I bet she was registered too

Yet another teacher, presumably registered because that will protect the children, is before the courts.

A primary teacher will have to sell her family home to repay the nephew she cheated out of a $400,000 inheritance.

Ena Croft, 48, was today sentenced to 12 months supervision and ordered to repay reparations of $120,000 that she spent on herself. She had earlier pleaded guilty to charges relating to forging a will.

Her brother – Jim Croft – drowned in 2008 and left more than $426,000 in life insurance to his son Chanse Tautari.

But instead of the money going to Mr Tautari, Croft faked a will and, along with affadavits, filed them with the High Court at Whangarei. 

The documents resulted in her being appointed as executor of her brother’s estate.

Croft’s mother – 72-year-old Ina Croft – was sentenced to six months’ home detention and 400 hours’ community work last December for her part in the crime. It was revealed at her sentencing that she spent the money on holidays and home renovations.

Ena Croft gave $40,000 to each of her three sisters. She also paid off credit cards, her mother’s mortgage and bought her a new lounge suite.

It is a long and sorry string of teachers before the courts and makes lie of the insistance of Labour and the teacher unions that registration of teachers is somehow a test of character that will protect children, and why charter schools must be opposed at every turn.


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  • Jonathan Pull

    This is just a piss poor attempt at sledging teachers YET AGAIN.
    This story has absolutely nothing to do with teaching other than her profession and this was a crime committed well away from the confines of the class room.
    But please keep up your petty ridicule of teachers.
    Shes clearly guilty of being a shit person but a shit teacher? Nah your just speculating again.

    • All_on_Red

      The sledge is against the Teachers Council, not teachers. But given your lack of comprehension- were you in her class?

    • The idea is that Registered Teachers are of a certain calibre, not just as a teacher, but also an upstanding person in a general sense.

      Following your logic we shouldn’t criticise someone who delivers a 100% pass rate for all their students if they are also in the community talking pensioners into joining a huge Ponzi scheme? What sort of a yardstick is that?

      “Ena Croft, 48, was today sentenced to 12 months supervision and ordered to repay reparations of $120,000 that she spent on herself. She had earlier pleaded guilty to charges relating to forging a will.”

      And Cam’s not sledging teachers, he’s sledging scum who happen to be teachers, pointing out that the mandatory registration process, held up as needed to ensure quality of teachers, has failed to live up to it’s stated purpose.

      • Dave

        It is a real failure, firstly it is rather easy to get registration, the requirement is to provide 10 years of records if coming from another country, so lets see………. COuld commit a crime against children in say, 2000 in america, move to aussie, live clean (or without getting caught) there for 10 years, move to NZ do a refresher course, and apply for registration!

        But, worse than that, they are reluctant to move on PROVEN cases of teachers behaving badly, mistreating kids, not meeting basic standards. For that reason, I believe it’s time to have a new and alternate Teachers Registration scheme, independent of any union etc.

        • Peej

          So all or most of the teachers featuring in the news for criminal activity are from overseas and got easy registration? You’re a New Zealander born and bred here who applies for registration. Explain how easy it is to be registered.

          • Dave

            Peej, I’m not here to do your running round for you, try googling the teachers reg board, there you go, its easy. Look for the section titled registration, just like I did.

          • Peej

            Okay, I’ve done some running around and conclude that the comment “it is rather easy to get registration” is rubbish.

          • It is easy, look at all the fraudsters, pedophiles and perverts getting registration.

          • Peej

            How many fraudsters? How many pedophiles? How many perverts? Were they those things when they were given registration? List on here (for the lazy ones) what things have to be done to get registered as a teacher. And it’s easy to get registration as a lawyer too? It is easy, look at all the fraudsters, pedophiles and perverts getting registration.

    • Patrick

      Did you not read the final paragraph? The intent of the article is to point out the hypocrisy of the unions & Labour, both who oppose charter schools on the basis that the teachers will not be registered i.e. union members.

    • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

      The argument from the teachers’ council is that registration ensures that a certain standard of teachers is maintained. Sounds like she’s a person of integrity huh? It has nothing to do with her teaching, for all I know, she may be brilliant, but if registration is about protecting children from miscreants, then this is another example of how it has misfired.

    • O RLY? She is dishonest…how would she go if a kid cheated? It is dishonesty too…should be no problems using your faulty logic…if you are shit in one aspect in your life there is a high chance you are shit in others…I’m not the one setting the rules.

      The Teachers Council have de-registered women for posing in penthouse…that has got nothing to do with being a good teacher either…

  • Time For Accountability

    The post is also about principals covering up crimes and leaving kids exposed to sex fiends such as Parker the bully who slapped kids around and now the frauster.

    Offending was continued after the cover up.
    How do these principals look the pupils and parents in the eye when their own cover up actions has lead to further victims.

    Clearly they are unsuitable for position and cannot be trusted.