Greens give Mallard a kicking…war breaks out in opposition

A Privileges complaint has been laid against Trevor Mallard and Phil Goff, after their tawdry attack on top cops before a select committee.

A Privileges complaint has been laid with the Speaker of Parliament, after accusations that two veteran Labour Party MPs behaved badly in front of senior police officers at the Law and Order Select Committee last week.

Trevor Mallard stormed out of the hearing in anger at having his questions to the deputy police commissioner blocked, moments after he appeared to threaten the man’s job.

Phil Goff also argued with committee chair Jacqui Dean and swore after his questions about police redundancies and station closures were stifled.

Mrs Dean has now complained to the Speaker about both outbursts, which she said were unacceptable.

David Carter will determine if there’s a case to answer before the matter goes any further.

I hope Speaker Carter will be asking about the alleged forgery of a whips permission form for Mallard to attend. Eye witnesses have told me that Mallard was seen crossing out the times on the slip and amending them in order to allow himself to remain at the committee past his allotted time.

One thing this does show though is that there is no love lost between the Greens and Labour and that civil war in Green/Labour bloc is bubbling away below th surface.


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  • johnbronkhorst

    Lets get it out into the full glare of the public eye!!

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Bros – The toothless speaker won’t do a damn thing. Friendly banter between the Greens and Labours. Nothing serious. Just move on.

  • Macca

    I wonder if a National MP had acted the same as either of these two morons whether it would have been swept under the carpet by the MSM – dickhead journalists, plain and simple!

  • blokeintakapuna

    4-headed Taniwha’s are not only cannibalistic, they’re insatiably cannibalistic.
    Which will provide some great political sport for those watching – as they’ll shit in each other’s nest, shoot each other in the foot, throw colleagues under buses and generally try and set-up a competing faction for embarrassment or sabotage – and they’ll do it all day long, every chance they get. And as the election draws nearer, the internal warfare will get stronger… and the inter-party relations will be like oil & water (organic oil though)
    Then they’ll try and appear credible enough to “persuade” NZ that they can effectively lead NZ on the World stage… ignoring the carnage at their feet and all around them.
    …and in an effectively 2 horse race such as MMP alliances offer, all National will need to do to “win” is not mumble, stumble or trip – as the other’s argue if the horse is actually a horse, or a de-horned unicorn, or a zebra without stripes, or if their horse is just a lame Ass.

  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    Off to the shop to stock up on popcorn!

    • Sarrs


  • Troy

    There’s no end to Mallard’s behaviour, nor Goof’s for that matter. As for Fafoi… yet another Liabor Party journo, his comments are contradictory. He mentioned they weren’t there to play tiddly-winks, yet their behaviour demonstrated that of a child. And where is Shearer in all this? Leading from behind. Keep it up… right to the election 2014.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Krees Fcukfoi is the new Mallard and Fill Gap combined avatar…..

  • Pete George

    I’m not surprised Greens would give a mallard a kicking, they’re not native and they shit in rivers.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      That is bit too much….Greens are talking about cleaning up our rivers Pete. Want to contribute to that fund?

      • Honcho

        The fund to keep talking about cleaning up our rivers and streams?

        • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

          Yes. Talkfest, white paper, green paper, blue print, workshops… Metiria Tuatara will display her new hemp wardrobe in these events…..

  • tarkwin

    I was at a breakfast meeting this morning, Winston was the speaker and he had nothing nice to say about the Greens.

    • GregM

      Labour and the Greens hate each other because they both think the other one is pinching their votes, and Winston, well he just hates everybody.
      There is going to be a huge shit fight amongst the opposition parties very soon, I am stocking up on the popcorn in anticipation.

      • tarkwin

        It was interesting to hear he wants the holiday highway built tomorrow and wants mining etc soon as. He stopped answering questions before I could ask him about printing money.

        • GregM

          Yep, I’m thinking he will try to cosy up to National closer to the election, and JK may not have any other coalition partner choices by then. I can see the Greens and Mana aligning, with labour and the Maori party out in the cold.

          • tarkwin

            I think you’re right Greg, it was also interesting to hear his thoughts on rail. He reckons the Northland line should be upgraded immediately and the spur to Marsden Point should be put in straight away. On mining he says 25% of the proceeds must stay in N.Z and 25% of that must stay in the province the mining is done in. I hate to admit it, but it sounds quite rational and outside of the rail part it’s totally against Green policy.

          • rockape

            e will cosy up to National,that will cost him some votes, he wont make 5% and will therefore be irrelevant.

  • LesleyNZ

    Sounds a real crooked thing for Trevor Mallard to do (and in the House!). And Phil Goff swore? What swear words did he use? Swear words should not be used in the House. Not good – at all. Why would they do this?