Hanging is too good for him

This guy deserves a slow and painful death. A hanging or the lethal injection are far to good for him.

Perhaps Bestiarii might be more appropriate…or flaying.

A “depraved” paedophile has been sent to prison for sexual offending against his infant son.

A 27-year-old South Canterbury man was sentenced in the Oamaru District Court this afternoon to eight years 10 months imprisonment by Judge Joanna Maze for offending which will have a profound effect on his child. 

The man sat motionless in the dock as he was sentenced on a raft of child exploitation charges, including two of sexual violation and indecent assault, and selling the use of his then 13-month-old son for sexual gratification for $500.

A minimum non-parole period of five years was imposed.

He was granted permanent name suppression to protect the identity of his victim, the charges also included eight of doing an indecent act and 15 of making, possessing and distributing objectionable material and breaching a restraining order. The child is in the care of his mother.

Judge Maze said the offender had offered pictures and videos of him exploiting his child in trade for photos of sexual offending against young girls. Between May and July last year he took images of him abusing his then 13-month-old son. Police found 815 objectionable images on his computer and 84 videos.


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  • StacyMcNaught

    Well lets hope this guy receives all of the benefits of the “double bunking” system he so rightfully deserves, lets hope the cell mate is large, violent and made aware of the offending. Enjoy your stay weirdo

    • Random66

      Sadly he will be kept separate from mainstream prisoners and his bunk mate won’t like him unless he looks young – birds of feather flock together there. No real punishment. Can’t believe the child is still with the mother when she clearly did such a bang up job of keeping her child safe in the first place and since she’s got such lousy taste in men it’s probably only a matter of time before another sick loser comes along in her life and her children suffer.

      • Lion_ess

        I read that the partner of Gavin Gosnell conceived a son with him 3 months after he murdered and cut up Hayden Miles. The baby is now 10 months old. What staggering stupidity.


        • Random66

          I know right! While we can all appreciate the ‘bad boy’ type, there is just no understanding these women that gravitate to pure evil and stay even when they discover the truth. Crazy.

    • Ronnie Chow

      Stupid comment . Why you would advocate rape as a form of vigilante justice ?

      • Muffin

        Because sometimes just having them locked up doesn’t seem punishment enough

        • James

          Especially for less than 9 years.

      • StacyMcNaught

        Where did I say rape? I said large violent person that is locked in an enclosed space with him. Way to read a comment there Ronnie, as in not at all.

  • maninblack

    wish this prick didnt live on the same planet as me.

  • Concerned

    “eight years 10 months imprisonment” IS THAT IT!!!!! Disgusting!

    • Random66

      Can apply for parole after 5 years. Upon release still only a young man with plenty of years ahead of him for reoffending. I read the other day that the current accepted view is that a paedophile cannot be cured and all that society can hope for is to limit the paedophiles contact with children on release. Easiest option is to permanently eliminate the offender if you ask me.

      • Concerned


        I have a question… Where was the mother while all this was going on?

        • Cadwallader

          I wondered that too. I wager the household is funded by the taxpayer and she wouldn’t have been absent in a job. Mind you she now has to admit that not only did she know this pos but she bonked him too. I suppose society should be grateful that he had sex with at least one adult.

  • Rusty B

    How about a little piece of lead, inserted just behind the ear at approx. 6000ft per second!!

    • Harroputza

      That still costs money. An arena set up with wild, hungry lions needs an initial layout which will more than be recouped by charging entrance fees.

      • Rusty B

        Or just hang them. You can re-use the rope!!

      • James

        You don’t need to pay for the animals with offenders like this. Just stick him in Eden Park and auction off the rights to do what you wish to do to the scum in 30 second blocks.

  • redeye

    This poor kid is already a victim. He will grow up knowing what his father did or he will find out at some stage. Imagine living your life knowing that. I rather find out my father was Charles Manson

  • spollyike

    Just put them down like a Pit-bull that has attacked a kid. I bet some of these crazy sex offenders would actually welcome the chance to “painlessly” end their shameful lives.

  • Lion_ess

    Put him in a cell with Gosnall and a jig-saw.

