How’s that global warming feeling?

The UK has just had its coldest spring since 1891…even thought the media think it is the the coldest since 1962.

According to the Central England Temperature Series, England has just experienced its coldest Spring since 1891. The average mean temperature of 6.87C ranks the 31st coldest on records starting in 1659, and is 2 degrees lower than the 1981-2010 average of 8.9C.


The 5-Year average has dropped to 8.9C, a level commonly seen in the 1940’s and 50’s. Although the cold Spring has been due in large part to the exceptionally cold weather in March, which was the coldest since 1892, both April and May have also been much colder than normal.

When record temperatures are set at the high end that is catastrophic global warming caused by Climate Change and those nasty humans.

Now when records are being broken at the other end of the scale…they will just say it is weather.


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  • “Now when records are being broken at the other end of the scale…they will just say it is weather.” J

    No they say it is ‘Climate Change’. (which I suppose is another way of saying the weather – so yes you are correct!) Just don’t ask how we are changing the climate because they are becoming wary of the CO2 warming story.

  • Andy C

    In the chart above I can see 4-5 cases where there seems to have been a similar-to-2011 sharp drop from the previous year. It does not seem to upset the trend though, the next year or so after the drop it resumes back to the trend.

    So what is the point you are making by taking the 2011 example?

    Not a warmist, just don’t quite see what you are getting at.

    • I think you are looking at the trend line. If you look at the last bar you can see it is the lowest overall, and that the warmer period is trending back down.

  • rangitoto

    Don’t be silly. You have to understand that when it’s warmer than average it’s AGW. When its colder than average it’s weather. Al Gore told me this so it must be right.

  • Col

    Must be all the Fracking we are doing to make the climate like this?
    Anyway I know it is cold as I have the heater on now, and when its warm I have it off, simple really!!

    • Yes as long as when you turn it on it works. No good having wind turbines today – Cold but still.

  • onelaw4all

    whoops wrong thread. Deleted.