Is Google racist? You decide



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  • Whanga_Cynic

    I notice there have been no reviews so far!

    Also, it’s really weird that the “buckinghamautos” website shown underneath takes you to “a leading used car dealer located on Buckingham Drive, Wangara, Perth” – WTF?
    Perhaps Google are too busy with US Gov’t requests to bother about quality.

    • peterwn

      Possibly someone with a sense of humour ‘fed’ Google crook information, or left it where Google spiders would find it. I could possibly be an ‘inside job’ like when a couple of Government Print apprentices years ago got a pencil and added balls, moustaches, etc to illustrations on the ‘camera ready’ masters for the Wellington Yellow Pages. The deed was not noticed until they had been distributed.

  • MrAuz1989

    The old 19th Century Napier Prison shut down the late 80’s. It is now being run as a backpackers with the advertising slogan “Spend a night in Prison!”. The Homestay part is, I think, the old Warders residence.

  • Mediaan

    A French holiday booking site sent me a list of wonderful NZ short stay bargains in July, this morning.

    One advertised unit by a beach in the Bay of Plenty was EU5800 per week (maybe $9500 NZ). It had one BR, one bathroom. Great stuff. In July, you could gaze out at the beach through the window all day, then try to find a restaurant within thirty kilometres.

    Many properties were said to be located in the beach area of Waihi, including apartments in Parnell and Christchurch. Jolly handy, just hire a private jet for when you want a dip.

    These overseas sites all try to be world class but many must be mum and dad working out of the spare room.

    Google probably does not do much better.