Is Peter Dunne fit to continue as an MP?





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  • Whafe

    The fact that MP’s lie is becoming normalised for want of a better word….

    What is trust now, what is honesty?

    I trust types like Duncan Garner less than I trust the left leaning pollies.

    • Patrick

      Garner & the rest of the Left will go after this until Dunne is gone. Their aim is to stop the partial privatisation of SOEs, with Dunne gone Key will find it difficult to continue the programme, at the end of the day that is the Left’s intention here.

      • LabTested

        Does the government have to go back for a vote on every SOE they want to part privatise? Wasn’t this dealt with under the budget? I don’t know, can someone please clarify what is the government’s position going forward.

        • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

          Heading towards massive defeat in 2014. That is the government’s current position bro.

    • Frank Collette

      he made a twat of himself during ‘the vote’

  • Pete George

    That’s just an evening accusation from Garner.

    Was Dunne legally required to provide private correspondence?

    Did he lie? He actually outed himself which was made it inevitable he’d have to fall on his ministerial sword. I don’t think anyone has proven he lied yet.

    If he is found to have lied then he should be gone. Until then, he deserves normal justice, not conviction by a journo court of one.

  • Col

    I think he is ok, just got C&^* struck, and if you haven’t been through this, then you haven’t lived.
    National are running the country, and the other parties are running the Govt down, no real policies just head kicking, that’s no way to be an opposition party, I think many are sick of this crap.

    • unitedtribes

      “I think he is ok, just got C&^* struck, and if you haven’t been through this, then you haven’t lived.”

      I agree that this is why he leaked or considered the leak but what I can’t understand is if he was at least considering it then he must of known there would be an inquiry if he did so why 84 emails. Is he practicing being a lemming?

      • Col

        Well it is surprising what a bit of pussy can do too a grown man, may it be fully grown like most of the Green party or clean, sweet and shaven like the whore down the road, it can make a man shake with glee, do cartwheels down the street. I wonder if Winston has been stiffing around?

    • niggly

      Good point about other parties running the Govt down.

      Under MMP we’ve seen previously NZF, and the Alliance implode. Also ACT, NZF (2008), Maori Party v Mana bust-up and now UF’s credibility all sink to rock bottom in the polls.

      No doubt a future Labour Govt will have their Greens Coalition partner implode due to the Greens’ idealistic inflexibility and lack of real-world pragmatism.

      It’s time for Labour supporters (to get with the program) and join National supporters and dump MMP and look at another system.

      At the end of the day, Labour and National are (and have been for generations) the main two political parties in NZ. All others are just self-interest groups that fizzle out (including when they attain coalition power). The expression WOFTAM never sounded truer.

      • AnonWgtn

        Perhaps David Shearer should have a cup of tea with John Key.
        It may be the only way to save Labour, recognising that in principle, both have policies to the long term benefit of New Zealand.

        • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

          I have discussed this option with Sheep. Sheep says, what is the point as he will trounce John Key in 2014 any way…he has a point eh….

  • Pete George

    On the other hand, it’s seems pretty clear Winston must have made things up – that is, lied. He was wrong about evidence being in phone records, he made that accusation in Parliament.

    And he seems to be fibbing about having email evidence.

    Winston Peters – false and flimsy accusations

    Is Winston fit to be an MP?

    • Whafe

      The old coot has not been fit to be an MP for many years. Fuck off Winston

      • David

        Winston Peters did not lie. Arch-hypocrite Dunne lied!

        Winston was right…

        • Bunswalla

          Well done on learning how to operate a computer. Those Grey Power sessions must be really good, clearly you’ve picked up the hang of this new-fangled interweb thing.

          Your great-grandchildren must be very proud, but I think it’s time for a nap, don’t you?

          • David

            LOL! You should be on stage mate.

            No, I’ve been working today, some of us have to work to keep the country going to pay for WWF handouts to types like you and Dunne.

            Winston called it right. Get over it. You WFF recipients are sure poor losers. You’re used to getting your own way that’s why, handout after handout, never satisfied, holding the country to ransom for more and more. Who’s going to pay for it?

            And here’s an important news flash for you pal. You better get used to having Winston around. This is a massive coup for Winston and it is not over yet. An inquiry should demanded, there has been a cover-up in parliament. Labour, Greens and Dunne clearly involved. John Key and Winston both squeaky clean. NZ First will get around 15-20% of the vote in the next election.

            Winston will form the next coalition with John Key’s national party following next election. Key will not need Dunne, who will be in jail by then, and the self-serving greedy Maori Party of bludgers Turia and Sharples. Both these, should I say one-man band and co-leader bludgers will be set adrift to sail into oblivion, where they both belong.