  • Bryan

    he won’t last long even prisoners have their standards watch the news the bad boys cant stand guys who molest kids its happened before

  • tarkwin

    Put him in a cell with Weatherston and the jar of chilli laced vaseline.

  • Ratchet

    What a shame we’ve lost the chance to give him Antonie Dixon as a cellmate….

  • Rangi

    Should I follow your example Whale & accuse all fat, self-righteous WASP’s of being pedophile dirt-bags due to this incident? Don’t even pretend this is isolated

    • Timboh

      Cannot believe that you brought race into this. I guess you are miffed because the story is not about Maori child abuse. Don’t worry, another story will be along soon….

      • Rangi

        Nope, not miffed at all

        • spollyike

          Maori less than 200 years ago used to kill off a lot of girl babies as they wouldn’t grow up to be warriors and they didn’t want to feed mouths that couldn’t fight for land. They also ate the children of their beaten rival tribes as it increased their Mana.

          Maori are a taonga to this country.

          • Rangi

            Sounds like something your mum told you so you’d behave. But lets run with your point for a minute. You are arguing whether an infant has a better use as a sex toy than a snack – you fucking sicko! I feel ill knowing you are out of prison.

          • spollyike

            You tell me, it was the “Maori way” to use them for both as well as a punching bag.

          • Rangi

            You did read the story didn’t you, Apparently, yet again, you are wrong – you must be getting tired of that position.

            Imagine what sort of shit would be flying if he was a cuzzie from Rotorua.

            Fine, swing your punches, just don’t get pissy when someone swings back.

          • spollyike

            Hey you brought race into this, not anyone else.

          • Rangi

            …and you fell for it besides, Pffft whatever, everybody here dredges that cesspit at every opportunity. Im merely joining in – P.S. thanks for corrupting me

          • spollyike

            Yep, it’s the “maori” way to play the race card at every opportunity. No other race in NZ (and there’s well over 100) behaves this way. Why?

          • Rangi

            You have got to be fucking kidding me! Have you read the posts on this blog? Thats the most retarded thing I’ve ever read…

          • BR

            No one corrupted you. You corrupted yourself.


          • Mediaan

            Columbus’ Christian men,new Spanish arrivals in South America, found a very gentle smiling race of Indians, at one stage were short of dog food so they ripped a sucking baby from its mother’s breast and threw it to the dog.

            There were tens of thousands of similar atrocities as they proceeded to do anything they liked to the resident Indians. But because it yielded gold, the King and Queen back in Spain overruled all complaints that came in.

    • Bad__Cat

      And your proof that this animal is white is?

      • Rangi

        As I’ve read many a time on this blog “If the hat fits…” and ohhh what a gooooood fit it is…

        • Hazards001

          “Should I follow your example Whale & accuse all fat, self-righteous WASP’s of being pedophile dirt-bags due to this incident? Don’t even pretend this is isolated”

          You shit arsed crybaby wanker. From totally left field in you come with comments that have no bearing whatsoever on the thread..unless of course you know something we don’t?

          Are you insinuating that the pedo is a Maori and WO and the other commenter’s here are once more picking on the stone age warriors and the way of life they wish to be returned too?

          • Rangi

            “You shit arsed crybaby wanker” – I love you, laughter is good for the soul, keep going!

            If you like, I could link you to heaps of Whales “articles” where he has linked the behaviour of one to the behaviours of all. But what point is there? You already know this to be true…

  • Big-Inja

    Castration perhaps, maybe Chemical. If you can’t kill em, let’s maim em….

  • Col

    The old sharp stake up his bum, just like the old days, slow but sure.
    His own son, he’s on his way out no word describes him.

  • NZ Groover

    If he dies in prison no one will shed a tear, they’ve already shed them for that poor little boy.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Skinned alive .via the following method.

    Cut 1″ strip by 6″ long down the middle of his back, take hold and pull hard until strip is removed to the buttocks, introduce salt.
    After screaming subsides, repeat using adjacent strip of skin.
    when finished on back, move to front, legs and arms in turn.
    Too Barbaric? Jury’s out for me!

    • Cadwallader

      Perhaps that’s more or less what Helen Kelly wants to do with Cam.

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    Are we going to name him? Come on…