is doing, especially in the 3rd world. They say “You can get better results from a balanced diet”, yes that is true, but the point is that people in the 3rd world CAN NOT AFFORD a balanced diet, so we need to at least do SOMETHING eg Golden Rice. It doesn’t even contain pesticides or animal genes, only the genes from CARROTS to make it produce vitamin A, that can save a child’s life because they cannot afford the carrot that would otherwise save them.

    • Polish Pride

      This ^ example I guess I wouldn’t have a problem with….. but I can see better more permanent solutions that should be looked at longer term such as food foresting.

  • Baz Rice

    I love the way these do gooders want to save millions of lives and eradicate diseases thereby over populating the world and increasing the strain to feed them all. They cant figure out the more of us on the planet the shorter time we will be here…then again maybe thats a good thing. Typical selfish assholes.

  • leocat007

    All grain food is wrong and I don’t mean from a ‘greenie’ point of food, humans were never meant to eat grains, they are in fact poisons for our bodies…vegetable, fruits and meat are supposed to be our main source of fuel…and don’t get me started on soya products.