            Winston will get a high ranking cabinet post: probably Foreign Minister again, he did a superb job in that role last tiime.

            Sweet dreams…

          • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

            National – NZ First Govt if formed will go down in exactly 3 months

    • @ Pete – to be fair to Peters (and it breaks my heart to have to do that!), there was a reference to phone logs in Henry’s report; para. 76.

      It does beg the question though; who was leaking to Peters?

      • Pete George

        76. Mr Dunne has advised me that he
        has frequent contact with the reporter including
        communications by telephone, text, email and in person. That
        contact has continued during the period 27 March to 9

        That is evidence of nothing and certainly comes nowhere near supporting Peters’ claim in Parliament:
        ” I am going to short-circuit things by saying all the evidence is in those phone records, and your Minister is gone.”

        That statement is simply false.

        Now Peters has switched to implying all the evidence is in the emails but he won’t produce any. Because he is bluffing again.

        • I don’t think that continuing to demonise Peters is going to do you any good Pete, with all respect. Whilst the details may differ, Peters has scored a direct hit on Dunne, and that cannot be denied.

          • Dave

            As I asked yesterday, How did Peters get the info,, where did it come from, who leaked it to him, and why didn’t he have a quiet word to Mr Key, even give him 4 hours to sort it out before he went public. Nope, not your trustworthy Winnie the Pooh.

            Actually, not Winnie the Pooh, just an old Drunk SHIT!

          • Pete George

            Peters hasn’t score a direct hit. Dunne was done by the Henry inquiry, Peters was an opportunist who is trying to take the credit but continues to make things up. He is not being held to account, again.

      • AnonWgtn

        If only two people had access to those ems then if Dunne did not release the information, which only he and the Irish Vance woman had, then who passed it to Winston ?
        Sounds like Blarney to me.

    • David

      Winston did NOT lie. Arch-hypocrite Dunne lied!

      Winston was right… now come up for air.

      • Bunswalla

        Clearly your dementia pills need to be increased in dose, you’re posting the exact same thing in more than one place.

        Oh, Great grandpa! (chuckles knowingly)

        • David

          Lol! I’ve worked all my life mate. Never had a handout, dole or sickness benefit, ACC nothing… Can you say the same WFF man.

          Winston called it right. Get over it.

          • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

            Yes, Winnie the Poo got this right this time. Who tipped him about Dunne Deal? Can that be Comrade Klarke?

    • rockape

      No I suspect Winston for once was right. Maybe time for a look at Winston and Vance. Both scandel mongers and Vance is the likely source of a leak about the e-mails to Peters!

      • Patrick

        Agree the architect of the sting probably was Peters.

  • williamabong

    No, poor old Peter has shot a hole in his credibility big enough to sail a ship through, he’s damaged goods and should go.
    Now would be a perfect time for snap election, Peters is broke, Labour are being led round by the ring in sheeps nose by the greens, the greens can’t make up their minds if they are green or red and that willl be eroding their money tree, never a better time,
    Perhaps then we may finish up with someone in power who has a mandate to govern and all the irrelevant parties get consigned to the sideline where they belong.

    • Agreed
      Call the election, seek new mandate, govern afresh and bury this sordid mess behind.

      • peterwn

        Even better – contrive some way of handing the leadership to David Shearer. This gives them 17 months of rope to hang themselves – better than waiting until 2017 for them to hang themselves.

        • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

          Sheep is guaranteed to rule from 8th November 2014 – 11th November 2023. That is when National will win again.

      • williamabong

        What a golden opportunity to bury Peters, Sharples, Hatfield, Labour, and the Greens in one go, while they are at it National could shitcan a few of their underachievers at the same time, Queen Hekia would be a good start.

        • Indeed. JK should have nothing to fear nor lose at this point. Although in saying that I would call it before the Local Elections AND Dr Nick Smith doing something really thick with the Housing Accord in Auckland.
          Otherwise Auckland might just boot the crap out of National for messing around (I have seen elections won and lost because of the rallying of the Super Three Seats in South Auckland (it cost Brash in 2005))

          So if one is to call it – do it now! If national did lose it would be from its own Ministers rather than the opposition pulling something off

          In saying that a thought had crossed my mind too

      • Cadwallader

        Agree. Lets be honest here, if Peter Dunne hadn’t been in the House for the past decade, would we have missed him?

    • johnbronkhorst

      The problem with a snap election is, from his behaviour in the past (ie giving a record amount of notice of an election last time), I don’t think John Key actually believes in them.
      Personally, I believe, that an election should be on the first Saturday in November every 3 years, unless their is a genuine constitutional crisis.
      Reason: auntie helen only beat Brash because she called the election early, the way her poll numbers continued to slide, up to November, she would have been out in a landslide.

