Greens are the new nasty party

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Just more nasty Greens, this one claims to have just become the Auckland membership secretary, and whilst the volume of charity work he does is commendable, I just get sick of the rubbish he posts.

That said, it does provide a good stream of causes to submit against, got to thank him for introducing me to

Godwin’s law, Streisand Effect, the watermelons just don’t get it.


The video he links to is below. It isn’t the song that is offensive..oh wait…it is, but the images.


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  • GazzW

    The morals of any political party that uses Nazi propaganda footage as a prop to promote its cause must be called into question. Let’s be charitable, maybe David Tong is too young to understand the horrors that the Nazis inflicted on decent society.

    • AnonWgtn

      Nazis equals National Socialists.

    • Jaffa

      And he can’t read???

    • Or maybe he knows EXACTLY what he is doing, and the Greens co-leaders get their loyal followers to do the nasty stuff so that they can keep their (false), squeaky-clean image.

      • Patrick

        That is probably very close to the truth – they have learnt a few tricks over the years, like defacing National Party billboards. Just like Labour they are embedding activists at local government level & in the media. They welcome “high profile” misguided twats like Lawless & Robin Malcom because of a certain cachet they bring.

        • Mediaan

          Speaking of Robyn Malcolm. There’s a wing of the Malcolm family that is descended from a sad German ex-military person who came here in the late 1940s-early 1950’s.

          He was brought here, like many other former SS and German troops, after the Second World War by the RC church and the St John organisation. With some help on false papers from the Red Cross.

          Their reason was to force these ex-Nazis, now permanent fugitives in a potentially hostile land, to do some of their dirty work. (Otherwise they would be exposed as Nazis.)

          The drty work the Roman Catholics wanted done by others, instead of having to do it themselves as they had been doing, was promoting Catholic families. they did ths by dispensing government favours, via their catholics in the government structures, while simultaneously attacking and blocking the progress of non-Catholic families.

        • Mediaan

          Just to add (to my longer comment on the Malcolm family), the unhappy status of these well-drilled, Reich-raised ex-military is quite obvious.

          As far as I can make out, the man’s daughter Astrid, who as a child accompanied him out here from the European post-war DP camp, one of many such families transported on the Catholics’ secret “rat-lines” out of ports such as in southern Spain or Genoa, grew up in NZ but was subsequently murdered at sea.

          They maybe failed to carry out their bidden tasks.

      • bhudson

        “loyal followers”? I thought they used the boyfriends of their staffers

  • motorizer

    the nazis were socialists. just like the greens.

  • muffinmclay

    I’m surprised that a legal firm such as minter Ellison would want one of their solicitors linking to that crap.I’ll email some of the partners there.and before some panty waists shoot me down he advertised he works there on the same page as this Nazi crap.

    • Cadwallader

      Tuesday morning and he might be gone…

    • Salacious T Crumb

      I wonder how many times Mr Tong has graced the M.E.R.W corporate box at Eden Park? During those occasions he no doubt he railed against the evil capitalists who inhabit them and spoke out against all the lobbying, deal brokering and relationship enhancing activities such events promote.
      Make no mistake, this is a huge PR embarrassment for M.E.R.W and I expect to see a response from them; after all, what major Auckland law firm wants to be associated with such commerce killing fanatics such as the Green Party?

  • LesleyNZ

    Labourgreens – like attract like.

  • peterwn

    Trying to claim that John Key is like Rob Muldoon is nasty. Henen Clark would be more like Rob Muldoon than John. I also suspect that Metiria Turei would be very Muldoon-like if she got her hands on the levers of power.

    • Monty

      Very interesting comment. I saying making exactly the same thing to a friend yesterday. Clark was a micro managing bully, who did not trust anyone, tried to control the media, and would do absolutely anything for power including corrupting the electoral system to maintain power.

      • Mediaan

        I agree with you on Clark being fanatical in pursuit of power. I attended a local electorate meeting with her as the local MP and evening speaker once.

        Her lack of caring for what the electorate actually wanted was brutal, and she treated anyone who disagreed with anything she said as a filthy hated enemy.

