Is Mark Peck paying his staff more now?

So, Mark Peck is standing for council in Wellington, he has Grant Robertson as his authorised person and is standing under a Labour banner all the while sharing an office that the taxpayer is funding. I just love how the left-wing rolls.

Funny though, since Grant’s his electorate agent…I wonder if they have resolved his disagreement over Labour’s plan for a $15 minimum wage.

He pays above minimum wage to all his nine staff, although “not a lot in some cases”. The critical issue is the level the wage is set, he says.

“What I’ve learnt  is that in an industry with low margins, wage costs are very significant. I just don’t think people understand the effect a $15 minimum wage would have on businesses like this. Prices would have to go up.”

And, if prices go up, customers already feeling the economic squeeze, change their spending habits. Instead of ordering off the menu, they buy cheaper pre-made food out of the cabinet. Or they eat out less. the result: less profit for the owners; less money to employ staff.”

That was before Labour upped the bribe to make it a living wage at $19 an hour.

So Mr Peck, you’re running under a Labour banner – are you paying your staff $19 an hour now?

Of course, Grant Robertson’s office has come to my attention before.


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  • LionKing

    More to the point, is Mark Peck off the sauce?

  • johnbronkhorst

    Sounds like he should be running for ACT….wouldn’t they have him?

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