      • rockape

        The public dont like snap elections. I suspect the improving economy and job situation can only help National and harm Labour. There is nothing like being proved right to help an elected Government get re-elected.

        • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

          Sheep says bring it on! John Key is scared to death to face Sheep in a snap election…..

  • Dr Wang

    Rooster one day, feather duster the next.

    I think this old cliche sums up Dunne and his train wreck week to the letter (well maybe he’s more Woody Woodpecker than rooster, but…). His credibility is shot, his career is history – the waste of space should go.

    • williamabong

      Some days you’re the windscreen, some days you’re the bug.

  • Shoreboy57

    is Garner fit to be a journalist? Does anyone listen / read / watch the man?

    • David

      Garner and Winston are right. Arch-hypocrite Dunne lied.

      Winston did not lie, he was right.

      • Shoreboy57

        A first for Winston then

      • Bunswalla

        Mate, give it a rest. Posting the same thing several times in one thread just makes you look, well, like a senile old cunt.

      • Travis Poulson

        Winston can’t help but lie

        • Bunswalla

          Welcome back, old son. You look thinner.

          • Travis Poulson

            Still looking forward to first decent meal since Wednesday morning.

      • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

        See you at the speak-easy.

    • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

      Why is he so influential? It seems like you’ve just got to float around and wait your turn. It is unsurprising that NZ and Australian repeaters are so biased to the left given that there is clearly no demonstrable merit within that so-called profession.

  • David

    I knew it, Winston was right about Dunn. When are you going to issue a public apology to Peters Cameron?

    Dunn is a disgrace and does not belong in Parliament. No one is above the law, including St Peter Dunne. I love that the sanctimonious, holier than thou, family supporter Dunne has been shown for what he really is. A bludger.

    This pathetic, one-man band has bludged off the public tit for too long. Prostituting himself to the ruling party after each election. What does he stand for. Dunne is there to serve himself, no one else and line his pockets with taxpayers dollars.

    Get off the gravy train Dunne. Resign from parliament today and call a by-election. You are finished.

    Arch-hypocrote Dunne most also be prosecuted by police. A jail term is inevitable I believe. He should also lose all Parliamentary privileges including his generous state-funded superannuation scheme.

    Winston Peters take a bow!

    • Mr_V4

      Well yes Dunne has held government together over the years. But what was the alternative, continually hung parliaments, govts unable to make decisions?

      Dunne is the product of the electoral system we have, and I don’t see you voting to get rid of it anytime soon. I bet you fantasise over a coalition of the losers getting formed.
      The queue for the police line would be a long one, and your man Winston would be first in line for receiving undeclared racing industry donations while being the racing minister.

    • M3N78L

      Speaking of lining his pockets with taxpayer dollars, perhaps you can ask Winston when the $180 thou he owes is going to be repaid. Or has he gone and spent it all on NO! signs. That slimy little prick couldn’t lie straight in bed.

  • johnbronkhorst

    If misrepresentation, lying, corruption are the criteria for leaving parliament…how many labour mp’s do you think will be left after the last 5 years?

  • rockape

    What I dont understand is why Dunn released only some of the e-mails,it should have been all or nothing. He gave up enough to link him to Vance, said enough to show he was thinking of leaking the report but stopped. I suspect the rest are abit hot and steamy and an embarrassment. Dont think it can happen? Remember John Major. If Dunn didnt leak it who did?

    • dyannt

      Perhaps he doesn’t want his wife and family to read them.

  • Mr_V4

    Well where were you Duncan when Winston was doing far worse in terms of undeclared political donations with the stench of corruption as racing Minister? All covered up by nothing-to-see-here Clark running the defence.

    Actually hold that question, we all know where you were …

  • Tony


    Apologies if I’m wrong.

    The reporter is ex News Of The World.

    All Dunn’s statements seem like the standard ones of a man who has been caught out having an affair.

    Has Dunn been caught in a honey trap?

  • Anonymouse Coward

    I hope the doing down of Dunne is not some PYSOP from the funny police.

    Given their lack of judgement and pratfalls so far you can’t rule it out.

  • Hazards001

    LMAO @ default setting of an MP is lie.

    And this is news to who Duncan?

  • Steve (North Shore)

    I don’t pretend to support Dunne. He has been caught doing what Polititians do.
    Looking at past results in his Electorate, I think some of this has Charlie Shovel’s pawprints all over it

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Puff Pastry Duncan by playing God is trying to create some excitement. Best is to ignore him or send him donuts.