    • johnbronkhorst

      But…There is one critical point of difference between Helen and rob.
      Rob created/built infrastructure that we still rely on today (clyde dam, marsden point expansion, NZ steel, electrification of main trunk, motonui etc)
      Helen destroyed (nearly) our health service, our economy etc

  • Whafe

    Typed two paragraphs, then backspaced it all. Basically deep down the Greens are as nasty as can be, there is no other way the Greens can get their message across in a methodical way, because their so called policies cant pave the way forward.

    • Travis Poulson

      I actually agree with some of their environment policy, but unfortunately it is always to the extreme side with no balance at the cost of jobs, business and industry. I also think they’re all a bunch of cunts. Especially Turei, the way she behaved a few nights ago on back benches was bloody despicable.

      • Whafe

        The environment is actually close to the hearts of pretty much all New Zealander’s… We all pretty much connect with the environment…. In saying that, i don’t ever agree with pumping waste etc into rivers, no sane minding human does… That is common sense….

        However these crazy nut bar Gween Taliban have no way of actually paying for what we need in order to move this country ahead…. There lies the issue. Everything in life is about communication and compromise…… The Green party leaders make me piss blood… Seriously evil oxygen thieves…

        • Travis Poulson

          And no compromise….it’s either their way, or their way. With an unhealthy amount of shrill screaming and interruptions. Isn’t that right Metiria.

          • rockape

            Yes I sometimes think I am the Green dilemma, Feed myself from my land, love animals,drive a 4×4 ,hunt,and hate the Green party!

        • Mediaan

          Don’t assume from their name that they are “green”. They are not.

          They are abusing the word “green” as cover for a quite fascist pro-left agenda.

          If you don’t believe me, just talk to one of them on truly green issues, real environmental issues. They know almost nothing.

        • rockape

          Green is something an individual if he or she is lucky can afford. I was Green in my business, a sailing charter business.I am green in my eating, I am retired keep sheep cattle and chickens and have the money to afford 5 acres and grow all my own Veg ,fruit and berries. Green is a luxury most cant afford it unless they can be green with other peoples money like the Green party!

  • AnonWgtn

    The Greens little fat expensively dressed Sheila is raging that nobody is paying attention to her ranting over Nurses in low decile schools.
    She did not do her homework as it already happens.
    She is going to pay $60,000 per annum to these Nurses – higher than the average Teacher, to keep school hours and holidays etc.
    Where is she going to find them as we are told by the Nursing profession that not enough Nurses are being trained.
    Greens are getting worried that they are being laughed at – even by Labour who are trying desperately to disentangle themselves from Greenpeace.

    • Dumrse

      Where is the evidence of the big undoing, the big disentangle. We don’t need that, those hip joints need to last well into next year.

    • bhudson

      She’s just a wolf dressed up in socialites’ clothing

  • Phar Lap

    To think that an Australian reject called commie Norman,running a party of electorally unelected misfits named greens,could shape the future of NZ for many years to come,is an indictment that the NZ voter could even give them the opportunity,by way of the crazy MMP system.not realising that that pack of psychopaths,are an incurable cancer of hate,and corrosion.A good example is the recent unprovoked verbal assault on our PM by you guessed it the Australian wet back Norman,supported yesterday by Quack!Quack! Turei.his partner in whine.

    • Mediaan

      They are borrowing the tourist department’s past powerful and strong green publicity, by inference.

      New Zealanders like green values and like clean countryside.

      These political carpetbaggers have have hitched on to that sentiment and are pretending to be green.

      The fact is, calling themselves “green” does not mean they are environmentally-minded.

    • dyannt

      “Australian wet back Norman”
      As I was speed-reading your post, I interpreted these words as “Australian redback spider” Quite appropriate I thought.

