I wonder if Nicky will spill the beans on his own Trust?


Nicky Hager

I see Nicky Hager is being promoted by the Fabian Society:

Nicky Hager recently participated in a multi-country investigation of a huge leak of tax haven information. He will speak about what they discovered and the implications for New Zealand and other countries. He believes that tax havens play a central role in undermining the rule of law internationally: facilitating corruption and crime, hiding unethical activities, assisting powerful countries and companies to rip off poorer countries and enabling wealthy individuals and companies to avoid paying their share of taxes.

Nicky Hager has his own trusts…”in undermining the rule of law…enabling wealthy individuals and companies to avoid paying their share of taxes.

Hager wants us to believe he has an amazing international scoop thanks to stolen documents from the Cook Islands.

He is part of a team of authors releasing a worldwide expose telling us what we already know, using this stolen property, that people use trusts and offshore companies to own stuff.

Even old men like Winston Peters know the Cook Islands is a tax haven and that it has been for years.

I raise this in a new post not because I am interested at all in what he has written around the stolen documents, but because it proves again what a noxious, nasty little hypocrite Hager really is.

As broken on my blog years ago, trust fund baby Hager knows a bit about secret trusts. He also knows how to personally benefit from this property stolen from others.

He is no better than those he is naming if he is making this a legal or even moral campaign about secrecy and with it the source of income.

What assets does he benefit from that are owned through a trust.?

Don’t know. It is a secret.

Who are the beneficiaries? How about his income over the years from stolen emails and data? Secret.

It’s a bit like David Shearer’s secret offshore bank account he admitted to before as some commentators allege, it too was leaked. A secret.

Two of three properties I found, from publicly available sources, are in secret trust structures owned by the trustee Advisory Trustees 06 Limited with Hager presumably a co-trustee:
–  73 Grafton Road, Roseneath, Wellington
–  115 Te Anau Road, Hataitai, Wellington
–  A third (pictured below) is owned solely by Hager – 277 Mapara Road, Acacia Bay, Taupo


Hager will stretch his story over weeks allowing plenty of time for someone to ask him the private details of his own secret trust and that of the wider Hager family and how their affairs are structured and why he uses trusts himself.

Why did he go to an adviser and paid them to structure his affairs to the best advantage he can using New Zealand law?

Asset protection from being sued? Likely. To reduce income to avoid the top tax rate? Maybe. In the past to take advantage of a lower trustee tax rate? Sure. Family succession?

Or maybe to store the gains he receives exploiting the property of others without their permission?

For a man on a crusade to remove secrecy and with it’s advantages in structuring financial affairs deliberately, he’s scored an own goal not seeing how murky his own look, that is if he ever tries explaining why he wanted to set up a trust in the first place.


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  • johnbronkhorst

    ” Advisory Trustees 06 ” set up in 2006? Just after the stolen EMails and his book came out? Who paid for this? Was he “rich” already? or Did he get the money for work done(publicising stolen EMails and vilifying the exclusive bretheren)?

    • JeffDaRef

      ah yes, i clearly recall the lefties being absolutely outraged about leaking then.
      or maybe i am mistaken…….

  • blokeintakapuna

    Something about Glass houses…. stones…
    Nice shootin’ Mr. Whale!

  • tarkwin

    The only question I have is, did he steal this idea from the Greens or did they steal their rules on openness and governance from him?

  • williamabong

    Why does his face raise the same urge as Gareth Hughes, the urge to smash the shit out of it.

    • Sponge

      True – both are rat faced cunts.

  • cows4me

    A hollow little man that seeks to take down the system that he utilises to the utmost for his benefit. Perhaps his next breathless expos say will be how Nicky breaks the shackles of the corrupt capitalistic system and gives his wealth to fight corruption and wrong doing.

  • LesleyNZ

    So are you saying that Nicky Hager possibly owns/co-owns 3 properties and he has some secret Trust/s?

    • Rat

      Maybe..or Michael Chung