I wonder how much funding these geniuses get?

Well duh…apparently all family violence deaths were preventable:

A special public health committee set up to crack down on family violence has found all the deaths it reviewed were preventable.

The Family Violence Death Review Committee, which advises the Health Quality and Safety Commission, analysed 72 deaths from 2009-2011.

Of course they were preventable…If Maori stopped bashing their kids to death a good proportion of those kids would still be alive. 

Committee chairwoman Professor Julia Tolmie said of the deaths considered, 35 were intimate partner homicides, 20 were associated with child abuse and neglect, and 17 involved other family members.

I’ll bet almost all were sufferers of Silly First Name Syndrome too…and many of the victims, especially those killed by “intimate partners” were SOCKs (Some Other C*nts Kids).

I wonder just how much funding was required to work out that of “intimate partners” and child abusing “other family members” stopped doing what they do then these kids would stop dying.


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  • FredFrog

    The way I read I read it, 35 were intimate partner homicides, i.e. man kills his root, or vice versa, 20 were children killed as a result of abuse or neglect, 17 were individual (no clarification on age of individual) killed by another family member. So out of the 72, 20 were definitely children, 35 definitely were not children, and a portion of 17 could have been children. I don’t know why you made the assumption all 72 were children, but my feeling is your assumption was incorrect.

    I have a feeling your assumption regarding silly name syndrome, and SOCKS (for the 20 that definitely were children) is on the money, though.

  • Get a grip

    If you want to read the original report (data starts page 34)


  • cows4me

    C’mon Mr WO when you set up a committee and a study it saves your butt from actually doing anything. When grilled the politicians are studying the problem by way of surveys and committees. I only speak for myself but I’m sure most of the country that gets out of bed in the morning has a fair idea of the ailments that plague us and even a better idea how to solve them.

    • Hazards001

      I think you give most of the country far to much credit..but we’ll see.

      • cows4me

        If we can’t give credit and or trust to our fellow countrymen then obviously this country is biased on the wrong foundations.

        • Hazards001

          Saw a comment on here earlier from Rockape that went something along the lines of “if striking was the British curse then what’s in it for me is the kiwi one”. Paraphrasing as I’m about to hit sack .Work tomorrow.

          Sadly I very much agree with his sentiment. I have faith in my countrymen for a lot of things but..well…

          Night cows..beddy byes for kiwis with busy day ahead!

  • manuka416

    Sadly, Maori have much higher rates of death by family violence proportionally than violence reported for other ethnicities – 4x higher. However, the majority of deaths come from non-Maori family violence.

    Would a good proportion of family violence deaths be reduced if Maori stopped bashing (and neglecting) their kids to death? Yes. Are Maori responsible for the majority of family violence deaths? No… yet, that’s not what’s portrayed in the MSM and blogosphere.

    • Get a grip

      Um er? We both reading the same reports? Yes guess so……

      Maori Percentage of population 15.7% Percentage of Deaths 39%

      Pacifica Percentage of population 6.3% Percentage of Deaths 8%

      Others Percentage of population 78.47% Percentage of deaths 48%

      Would seem to me that per head of population that Others are responsible for the least deaths per head.

      • manuka416

        Just the assumptions you can make from this report, really:
        1. If you’re Maori, you’re four times more likely to be the victim of death by family violence (when compared with when non-Maori).
        2. The majority of family violence deaths in NZ are caused by non-Maori.

        • AngryTory

          The vast majority are caused by bludgers – Maori or Waiti.

          Stop the dole & DPB and you’d stop kids getting bashed by bludgers!

  • AngryTory

    What’s being Maori got to do with it? It’s being on the bludge that makes you whack your kids! If Whiteys refused to pay the dole, bludgers would have to work, rather than staying home to whack the misses and the kids.