  • rockape

    Labour and the Greens have an extraction problem. Abit like sex after a night with too much beer involved. You know that moment of truth when you pull out saying was that as good for you as it was for me,knowing it probably wasnt!
    The Greens and Labour in the eyes of their voters are not natural bedfellows.Green policies are largely those of teachers retired who have moved to a lifestyle block and those who believe we need to save the World from itself. Labour voters are those who openly believe in socialism as a way to save the world or are self interested and think the class struggle against the bosses will lead to them being as rich as the bosses by the transfer of wealth. What is going to cause this alliance to fail either pre or post election is that although the MPs and potential MPs will sell their souls to grasp power, their voters wont. The policies are the Key! What sustainable policies would they come up with jointly . All we have is the Greens promising one thing, in the hope of picking up votes, Labour promising another, in the hope of picking up votes and no-one running a calculator over both sets of policies. So who would have to back down? Which set of voters would be disappointed.
    The honest thing would be for both parties to announce what we all know. They would have to govern together. They should then produce a joint manifesto and put that the the voters. Anything else can be described as a pig in a poke,smoke and mirrors but in my terms deception of the highest order.

    • Patrick

      That would be the honest thing to do as it is patently clear that they are going to need each other to form a Government. However balancing the books is foreign to them, they are both of a mindset that raising taxes will be the answer to everything. To the extent that “one off levies” are now the solution to not being able to afford some of their whackjob schemes. My naivety sees one of levies as another tax but maybe I am wrong. It would be nice to see some back of a fag packet calculations of both parties policies to bring a little honesty to the debate.

      • Cadwallader

        “That would be the honest thing to do…” Absolutely! We won’t get it from the Greens or Labour for that very reason.

    • johnbronkhorst

      As they morph in to one party…..they still can’t get enough votes to win!!! When the job is complete and they are the same organism, they will realise the relevance of Darwin’s theories regarding diversity.
      ie they will become inbred politically/genetic mutations neither contributing to the advancement of NZ or even a political system, therefore slowly dying out due to being an organism not fit for it’s environment!

  • Lloyd

    In 2012, I visited Dachau prison camp. Anyone, ANYONE who dares to make comparisons with the Nazis for cheap political point-scoring, should be made to visit there. The comparison is repugnant, reprehensible and beneath contempt.
    Rod Donald must be spinning in his grave.

    • rockape

      I used to take my soldiers when I was in Germany to Belsen as a reminder of why they were in the military. Usualy an emotionally charged day out. Using that as an insult is below Bad behaviour and reflects only on those that use it.

      • Lloyd

        One of the most humbling aspects of visiting there was to see how many young Germans were among the visitors. They did not try to hide their children from the very worst of the exhibits or displays. It was also amazing to talk with a very elderly American man who had been part of the group which took charge of the camp two days after its liberation. He brought me to tears with what he had to deal with. His graciousness to his German hosts was incredible. I am still amazed at how profoundly affected I am from the visit.
        It grieves me enormously when politicians of any persuasion chooses to employ Nazi imagery for their arguments.
        Belsen is quite close to where a friend of mine has moved to; I am going to visit there in 2015. It is one of those things you don’t look forward to, but must do!

        • rockape

          I used to go there a lot , I was stationed in Germany for 7 years and used the military training area at Bergen – Hohne a lot. Its true there are no birds in the grounds. A pretty good museum and you cant help be affected. Sadly I was there first in the 70s and spoke enough German to pass as one in a casual converstion. The locals in the village were still in denial despite the railway station looking exactly as it di in the photos in the museum. They still considered it Propeganda.

  • rockape

    Now i am realy fucking angry(apologies to Lesly.) Headline Nurses get behing Green policy on Nurses in schools. The Nurses organisation Jill Clevedon says Nurses support etc. Hang on a minute. This policy was announced on friday of a bank holiday. My wifes a nurse, when did the consultation take place? This sort of thing is another barefaced lie from the left. What it should read is. Aleftie union leader has today come out in support of the greens policy without discussing her personal views with her union members. Shame on her!

    • rockape

      Ask any Nurse, the biggest problems in Nursing in NZ is a skills shortage and a shortage of staff. Once more the attitude of the Union rep above is obvious. More nurses= more members = more money for my salary and more union funds I can spend on Labours election.

      • Tom

        Bang on!

      • Ronnie Chow

        And now we have this…

        Changes to New Zealand’s immigration policy could put pressure on Christchurch’s already stretched mental health services.

        Mental health nurses have been cut from the Immigration New Zealand (INZ) list of long-term skill shortages, despite the squeeze quake-stressed Cantabrians have put on the system.

        Other occupations removed from the list: Ambulance paramedic (Advanced life support and intermediate life support).

        Nurse researcher, nurse manager and nurse practitioner.

        Registered nurse (child and family, community health, developmental disability, disability and rehabilitation, medical practice, surgical and not elsewhere classified).

        Apparently , we have a surplus of nurses being trained in NZ , but many end up going overseas.

  • Kiwikea

    Maybe it’s why they have two leaders – they try and be good cop/bad cop. Oops sorry they don’t like police…um..good gang member and even better gang member?

    • Agent BallSack

      They have 2 leaders because both of them are half arsed not to mention batshit crazy.

  • The Greens have been shocking lately, with their bitterness and their hate. It will come back to bite them.

    • rockape

      Its a sign, as it was with labour, of weakness. In the absence of a decent argument or decent policies that is all they can offer. It will be rejected by voters. Why because voters vote largely for a credible Government or government in waiting. Neither the Greens nor Labour make the grade. I think they will be punished in the poll that matters. What are the priorities of the voters,same as it always has been. Jobs, health and good policing. Both Labour and the Greens policies would jeapordize all of the improvements we have seen in those fields.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Seems the greens have been looking in the mirror and mistaking the image for John Key.
    I have a quote from history for you to back it up (can include labour here).
    “As soon as by one’s own propaganda, even a glimpse of right on the other side is admitted, the cause for doubting ones own right is laid.”
    ie if they admit that National have done a good job (in any area), because they have been the anti everything parties, they discredit their own policies and political actions of late.
    By the way the quote above, not so ironically, is by ……………….ADOLF HITLER.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Lets make a simple comparison….since the greens bring it up.

    russell norman……….born outside the country he is a politician in.

    adolf hitler……………..born outside the country he is a politician in.
    John Key……………….Born in New Zealand.
    Any other comparisons…?????
    Like norman and hitler ..basically socialists.

    • Cadwallader

      Well done! But, he is primarily a fascist which is graphically portrayed by the dictatorial edicts his party spews. Who is his Goebels?

      • johnbronkhorst

        Two possible answers here.
        1. are you sure they have anyone with the intellect of Goebbels?
        2. Clint???

        • Ronnie Chow

          Hague , the quiet man .

    • Kimbo

      oh yes, I can add to this: –

      Adolf Hitler had in Hermann Goering an egomanical, over-weight incompetent side-kick who continually over-promised (Battle of Britain, supplying the 6th army in Stalingrad) who was favourable to drug use…and Russell Norman has Tariana Turei

  • johnbronkhorst

    Hey Russell….sound familiar.

    “that after 1936, the German state came to play an increasing dominant role in the German economy both through state-owned companies and by placing increasing larger orders”
    A review of Nazi economics!!!!

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    Hitler was a socialist and had a lot of views on eco-sustainability etc.

  • Ronnie Chow

    David ‘Ting’ Tong is a litigation solicitor at Minter Ellison Rudd Watts. He worked from 2009-2010 as a judges’ clerk at the Auckland High Court. He is passionate about human rights, international development, and ecology. He was involved in the UN Youth from 2003 until early 2011, and in 2010 received the Wysocki-Bates Award for outstanding contribution to youth involvement in the UN. He is also a trustee of the P3 Foundation, which is dedicated to mobilising young New Zealanders against estreme poverty in the Asia Pacific region and was founded by 2010 Young New Zealander of the Year, Divya Dhar.

    BEST DRESSED: David Tong, a judge’s clerk at the High Court in Auckland, was a finalist for the Sartorial award.

    He was involved in the UN Youth from 2003 until early 2011, and in 2010 received the Wysocki-Bates Award for outstanding contribution to youth involvement in the UN.

    In 2011, he attended the United Nations climate change conference (COP17) in Durban, South Africa.

    He seems like a good boy , apart from poncing around in lycra and having a massive ego .
    Perhaps using a Nazi picture for propaganda was a simple pothole on his road to fame and glory .